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Masturbator fit for a king

This phthalate-free and hypoallergenic TPR, called "Superskin", feels amazing and is durable. Heat under warm water, lube it up, and enjoy the best selling male sex toy in the world. Hailed as the king of masturbators for a reason, the Fleshlight is simple to use, easy to care for, and fun for solo or partner play.
Material feels amazing, hypoallergenic, twist cap allows customized suction.
"Original" sleeve is a little loose.
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extremely useful review
A plastic thingy the size of my forearm, what could it be? It has the shape of a flashlight, but is obviously not a flashlight. Oh, what’s this? A Fleshlight? A male masturbatory aid|Fleshlight® non-descript, in the shape of a flashlight? That’s right, and if you haven’t heard of this marvelous toy, then you must have been living in a cave. Even in my days of utter prudeness and oblivious existence, I had heard of the fabled Fleshlight; a masturbator that has a super soft and durable sleeve inside of a hard plastic case shaped like the biggest flashlight ever created. If you haven’t heard of it before, then you have just made a great discovery, my friend. The Fleshlight is the number one best selling male sex toy in the world.

First things first, I am not a man. I am actually a married woman and mother of two. I bought this for my husband. Gasp!!! I know…but I was dying to use it on him, and have always been a little curious what this “SuperSkin” feels like. I was browsing through, looking at all the Fleshlights offered at Edenfantasys, and noticed that the non-descript orifice had ZERO reviews. It took me about two seconds to send an email asking if I could review it. Next day, it was approved! I anxiously awaited it being shipped, and once it had shipped, I even more anxiously checked the package tracking like it was an obsession. When the box finally came, I tore into it, eager to get it ready before hubby came home from work.

The “Ice” clear-ish Fleshlight (also comes in pink and mocha), came packaged in a plain brown box inside of the shipping box surrounded by packing bubbles. Inside of the box with the Fleshlight was the pamphlet with cleaning and care instructions, complete with pictures of naked women. There was also a tiny pillow pack of sample ID Glide lube, which my husband is saving… perhaps for a special occasion?

When it comes to the size of the Fleshlight sleeve|Fleshlight® non-descript, I would say that it would fit virtually any penis. The sleeve is super stretchy; in fact I can stretch it over my whole hand. It will stretch twice its length which comes out to about 2 feet. The original shape always comes back, and the material seems to put up to abuse quite well.

I twisted the lid of the case off and stroked the super soft material. The slit-like opening of the non-descript orifice was about an inch long, and super stretchy. I was a little surprised to find that the front part of the sleeve was a good 1 ¼ inch thick, BEFORE you get to the smaller part for stroking on the inside of the sleeve. Considering that the sleeve in this is the original and is completely smooth, it isn’t a big deal compared to if you had a bumpy or ridged sleeve where the difference would be more noticeable. I do think the front should be thinner, but maybe it doesn’t bother men going through 1 ¼ inch of “fluff” before getting to the good stuff.

Following the instructions I removed the chunk of pvc pipe from the inside of the sleeve (the instructions suggesting you take it out BEFORE trying to use it made me giggle… ouchie indeed). I proceeded to wash the sleeve portion and let hot tap water run through it. Do NOT use any kinds of soap with the sleeve, as the instructions warn, it will deteriorate the surface of the material. For tough cleaning, you may use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol; otherwise just stick to hot water. You can towel or air dry, though I opted for shaking out the excess water and allowing it to air dry. I can’t imagine trying to pull a towel through the thing. It is absolutely NOT necessary to powder the Fleshlight sleeves with corn starch. This is not CyberSkin; the SuperSkin material doesn’t NEED to be powdered to maintain its integrity. However, if you feel the ice colored sleeve, you will most likely opt to powder given the stickiness. I don’t have the other two colors to compare it to, but the Fleshlight website states that the Ice color has a tackier feel then the other two colors. Just put it in a gallon sized Ziploc bag, add a spoon of cornstarch, and do the Shake ‘N Bake dance. The best part for me was “spanking” the naughty little sleeve until the excess powder was off until it felt just like new. I put the sleeve back in the case and set it aside to await my husband.
I squirted some lube into the opening of the sleeve and lubed up his cock, then lowered the toy over him. His initial reaction was “wow, it’s a lot looser than I thought it would be.” OK, not exactly what I hoped for, but I kept working at it. I twisted the cap on the back of the case to adjust the suction created, and quite accidentally discovered that when I covered the partially closed cap with my hands it created very loud fart noises. Way to ruin the mood, but at least my husband was having fun now. I took the back lid off and slipped a bullet into the sleeve hole, but supposedly this didn’t do much for him. Oh well, at least you have the option to add vibration if you want.

