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Oh, Sukit Baby!

Fleshlight's Sukit Draft is a great male masturbator. Its discreet design makes it easy to disguise and help eliminate questioning from anyone who may see it. The internal texture is great, not overwhelming, but enough to provide an excellent alternative to your hand. The great size of this can is far less intimidating than other Fleshlights, but you might want to consider a different option if you're one of the more well endowed men in the world.
- Fun Design
- Great Texture
- Great Size
- Plushy Material
- Realistic Features
- Might Be Too Small/Tight For Some
- Extra Care Is Needed
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Fleshlight's Sukit Draft from their Sex In A Can line, is a somewhat discreet male masturbator. This toy can be used to make solo masturbation more excitable, or can be used with a partner; allowing them to put in all the work while you kick back and enjoy! While this product is really only geared toward males, since there's not much a female could do with it to her own body; there are still a few things a female could use it for other than jerking off her partner. A female (or anyone) could use this as an oral aide, perhaps brushing up on french kissing skills, and can also be used by a female for masturation while wearing a strap on.

Sukit is a handheld masturbator that is simple to use. Unscrew the cap of the 'can', lube up the lovely mouth, and slide your throbbing member inside! No need to remind these lips how you like it! Set the pace you desire and go for it! With such great internal textures, it won't be long before your blow your top!

This toy has no vibrating functions and only brings stimulation to the penis. If you're looking to add a little more excitement to your fun, you could always use a vibrating cock ring or anal toy along with this masturbator to take your pleasure to even greater heights!

While the material is safe to use in the shower, it's not intended for that purpose. Water could cause damage to the label, and while that wouldn't ruin your toy, it would really take away from the look of it. I would suggest purchasing a masturbator without a label on the outside if you're interested in that type of play.

Because of the material this toy is made out of, it holds it's temperature really well. Before using, let the internal sleeve sit in a sink full of warm or cold water to allow your senses to go crazy! Putting it in warm water truly adds yet another realistic element to this item.

There's nothing about this toy that's limited to a specific sexual orientation. It's a mouth, and it really could be the mouth of a man or woman, where you go with it in your mind is totally up to you!
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    • Couples
    • Masturbation
    • Solo
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    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

Sukit is made from superskin which rates a 5/10 on Eden's material safety scale. It's non-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. This material is porous which makes sharing discouraged. Superskin is very flexible and plush. The soft material makes use comfortable and exciting. While it's not the real thing, it's a much closer option than using your hand. When the sleeve is outside the 'can' you can truly see how amazing it is. The material stretches and bounces back to shape with ease, which also makes it stretch to accommodate a variety of penis sizes while still remaining tight.

When this toy first arrives, it's nice and smooth to the touch. In order to restore the toy to 'factory condition' you'll want to dust it after each use with a 'refreshing powder'. Most people end up using cornstarch since it's much cheaper, is safe, and works just as effectively. You don't have to use anything on it if you choose not to, but the material does get a little bit of a tacky/sticky feel to it if not, and has more of a drag to it as well. Always make sure to wash Sukit before each use, especially if you've used the cornstarch.

The internal texture of the sleeve is mostly ribbed, but does have a few little ball type areas that break up the typical feel of a ribbed toy. The sensation is nice; it's not so stimulating that you're going to get off in two pumps, but it's an extremely pleasant experience. While this is supposed to feel like you're getting a blow job, it doesn't succeed in that. The feeling is nice, especially for someone just starting out with masturbators, but falls short if you're interested in something that closely mimics the feeling of oral sex.

The 'can' that surrounds this sleeve is made from plastic which rates an 8/10 thanks to it being made from food-grade material, and being hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. The plastic is solid, so there's no way you could squeeze the can to change the pressure applied to your penis. Most of the plastic is covered with a label which is shiny and becomes very slippery if lubricant gets on the outside of it. The inside of the can is totally plain, having no textures and no markings.

When first opening Sukit, there was a slight smell to the toy. It's a 'new' scent that almost has a sweetness to it. This seems very common for toys that are made from superskin and the odor is eliminated within the first few washes.
    • Light odor
    • Plush
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Sukit is designed to look like a tall can of (perhaps imported) beer. The label features a dragon with the name of the toy underneath it in a seemingly Asian text; though nothing on the label is truly in another language. The background features bamboo plants which also gives it an Asian feel.

The 'can' itself is gold in color and has a tab formed on the top to truly gives you the impression that this is an actual aluminum can of some sort of deliciousness. While the can can't actually be cracked into through the tab, it's a fun element that makes this product that much more believable and interesting.

Both the top and bottom of the can have openings. When you unscrew the top, you expose the beautiful lips that are begging for your attention. When you fully unscrew the bottom of it, you're exposing the base of the toy. The bottom cap is what adjusts the suction of the toy. There are two, very small, air vents that can be slightly exposed by only turning the cap a small amount. Leave it closed, and there will likely be too much suction; leave it open and there likely won't be enough. You have to find your happy medium somewhere in the middle.

Upon opening the top cover, you reveal a very pink mouth. The whole mouth is the same color, the lips don't have a darker shade to them. Though the color slightly takes away from the realism, the detail certainly does not! When you really look at the lips, it's amazing how much detail Fleshlight put into making this look accurate. Every crease, every line, truly looks as though it could be the real thing. I wouldn't necessarily call this flesh tone, since it is such a pale pink color, but it would more easily resemble a causation coloring than anything else.

