Justine's futurotic vagina - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Brandon

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OH Justine!

Justine's Futurotic Vagina will bring you intense pleasure by mimicking the feel of a real vagina. So if you are looking for a great realistic toy without paying an arm and a leg, I would suggest trying Justine's Futurotic Vagina. Believe me, she will be ready when called upon, and leave you begging for more! With that being said, I still believe that there are better models out there that are around the same price.
Truly is life like with the option of using either the vaginal or anal canals. Includes talc powder.
The vibe included is pointless and needs to be replaced.
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At first I was pretty impressed with Justine’s Futurotic Vagina by California Exotic. After opening the box, I was pleased to see that this realistic vagina really did look life like. I could not wait to try this toy out later that day because this was my first realistic vagina that came with a vibrator.

The vibrator is a bullet style vibe that runs by a corded remote. The remote takes 2 AA batteries (which are NOT included.) The vibrator also has a dial to adjust the amount of vibrations. Another thing that I really liked about this toy was the fact that it included a small container of talc powder. Justine’s Futurotic Vagina is made of Futurotic material. Futurotic is a material that mimics the feel of real flesh. It is an extremely porous material, which makes it difficult to clean. This toy weighs about 1.5 pounds and is about 6 ¼ inches long, 4 ¾ inches wide, and 2 ½ inches tall. Overall, it is pretty detailed and really does resemble a real vagina. It is beige in color, and includes 2 ways to enter. You can choose to use either the vagina or anal canal during use. The overall depth of the vagina is 4 inches, while the anal canal has a depth of 5 ½ inches. In the back, there is a small hole that contains a recess to where you place the vibrating bullet. Another thing that is great about this realistic vagina is that it is phthalates-free.

So now that we covered all of the details, lets now move into actually using the toy. Before you start, make sure to have a water based lube on hand. Other types of lube can actually break down the porous material of the toy. After lubing up, I slid my penis into the vaginal opening. It was pretty easy to enter the vaginal opening, as I have had trouble in the past with other models. I turned on the vibrator and turned it all the way up. To tell the truth, I could barely feel it. I thought my batteries were low of charge, so before going forward, I replaced them. Come to find out, it had nothing to do with the batteries. This vibrator was just really weak. This was a big disappointment because I figured that the vibe would be more intense. Luckily I had another bullet to use, so I just changed them out. After I had the new bullet in place, I was ready to proceed. The vaginal opening felt pretty good. I was amazed at how life like it actually felt. It contains ribs that run along the length of the toy, which sort of creates a sucking action. The problem was, I kept poking out the other side. It was really sort of a turn off for me so I switched to the anal opening. After doing so, I was in business. Personally, it felt a little tighter, which I liked. I still had to be careful not to poke out the back end, but it was not nearly as bad as the vaginal canal. While using the anal canal, the bullet sent intense vibrations right along the underside of my shaft. Not only that but the vibrations also stimulated my testicles. I could not believe how realistic this toy actually felt. When I closed my eyes, I could really imagine having sex with my wife (which was why I wanted this toy). When I was about to orgasm, the vibrations really increased the feeling so much that I could barely contain myself. To tell the truth, I have not felt an orgasm that strong in awhile. Even with the horrible vibe that came with this toy, I was still overall pleased with Justine’s Futurotic Vagina.

Clean up can be a little difficult, considering that this toy contains a large amount of pours. I ran warm water over the entire toy including both the vaginal and anal canals. After rinsing it off, I used a toy cleaner to finish cleaning the toy. After completely cleaned, I put the toy on a towel to air dry. I could not really picture this toy drying any other way. After the toy was completely dry, I applied some of the talc powder that was included to help restore the futurotic material.
Personally, I would invest in a new vibe because the one included with Justine's Futurotic Vagina is really worthless. The vibrations are so weak that I really could not feel them. Also make sure you only use water based lubricants with this toy.
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  • Viv
    To be honest I'm not sure if the same rule apply for men, but I know for women talc has been shown to cause cancer so they recommend using cornstarch to dust instead. Thanks for the review! Looks like a good price for the quality of this one.
  • Brandon
    Yea I'm not sure either, but I normally use cornstarch. I just wanted to use the talc powder considering it was included. I thought it was a nice "freebee" for those who may not have cornstarch laying around. It would give someone at least some time to go and buy some. The talc powder included is too small of an amount to use for an extended time. Thanks for the comment!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    After reading your review and seeing that it was life like, felt life like, gave an amazing orgasm that you had not felt in a while, that you couldn't contain yourself, ect. I'm surprised you gave it 3 stars. It sounds like it performed wonderfully after you tweaked it a bit. Thanks so much for this review. I think this might be the winner for my bf. We have a long distance relationship right now and I was looking at the toys that I thought looked most like me, but FEEL is most important. My only question is about size...he is rather large. Would this be a problem in your opinion?
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Have to agree with Lauren, anyway nice review nonetheless Smile
    Nice review
  • cobiffle
    Nice review, thanks for the info
  • Brandon
    Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate it a lot. I know it's been a while but I gave it a three due to the vibe that came with it. The vaginal depth is somewhat short I would say for even average size guys. I know that it was not hard to pass out the other end. I found the anal entry to be much more pleasurable over time.
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  • Andrey2052
    Excellent review!
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  • spineyogurt
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    Great review!
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