I put the cap back on and tightened it until very little air was escaping. I set to working it on him with a slight twisting motion, and after some more bitching about it being too loose, I finally requested politely, “just shut your fucking eyes, and at least try to enjoy it.” I’m not sure if it was the swearing, or the lack of sight, but he reported that it suddenly felt better. The straight thrusting motion felt “nice” but the twisting motion while thrusting was reportedly “really good.” He just got done telling me he didn’t think he would be able to finish when he started to spasm orgasmically while squirting into the Fleshlight… thank goodness I had put that cap back on.

Since that first use, this huge ass flashlight-esque masturbator has become a favored toy in our home. Our favorite use for it is to fold a pillow around it with just the orifice part showing. My husband can then fuck lying on top of the pillows while giving me oral sex and/or fingering me. I have read that you can also put it in a shoe to hold it in place while you fuck it, but seriously… ewww. Unless it is a brand new shoe, I wouldn’t think the smell of B.O. would lend itself very well to the experience… unless that is your thing… not mine, but I won’t judge. Another tip is that prior to using this toy, you can run it under warm water to heat it up, or run it under cold water if you are into that.

My husband enjoys this sleeve very much, but wishes it were tighter. The “original” sleeve|Fleshlight lady original would be best for men who are well-endowed, or who are seeking light stimulation. My husband wants to try one of the “super tight” sleeves and a bumpy or ribbed one as well. We will most likely stick to using the non-descript orifice as apposed to the realistic look, the mouth, the asshole, or the butt cheeks. It offers nice suction, and IF it were found by a child or company, it would be less suspicious (and potentially less embarrassing) than a vulva.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • You gave this a more thorough testing than most men do, I think. :)
    I don't really understand what that first inch is though, if not the same material. Is it just looser?
    How was cleaning after play- as easy as before?
  • Bulma
    The "orifice" is part of the sleeve, and it is all the same material. It is all one piece, but the portion that is exposed outside of case is pretty thick. When interring the toy, there is a 1 1/4 inch thick portion of the toy before the penis reaches the inside of the sleeve. In this case the difference isn't much as this is an "original" sleeve, but the difference would be pretty big with a textured sleeve. You would have 1 1/4 inches of smooth orifice before you reached the texture inside. I have read that different orifices are thicker than others, and in the future we plan on buying more sleeves and trying more combination's of sleeve textures with different orifices.
    Cleaning after use is exactly the same as how I cleaned it before it's first use. Only water based lube is safe with this toy (ran short on room in the review, sorry) so it and the semen rinse out really easy. I did find that the material holds onto a little bit of the smell from the semen, but it doesn't last more than a day if the back cap is left partially opened allowing air flow through the toy.
    I had my husband proof read for me a final time before I submitted the review. Unfortunately some typos got past both of us, specifically the Shake 'N Back, that was meant to be Shake 'N Bake. Sorry I didn't catch it before.
  • AnalArtist
    Wow, that was a new one, reading a toy review not for you haha. I am glad to hear he liked it. I have to admit, I like the tighter feel of a toy too. Also, even when I was a prud I wanted to try the fleshlight out so glad to hear it went well. I love how it looks small but nope haha. But great review and I am happy to hear there is a new favorite in the house haha.
  • Bulma
    Thanks for the comment. I really wish eden sold the sleeves separately, or carried more options. My hubby will be getting some sleeves for XMAS, or at least that's the plan :)
  • Jimbo Jones
    I've never used a Fleshlight, but it really sounds like a blast. Guess I need to bite the bullet and pick one up for myself. Thanks for another great review!
  • Bulma
    You're welcome :) The hard plastic case makes them excellent for smashing between pillows when giving the partner oral...my personal favorite use ;) There is some pretty good info about the different orifices and sleeve textures on the Fleshlight website, I'd suggest checking it out before laying down the cash.
  • Epiphora
    Ha, I read this review not knowing you wrote it and I was like "man, this is a good review." But then I saw your name and it all made sense.
  • Bulma
    I'm blushing...thanks so much for compliment :)
  • After going through a couple of these over time, you might want to try taking it out of the hard-shell case and just hold the squishy part when in use. Then you can adjust the pressure and dramatically change the sensations. You can still get some suction effect by pinching the distant end closed. I've also cut about an inch off the end of it where I never reached in order to keep that end from just flopping around...
  • Bulma
    We tried it with just the sleeve, and while it did allow for some more pressure, it honestly was more trouble than either of us thought was worth it. Thanks for the tip though, and it's definitely worth trying :)
  • DandE
    I just tried a fleshlight, too. I'm with your hubby... it's a little loose. It DID get the job done, but I found a much cheaper, more discreet toy that also has bumps inside the canal. Check out my Maven review and maybe try one out.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review, loved how you answered everyone's questions

  • Online
    Thanks for the review!
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Great review!
  • Drifter86
    Great review.
  • Howley
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