The lips spread apart easily, and you can see the hole that goes down into the sleeve. The hole looks quite small, but will stretch to fit most average to slightly above average sized men when it comes to penis girth. If you're on the above average side of the scale (more than 2" in diameter), this might end up being too tight, causing more discomfort than fun.

The length of the sleeve is also very accommodating to average to slightly above average sized men; making the total depth 7 1/2". Even if you're much larger than that, this product could work for you, you'd just have to use caution to not slam yourself into the base of the can.

Sukit, and others in the Sex In A Can line, are much smaller than the standard Fleshlight, being 2 1/4" shorter. This makes it a much smarter option if you need to be discreet when it comes to storing your toys. The size would be okay for travel, especially since the label doesn't instantly reveal what it contains at a glance, but the weight of the toy is a little bit of a concern depending on your plans. This masturbator weighs in at 18.5 oz. and while it being a little over a pound might not seem like much, you can feel how hefty it is when you're holding it.

The 'can' shape of this toy makes it easy to hold, and comfortable to use, but someone with small hands might find it to be a bit of a challenge to grip after a while. Because of the slick feel to the outside of the can, finding a place to wedge it so that it could be used hands-free would be a challenge.

Full Length: 7 3/4"
Vaginal Depth: 7 1/2"
Circumference: 9 1/4"
    • May be too tight for some
    • Realistic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Care and Maintenance

While some might feel that the superskin material of this sleeve is hard to care for, I've been very surprised by how inaccurate that is. While it's not as simple as a lot of toys, it really only takes a little more effort.

Superskin can't be cleaned with soap since it could cause your toy to deteriorate, it needs only to be rinsed with warm water. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Always make sure that the sleeve is fully dry before putting it back inside the closed case, since moisture could cause mold or mildew to build up, causing your toy to become unusable. I got a great tip from ToyTimeTime that's shown in this review for allowing your toy to dry properly. Though the Fleshlight Alien is displayed in the review, the way he's drying the toy works great for the SIAC line as well.

Once your toy is fully dry, it's recommended (though not necessary) that you dust the sleeve with cornstarch to bring it back to it's original feel. This is an optional step. If you don't have cornstarch, don't panic! I haven't used any on our superskin items and we haven't had an issue. If you plan on storing your toy for a considerable amount of time, I would consider using the cornstarch, otherwise, no big deal! Do not use powder or any other product that contains Talc. Cornstarch works best.

When it comes to lube, these lips can only take a water based lubricant. Fleshlight has been kind enough to include a sample of their Flesh Lube along with each of their toys. Oil and silicone might make her gag, and ruin all of your fun.

Storing is simple. Keep the sleeve in the case. The end. The case can fit easily in a nightstand, dresser drawer, or toy box (depending on the size), and is somewhat discreet enough that in passing, no one would think that it's out of place should you decide to leave it out proudly on display. Getting up close and reading what it says in another story, however.
    • Easy to store


The clear plastic cylindrical package is less than discreet. Not only can you see the can through it, but it also has some information about the toy and company on the outside. The top of the container is taped down. When you go to remove the tape, 'VOID' appears, making it obvious as to whether or not this package was previously opened.

The top proudly says, 'Sex In A Can'; the bottom says, 'FLESHLIGHT, THE #1 SELLING SEX TOY FOR MEN'. Most of the other information about this toy is contained inside the package on the label of the toy and the informational paper that's included with the product.

When you remove the can, you'll find a paper that's glued to the case itself. It is stuck on there really well, and if you're not careful, could end up damaging the label because of it. This was pretty annoying and bothered me a lot, because it didn't seem necessary.

One side of the paper tells you about how to care for your new toy, the other side shows you the details of the internal texture and the external features. This paper can either be tossed or saved if you need help remembering how to care for this toy. The package can also be broken down and disposed of, since the can acts as storage for the sleeve.

The label itself has little information on it, but does have a good deal of humor. It's obvious that Fleshlight takes a lot of pride in coming up with these clever ideas to go along with their products. The text under the front image is difficult to read, but again, is a quirky take on this discreet masturbator.

    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


My husband and I have had a lot of fun with this product! This was our first Fleshlight experience and it was a pleasant one. The only issues we had with it, had to do with the suction. We had a difficult time finding a middle ground between no suction and too much. With too much suction, it actually starts to suck the lips into the case. As you can imagine, this is rather annoying while trying to pleasure yourself or your partner. In my opinion, that's the only real downfall to this item. It also does create a small sucking sound, but can't be heard through a closed door. My husband enjoyed the sensations that the texture brought him, and it was comfortable for me to hold while using it on him. Win/win as far as I'm concerned!

My husband is slightly above average in length and girth, and this toy, though tight, was comfortable and pleasurable for him. If you like toys that are tight, this is a great choice. However, if you prefer a less constricting feeling, I would consider a different Fleshlight (not in the SIAC line) to try out.
Follow-up commentary
My husband still enjoys the sensations that this masturbator provide, but it's not his top choice. The material has held up very well over time, showing no obvious wear, which was something I was pretty worried about. This is a great, semi-discreet toy that I would recommend to anyone who's looking for a masturbator that isn't huge, and won't break the bank!
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