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Lock Up Your Jewels In A Pinch

Have you ever worried that a metal cock ring might get stuck, forcing you into an embarrassing trip to the ER and a date with a hacksaw? Worry no more. The Metal Worx Cockring is designed with a swivel joint for easy on/easy off use. The padlock adds just a touch of kink making this one sexy ring. Unfortunately, a few unforgivable design flaws relegate this to being used as cock bling at best.
Bling factor, cold hard steel, attractive storage case.
Pinches, poor craftsmanship.
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Cock rings can be worn for many purposes, the primary reason typically being to help maintain and prolong erections. The Metal Worx Cockring is certainly able to fulfill this function as long as you measure for the appropriate size and fit since the hard material can be unforgiving. This particular cock ring is designed to be worn around the shaft and balls which is made easier with the addition of a swivel joint. The padlock adds to the visual appeal making this one serious piece of eye candy.

Cock rings in general are worn to improve erections and prolong orgasm by restricting blood flow from the penis and preventing the testicles from retracting during ejaculation. It is recommended that cock rings be worn for no longer than 30 minutes at a time with an hour between sessions.
    • Can be worn as jewelry
    • Can be worn during intercourse
    • Can be worn during masturbation

Material / Texture

Although the product page lists the Metal Worx Cockring as being stainless steel, Pipedream actually describes the product as being crafted from "high quality steel." Steel is a wonderful material because it is hard, non-porous, retains temperature well, and is easy to care for. The ring can be warmed in a bowl of warm water or chilled by placing it in the refrigerator for some fun temperature play.

The ring is polished to a shiny, reflective finish. The finish has a slightly yellowish tint and is not the bright silver typical of stainless steel. There are minor defects in the surface including scratches, divots, and tiny, raised, sand-like particles. These defects are all cosmetic and do not affect function of the ring nor can they be felt during use.

    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Metal Worx Cockring has a swivel joint similar to a binder ring that allows the ring to open completely. This design allows for easy on and removal of the ring without the standard method of pulling the testicles and penis one at a time through the ring. This design may appeal to people with above average sized testicles or who have trouble putting on a traditional cock ring. The ease of removal should also alleviate any concerns about having a cock ring get stuck while worn.

The cock ring is available in a 1.75", 2", and 2.25" internal diameter. Be sure to measure carefully and purchase the appropriate size. The ring is 1/2" wide and just over 1/16" thick so it is very comfortable to wear. The ring has a nice weight to it and is noticeable when worn to always remind you that it's there. Most of the edges of the ring are rounded to prevent any sharp edges or pressure points. The inner surface of the ring has a subtly raised line along the circumference that creates a scalloped edge. This edge is subtle enough so as not to be noticeable during use. The ring is generally comfortable to wear and applies even pressure. There are some sharp edges and pointed areas associated with the joint and clasp region, however these areas are not exposed when the ring is closed.

The small padlock secures the ring by passing through two overlapping loops. One design problem is that the shackle of the padlock is smaller than the loops it passes through. This allows for the ends of the cock ring to separate when worn, resulting in the ring diameter actually being just slightly larger than the advertised sizes. Another major design flaw is that this gaping is significant enough that skin can and will get caught and pinched when worn. Combine this with the now exposed sharp edges normally covered when the ring is completely closed and you have a major problem.

The small padlock that comes with the cock ring is typical of what you might get to secure luggage and is of average quality. Although it seems as though it could be easily broken, it shouldn't face much stress when used and should function adequately. The set comes with two small keys for unlocking the padlock. The keys are fairly small and may pose a challenge for individuals with larger hands. The lock itself performed adequately when a key was inserted. In case the keys are lost, the padlock is easily opened with the simple insertion of a paperclip to jimmy the lock. Both the lock and keys appear to be made of metal similar to the ring itself.
    • Can fit over both shaft and testicles
    • Fitted - must measure before purchase

Care and Maintenance

Steel is extremely easy to care for and maintain. You can boil it for 3 minutes, wash it with your favorite toy cleaner, or use an antibacterial soap and water. After washing, simply dry the ring and store it any way you like. The original package works great as a storage box.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The package is one of the best features of the Metal Worx line of toys. The ring comes packaged in a plastic and metal case that measures 4" x 3.5" x 3". The case is black and silver and reminiscent of an insulated case for storing delicate valuables such as electronic equipment. The lid is secured by a sturdy latch and hinge system. Inside, the ring sits safe and snug in custom shaped foam padding. If desired, the foam padding can be removed and the case used to store additional items.

The case comes with a picture of the cock ring on the lid with the name and size. The bottom of the case contains a generic warning regarding the use of cock rings. Both labels can be easily removed revealing simply "Metal Worx Pipedream" on the lid. The case is stylish, discreet, and could easily be used as a gift box.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

There are so many aspects about this cock ring and its design that I love. The swivel hinge is a great idea that makes putting it on and taking it off very easy. The padlock adds a little kinkiness that makes wearing this particular ring even sexier and more attractive. However, the issue of gaping, exposed sharp edges, and pinching are simply unacceptable for a cock ring. I think a larger ring could be worn as jewelry with fewer issues, but the possibility of pinching would likely still exist. Wear with caution if you choose to wear it.
Follow-up commentary
My opinion is still really torn on this cock ring. I really like the concept of the hinge, but wish Pipedream addressed the pinching issue better. It looks absolutely fantastic when worn, but that's about all I can do without experiencing pinching. Also, despite not being stainless steel, the metal has held up and does not show any signs of tarnish that experienced with another toy in the Metal Worx line.
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    I with Pipedream would address the quality issue on this line of steel toys.
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