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Red headed slut

Masturbator by Fantasy toys

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Not Just A Tasty Drink

A decent starter for any guy not sure about masturbators, this Red Headed Slut will provide plenty of pleasure. If you're wider than 1 5/8" however, she might provide you with some pain as well. She's definitely not a long term toy, but for the price it's not a bad buy.
Visually appealing, soft and squishy, good price.
Lint magnet, difficult to make sure she's actually clean, more difficult to dry her off.
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The best use for this Slut is as a male masturbator. That's really its only function in life: to provide pleasure to men. I suppose a woman (or a man) could practice pegging with this toy as well, but unless it's a woman using one of those strapless harness dildos, I really don't see any real pleasure coming from that.
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    • Men
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    • Campus/roommate living
    • Home

Material / Texture

The packaging states that your Slut is made of phthalate-free TPE (a form of medical grade silicone). She feels very jelly like, soft, squishy, etc. The material is less porous than cyberskin but more so than silicone. She'll warm up or cool down to temperatures around her, but then warm up again while being used. The texture of this material makes it a lint magnet, so be sure to keep that in mind. Think those sticky hands you'd get for a quarter from the machines in front of random stores.

When she first arrived, our Slut seemed to have something resembling a light powder coating all over her. After a few washings she's down to just her basic material. The outside of it has a slight drag to it, but you're probably more interested in the inside of this Slut, which will be ribbed and drag free. The exterior has started to feel a little bit sticky, but nothing too bad yet.

Even after a few washings, she still has this smell that I have yet to be able to put my finger on exactly. I've had a couple of people smell her and they all agree that she smells almost faintly like burnt rubber, but much less offensively so. Bear in mind that you have to have your nose right up to her body to be able to detect this scent. It's very faint. And also smells vaguely like a hint of something fruit flavored. To me anyway. Thankfully that is the only smell your slut should be giving off.
    • Light odor
    • Ribbed

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Supple and very buxom, this tiny woman has basically folded herself in half, with her feet holding her hair behind her ears, leaving her ready to be taken in either lower hole.

One of this Slut's biggest features is the 5 beads that run next to the shaft to stimulate the penis while you're ravaging her. To be more productive, they should have been placed on the underside of the shaft, because the only way to get any real pleasure from them is to turn her sideways, so that her right side with the beads is on the underside of your penis.

Your slut is 6 1/2" long and a lovely shade of red. The overview says that she can fit a diameter of up to 1 5/8", but I have gotten her vagina to stretch larger than that. However if you are wider than 1 5/8", the beads meant to provide you with pleasure might just start causing you pain.

If this slut could hold herself up better, and didn't collect dust better than a Swiffer pad, I would keep mine out on a table or something, just to be able to claim that she's some bizarre artwork. Because she really could pass for it. However, it doesn't take much to figure out exactly what she's around for, so if you're worried about that, make sure to keep her tucked away.
    • Beginner
    • May be too tight for some
    • Whimsical / artistic
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

Our Slut worked great. She fit her intended purpose, and didn't really disappoint. I can tell you that when I stick my thumb inside of her I don't have much wiggle room, and my thumb is much smaller than most penises. I can also feel the ribs along the shaft of the inside.

My fiance says that it's a new sensation for him, but a pleasant one so far. According to him, she's tight without being painful, just enough to add to the sensation, and if you can get the beads to line up right, they feel very pleasurable as well.

I asked him if he could feel the ribs on his penis while he was using it, and he said that he couldn't really feel much as far as an added texture on the inside. Just the beads when lined up right.

With your Slut, you can penetrate either her vagina or her ass. The vagina is pretty simple, just lube up and go. The ass is a bit more difficult. When you receive your Slut, her asshole will likely be sealed shut. Sticking fingers in doesn't really do much, so to pop her butt cherry, you'll have to use your penis. But she's kinda easy, so it's ok, she won't mind.

Once you pop your Slut's butt cherry, you'll merge right into her vaginal canal.

