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This toy could have been great, but in the end just being average and ultimately forgettable. There was nothing terribly negative about the experience, but there also wasn't anything to write home about either.
Tight and textured, easy to care for and to store.
Noisy, messy and ultimately forgettable.
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This is a pretty standard sleeve with a hole in each end. Pretty much just line your cock up between the cheeks and slide the Hot Ass over the shaft. I found that if you put your thumb over the vagina design, it adds just a little more pressure in the right spot and makes it feel more realistic.

The Hot Ass definitely beats using just your hand, but it's nowhere near as good as some of the other masturbation sleeves I've used.

It's only about five and a half inches long, but has a hole at both ends which allows you to easily pop through.
    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

The Red Hot Lover Hot Ass is made of a TPR/Pure Skin material that is extremely stretchy and close to realistic feeling, if not a little too soft.

The internal texture is a series of three sets of ridges separated by two larger zones of bumps. The ridges and bumps are all fairly small so even though the Hot Ass is textured, it's not a very strong sensation.

The swirled outer texture of the toy really added nothing to the party as far as the Hot Ass felt, but it did make it easier to hang on to, which is important since lube gets EVERYWHERE with this toy.
    • No odor
    • Plush
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This was a really good looking toy. The little vagina design above the "cheeks" and opening was a nice touch, and the swirled body gave several ridges which made the Hot Ass much easier to hold onto while going to town. The length was a little short for me at five and a half inches, but overall it wasn't too bad and would be a good fit for the average user.

The coloring of the toy along with the packaging makes me think this toy was designed for the Hispanic market as it has a darker skin tone color and much of the packaging is in Spanish and English.

The opening is small and I was unsure if I'd fit just by looking at it, but with a little lube and the fact that the material is super stretchy, it slid right over the tip. Because it's a small opening I still needed both hands to line things up properly, but that was it.

The toy is fairly tight, as it should be, but it's also pretty stretchy.

It's small enough to fit into about any where you'd want to hide it.

The fact that it's open on both ends is both good and bad. It's good because the toy has a relatively short length, but bad because the lube just got everywhere and made things really hard to hold onto.

Also it was fairly noisy with lots of slurping, sucking sounds which were just distracting.

Unfortunately I don't think this toy is going to last long since after just a couple of uses, it's already showing signs of the texture wearing down and the opening stretched visibly after just the first use.
    • Ergonomic
    • Realistic
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

The Hot Ass is messy to use, but easy to clean. Once done it's as simple as washing it with warm soapy water. The toy turns inside out easily which makes it easy to clean.

Since it's a silicone based toy, I wouldn't use anything but water based lubes, and since it's porous, it does absorb some of the lube with each use. You can also boil the toy to clean/disinfect it as well.

Once cleaned I would suggest dusting it in cornstarch to keep it from getting sticky/tacky and the plastic bag it comes in inside the box works well for storage.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging leads me to believe it targets the Latin/Hispanic market as a significant portion of the text is in Spanish. It's got a picture of a Latina model bending over on it and several pictures of the toy on the outside. Discreet it is not.

It does clearly state that it is a TPR material and that it should be washed before and after each use and only used with water based lubes, which are simple enough instructions, but many toys seem to ignore making those statements on the box.

It also works just fine as storage for the toy.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative


The Hot Ass was a fairly average toy. Did it beat using just your hand? Yes. Was it a transcendentally orgasmic experience? No.

There was so much to like about the toy, but almost every aspect I liked could have been done much better. With all puns intended, this was a pretty half-assed effort.

Another inch and a half of length would have done wonders for the feeling, but instead the top inch and a half of my cock popped out the end with each stroke.

The internal texture felt good, raising the ridges and bumps by just a millimeter or two would have sent it from feeling good to feeling amazing.

The swirls on the outside let you get a grip, but making them a little bit textured instead of smooth would have let you hold it that much better once the lube started to push out the open end of the toy and coat everything.

The noises the Hot Ass made were close enough to the slurping noises of a good blow job to be a bit of a turn-on at first, but eventually they just became a distraction.

This toy gets the job done, but with just minor adjustments could have gone from a once in a while novelty, to earning a spot in my regular rotation.
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