Jamie Lynn pet pussy & ass - realistic vagina by Topco Sales - review by Lonely Bostonian

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Not really worth the money...

There are better as well as cheaper masturbators out there. Most aren't as realistic looking, or have ribbed insides, but you'll get more bang for your buck out of them. No pun intended! :P
Cyberskin is awesome.
Looks and feels very realistic if you're in the right frame of mind.
More expensive than it should be.
Quite fragile around the "important" parts.
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useful review
First off, this definitely isn't the first or only "realistic pussy|Realistic vaginas" I own. I figured it was a good time to expand my collection and this one has gotten good reviews thus far on the site. I was a little inhibited by the price, but decided that I'd treat myself (and hopefully it would treat me, too. :)

The Good Stuff

* It looks and feels very realistic.

* It's nice and deep, which can be tough to find even for those of us that are just a little "above average".

* The angle of the canal isn't inhibitory at all as it goes straight in (some seem to point towards the "bottom").

* The bottom of the canal is ribbed which can feel good at the right time.

* The anal opening is tight, in a good way.

* Comes with a vibrating bullet which can be inserted into a hole in the bottom or at the opposite end of the canal. I don't use vibrators, though, so that piece got donated to a friend of mine whose vibrator had recently burned out.

* I can't say enough good things about Cyberskin. Phthalate-free, latex-free, and very easy to clean. Your lube options are somewhat limited, but there are plenty of great water-based lubes out there.

The Not-So-Good Stuff

* This may not be my first masturbator, but it is my first with both a pussy and anal opening. Being a pussy-plus-anus masturbator|Jamie Lynn pet pussy & ass is both a blessing and a curse.

* The main issue is that lube tends to leak out of the anus due to both holes sharing the same canal. As such, frequent reapplication of lube is required.

* This is compounded by the fact that the anus lets air into the canal which can dry out your lube quickly.

* To top it all off, having the extra hole means that it is extra hard, if not impossible, to create a suction.

* "Skin" separating anus and pussy is too thin and tears easily.

* The "mound" region is very large and high compared to the placement of the pussy opening. I guess we can blame Jamie Lynn for that. ;) Unfortunately it means that fucking the pussy "missionary-style" isn't very comfortable. This may just be personal preference, though... others might not be bothered by it.

* The end of the canal seems to have a ring of hard plastic which can hurt if the tip of your cock hits it hard enough. I'm sure it's there to keep the vibrating bullet from "falling into" the toy, but I think they could have chosen a better material, or padded it more on the inside.
After a few uses (some rougher than others ;) I found that the separator between the pussy and anus is about ready to tear. The pussy itself is also torn to about twice the size it was when I got it. I don't think that I've used it any harsher than anyone else would, but maybe for longer periods of time. Still, I always use enough lube and this probably shouldn't happen after fucking it half a dozen times.

With my other masturbation toys|Male masturbators I like to hold the opposite end which creates a suction, but the anus and vagina sharing the same canal makes this impossible. You'd be better off getting one masturbator|Fleshlight lady original with a vaginal opening and another one with a nice, tight, resilient anal opening|Fleshlight butt.

Clean-up is easy, but I rarely cum in my masturbators (I prefer to feel like a porn star giving a nice moneyshot. :) Regardless, you should always use a condom since the Cyberskin material is more porous than other materials and can be harder to sterilize because of it. The Cyberskin material gets slippery when wet which means most liquids (bodily or otherwise) will just "slide out" when run under water. Unfortunately, you can't see bacteria, so using a condom is the safest way to enjoy any masturbator|Jenna Haze's CyberSkin pussy & ass made with Cyberskin-like material.
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  • Very thorough pros and cons list. Too bad about the cons.
  • Dame Demi
    I love and hate CyberSkin. Love the feel, but it really is very delicate.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I've tended to stay away from Cyberskin because of the delicacy of the material and that it needs to be treated with corn starch to maintain its texture. Did you have a problem at all with this? Nice review, by the way.
  • Lonely Bostonian
    No doubt about it... Cyberskin *is* quite delicate (especially given the use they're indended to receive). The powder treatment keeps it from getting sticky but I don't think it really does anything to preserve or strengthen the material. In other words, not powdering it won't really hurt it at all (from my experience at least), it will just tend to stick to whatever it touches once it dries out after cleaning.

    Let me put it this way... I've never used the powder treatment on any of my Cyberskin toys (some of which I've had for years) and they haven't ended up in the same condition this toy is in after only half a dozen uses. I call flaw in the design of the toy, not so much in the Cyberskin itself. But of course, it's modeled after an actual person, so you can't really blame the makers completely either (at least not for the thin string of material between the vaginal and anal opening). I just feel that maybe they could have made that particular section extend deeper into the toy which would have made it less likely to tear so soon. It's literally only a quarter of an inch in diameter, at most.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    I just tried the Cybeskin Cyber Sex buddy - which sounds like it might be closer to what you're looking for. Although that has the 'mound' issue you pointed out. I tend to turn it around so the big, fleshy mound is at the bottom.
  • The Cyberskin Cyber Sex Buddy is my favourite actually! I will review that one soon... :D
  • Nashville
    Great review! I love the fact you used lists.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    This looks nice but sounds like a hassle. Anyway, how is this thing still holding up?
  • hentai
    yeah, how is the longevity, for that much I'd expect it to last a while.
  • ajwonder
  • anonomous
    "To top it all off, having the extra hole means that it is extra hard, if not impossible, to create a suction."
    Great point, I didn't even think of that. Thank you for the great review!
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Howley
    thanks for the review
  • samanthalynn
    nice review
  • Nirelan
  • Cat E.
    Very nice review.
  • SadoMas
  • asandahl
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