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Cock ring by Nasstoys

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Lamb In The Kitchen, Hero In The Bedroom?

This ring probably won't turn you into a superhero, but it can make you more of a hero in the bedroom if you want to last a little bit longer. It's designed to be worn on the shaft of larger men, but smaller men can wear it around the balls as well to join in on the fun. It's stretchy, it's comfortable, and you can swap out the bullets!
Will fit large and small packages, Bullet can be swapped out easily, Comes with batteries
Not actually silicone, Bullets have uncontrollable patterns
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What is it, and what does it do?

This is a cock ring. It can help restrict the blood flow to a man's genitals allowing him to last longer, and even engorging his penis slightly sometimes. This particular one is meant for the man with a large penis, but can easily be worn by a smaller man around the whole package instead of just the shaft.

Neat. What does the packaging look like?

The packaging is a simple clamshell style with a section for the ring to lay in. A cardboard insert has illustrations and text on the front and back telling you that it's a pleasure ring with 7 vibrations with dual on/off controls. It's certainly not discreet and on the border for what most will consider tacky. I don't think it's all that bad, but I've seen some pretty bad packaging.

What's it made of, and how do I care for it?

The packaging and the product page both say silicone, but it failed the lighter test. Silicone should not start on fire, and I most definitely had to blow this one out. It's more likely a TPR silicone so you probably shouldn't share it with more than one partner. You should also avoid using silicone based lubes in your lovemaking unless you spot test them first to make sure that their drippings won't damage the material at all.

To clean it you should definitely remove the bullets (explained below) and wash it in a sink with warm soapy water. Pat dry or air dry, and call it a day. You can use a toy cleaning spray or wipe if you prefer, but that shouldn't be your only method of cleaning it. It is also a bit of a lint magnet, but nothing super horrible.

What's the design like?

One larger ring with decently sized bullet attachments on each side. It's stretchy and can be quite accommodating to both larger and smaller packages. It's meant for larger penises and designed to be worn on the shaft, but if you're smaller you can wear it around your shaft and balls.

Tell me more about the little bullets, what happens when they die completely?

The little bullets are about an inch long or so, and just under 3" around. They're powered by a total of 4 (two per bullet) LR1130 button cell batteries, although the packaging says AG10. In either case, they're included so you don't have to worry about finding them for your first few uses. When they die, you can just remove the bullets and insert other ones that fit about the same, or go hunting for new batteries.

The packaging boasts 7 vibrations, but the bullets one button just turns the vibrations on and off. That's because they cycle on their own as one longer pattern. Those of you who like patterns will probably like them, but those of us who aren't big fans of patterns will just get frustrated. There's no real rhyme or reason to the solid vs pulsing vs anything else, it just happens and you're along for the ride. The vibrations themselves are actually pretty quiet, although they are high pitched and buzzy. They'll definitely provide the itchy fingers if you hold them long enough.

Tell me more about the sizing. What's the fit like?

The unstretched diameter is about 1 1/4", and I can stretch it up to 7" in diameter. You probably won't want it that tight, but it'll stretch. It fits easily around my 6" wrist and I can feel it restricting the blood flow a little bit. My husband's shaft is about 5" around and this is too large to stay on just his shaft, but it did fit nicely around his balls as well. Because it's so stretchy we were able to just have one of us hold the ring open and the other put everything through with no finagling. He's about 9" or so around the shaft and balls, and it fit him well there.

How does it really end up working?

Really well. My husband actually noticed that there was restriction of blood flow, when for him cock rings are usually more for show and something to help me keep a vibrator in place. He definitely lasted a lot longer than he usually does, although I couldn't really tell if he got any bigger. I usually don't end up liking the bullets that come with cock rings and this one was no exception to that. However I did discover that it's very easy to replace the bullets with a different one, and that's what I did.
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Anything else I should know?

Yes, cock rings shouldn't be left on for more than 20 minutes or after they start to become uncomfortable. If it feels too tight, take it off right away. Also, if you're going to use a condom with it make sure the ring goes on first to keep it from getting caught under the ring and possibly tearing.

Got any photos?

I sure do! It's not the greatest photo ever, but this picture shows not only the ring, but also the small bullet that goes inside of it.


With the one bullet I'm still on from my Bullets Galore kit, I enjoyed this ring a lot more. We turned on the back bullet and got some kicks out of it, but I just can't get past the random vibrations. He seemed to like this ring a lot, at least he told me he did so if he lied then that sucks for him. We settled on a 4 star rating for a few reasons. He wished that it had fit him as intended, but was happy that we were able to make it work and liked that he lasted longer. I pointed out that I never read things before accepting them and didn't realize it was meant for XL penises before accepting, but that it worked just as well for us around the balls. I liked that I could swap out the bullets for something that I knew I liked. It says it's silicone, but fails the flame test. However it's not sticky and doesn't smell. It's a good solid product, but has just enough faults in general design that it can't quite earn 5 stars but would get 4 1/2 if I could.
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