Cyberskin penis extension by Topco Sales - review by glitter

Not so fun!!!!!

Overall I would not recommend this product or buy another one like it. The idea is great, but the product sucks.
This item fells real and is not too large.
Where the penis meets the extension part bends way too easy.
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The cyberskin penis extension is not a well thought out product. It fit my husband well and felt very real, however when the penis is pushed in the extension bends very easy. This product would work so much better if it contained a stability bar of some sort. I did like the fact that it came with some lube. Over all I would not recommend this product.

My husband liked the fact that he was "larger" and it added to the mood until we used it. It was ver frustrating to say the least. To make it work some what properly you have to use half a bottle of lube. The idea of this toy is great it should just be revamped.

I am sure that it will work better for some. As this is our first try with a product like this. Like I said above if a small bar would be added to the penis then it may work better. Also with a bar added it would be even more realistic.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to make this thing work please let me know. This penis is a large waste of money and there is not a possibility of returning it. I also felt that the small mouth that came in the package was kinda creepy.

As being semi "new" to sex toys this was a real blow as to what I should buy. I also would have liked this toy to vibrate somewhat. That would be a great idea for the stability bar, if it was a vibrating one that would add some real fun and feel great.

Overall if you like something that is hard to use, but feels great you may like the cyberskin penis extension|Cyberskin penis extension, but as for me I do not.
I did not have a good experience with the cyberskin penis extension.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    I think most penis extension toys are little more than novelties, and don't usually work well... though a bar would be a good idea. You might have more luck with something like the Strappy Cock, which comes with a strap to keep it in place. Although, there are also a number of toys made for penetration that vibrate that you could use with your husband (or alone).
  • Dame Demi
    Hubby and I have had better luck with this product than most people, it seems.  I recommend turning the tube inside out so you can fit the head of the extension FIRMLY against the head of his penis, then unrolling the sheath.  This method has seemed to hold it pretty stable for us.  Sorry you had a bad experience, though, especially early on.  Don't let it discourage you--look at products, read reviews, and don't hesitate to ask questions!  Good luck!
  • Dame Demi
    Oh, one more comment:  they also make a 1" extender that might be easier to start out with until you get the hang of using it.  They also provide VERY different sensations, so I don't mind having invested in both.
  • Jimbo Jones
    My experience with items of this type has also been pretty disappointing. Good to know that DD has had better luck and gave some advice. The only thing I can think of is that this is one area where not using lube might be a good idea.
  • SlipperySaddleBum
    What these manufacturers need are some common sense designers who can think of something besides ways to make a quick buck. I could come up with a basic design for one of these slip ons that would satisfy everyone. It's not rocket science, which makes what they're selling pathetic.

    It took some time but I hollowed out a $70. solid 9" realistic cock for myself. It fits like a glove. The ladies LOVE it and I love their reactions to it. I can pound them into oblivion and nearly always bring them to a squirting orgasm... most to their first ever. It's given me a high rate of cum backs for another 'treatment'. I also teach women how to use their pussy to get more pleasure for themselves. One of them brought her two married sisters to meet me. Neither had ever had an orgasm. Before they went home I had cured them. They've been regular cum backs for over three years.
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