Something else to keep in mind is that your Slut is kinda noisy, and not in the good way. When I was playing with her before my fiance got her, I found that just shaking her makes noises. Actually inserting a lubed penis and going at it? Make sure you turn that TV or radio up just a bit.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of your Slut is in theory, fairly simple: just send her right home to her boyfriend!

In all seriousness though, you should wash your Slut in warm soapy water. You can try and spray her down with a toy cleaner too, but no matter which way you choose, just make sure to get down and into her vaginal canal as it's rather difficult to clean and way too many things can start growing there.

How we've been doing it is washing her off and out, then running our fingers along with some soap up into her vagina, then rinsing her out again, shaking her off, and sticking her back in her open package to dry.

According to the overview, you can safely use a water based or silicone based lube. However since the packaging says that she's a form of medical grade silicone, I would avoid the silicone based lube. Use your best judgment.

Make sure to keep your Slut in something. She's a definite lint, dirt, hair, makeup, any other small particle that could be laying around magnet. We just keep ours in her original packaging.
    • Hard to clean


Your Slut will come to you in a plastic case that just pops right open. She's all pressed up against the front and the back to let you know that she's in the mood and wants you now. There's an insert that sits all around your Slut that tells you she is phthalate free tpe, and a soft and stretchy male masturbation sleeve, and you just need to add lube. The back just expands on this last point, saying that you also get "inner beads to heighten feeling and sensitivity. The beads run up and down the penis during masturbation."

On the bottom of the package, there's a small sample of the material inside.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

Be careful where you set her down. I know we already went over the fact that your Slut will pick up anything she can get her sticky little hands on, but the first time we went to clean her off, I was gonna just take her into the shower with me and we set her on the counter first. When we figured out that my sister had at some point spilled some kind of powder or foundation on the counter was when I was standing in the shower trying to get it off her ass and back. She'll seriously pick up anything, and it took a few washes with soap to get it off of her.


I won't lie, the most fun I had with our new Slut was playing with the sample of material that came on the outside of the packaging. It popped out really easily and after just a few hours of my friend and I just holding it and rubbing it between our fingers and stretching it a bit, it was completely destroyed. Now while I had fun doing that, I was worried a bit about how that means out new Slut would hold up in the long run.

She really doesn't seem like a long term toy. Honestly I give her a few months of regular use. If you're lighter with your individual toy uses and take good care of her, she might last a year I think. My fiance agreed with me on this when I gave him his new Slut to play with.

She also eats lube. Seeing that she was made from any kind of silicone made me shy away from using a silicone based lube. So we, I guess more he, tried with a few different kinds of water based lubes. The first time he used her, I was watching, and he kept pulling her off entirely to hand her to me to have me try it out. He also had to reapply a lube known for lasting a while quite a few times. The next couple of times he used her he said that not taking her off helped some as far as lube disappearing while being used.

Penetrating her was also a bit of a task. Once he was in everything was fine. But her vagina is rather small, and although she stretches quite a bit, her size makes her rather difficult to get right on to most penises.

Since my opinion on how functional this toy worked was fairly moot, I asked my fiance all the same questions I generally ask myself when coming up with a rating for a product. He gives her a solid 3 stars. He says that she functions great, but it's difficult to make sure she's clean enough, and she picks up every speck of anything known to man.
Follow-up commentary
I cannot believe it, but she's still holding up as good as ever. Granted she doesn't get heavy abuse, but this Slut will still be around pleasing my husband for a while yet I can tell.

He uses her most in the shower now, and apparently conditioner makes a great lube to use with her and he hasn't seen any side effects from using her like that.
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    Thanks for the great review.
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    "once you pop your slut's butt cherry" XD i can't stop laughing XD
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    I bought one of these for my husband and he was elated! The biggest problem we had was the lube pooling at the top around the head of his penis. Also, our 'butt cherry' is pretty thick, so I'm not sure it could be popped, but now I'm going to ask him to try. Thanks for the review!
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    I'm glad you loved it so much!
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