OMG, I'm So Big Now!

OW and I really wanted this to work. I wouldn't classify her as a size queen, but she has experienced some heftiness before. It took a few weeks to work up the courage to try this. Since it didn't work out this time, I suspect it may be a while before she's going to tackle this again.

My rating is based on the idea and purpose of this, not our actual experience. A tapered head would make this easier to take.
Intercourse with or w/o erection, Enables one to go on and on and on, Suitable for real size queens
Really firm at the tip, Lack of tapered head, Straps have to really be pulled tight to secure
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Plain and simple this is the toy to give a woman a bigger firmer cock. It's for those men with small penises, erectile dysfunction or those who don't last long enough to satisfy their women.

This is NOT one of those penis extenders where one still needs an erection for it to work. This can be used if flaccid or have a "softy." One can also use it with an erection. Though it's not possible if you are over 5" long and/or over 1 3/4" in girth. The hollow chamber won't fit long or very thick penises. Guys of that size probably don't need help anyway.

Oh, and by the way, it vibrates also.
Straps adjusted to fit my 33 inches waist
Dual strap hollow dildo with wired remote

I guess I should mention this can possibly be used by a male on another male. And it won't work well if worn by a female.
    • Can be worn during intercourse
    • Couples

Material / Texture

Every inch of this silicone dildo is very firm. The head is very hard. It is not stretchy. One would need quite a bit of force to squeeze it. There are thick protruding veins all over it. They are very rigid and will not move at all. I suspect the veins are metal wires coated with silicone. Surely if you were penetrated by this, you would feel each and every vein.

Even with its enormous size, texture, and firmness, OW was willing to try this BB hollow strap-on dildo on.

The silicone material on this has virtually no smell.

Topside of protruding veins and large head
Front view of BBHC. Can't-miss the veins

underside view of veins and glans
Underside view. No veins down the midsection where seams are. Only "soft" part (underbelly)
    • Rigid
    • Very veiny

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Upon unpacking, the first thing that strikes you is its massive size. And it's black. Seems lately a lot of big toys are coming out in black. Our Caesar dildo was also dark black. Upon picking this up, you notice right off the head it is very hard. Probably hard enough to break some nuts. The top 1/3 of this from the head down is very hard. That may help with getting it in, I guess.

The best way to describe this is: It's like a hard shell for your penis.

It has long thin adjustable silicone straps. They were a little difficult to use. I could not pull and lock/size them with a simple tug. And I had to really pull all four of the straps extremely tight to get it to stay on. No discomfort from the straps though.

Locking strap
Here's partway out to show which clasp locks it.

To get this on properly you need to undo the strap, pull to size, then reinsert into the "hook" area.

There are 4 straps, and all are very long. There's quite a bit of strap left after I fit it on.

Dimensions will be discussed in the Performance section.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This hollow strap-on also vibrates. The head and next inch and a half are where the vibrator is. That explains why the first 1/3 of this is so hard. Inside the part where your penis would touch the vibrator, there is some cushy padding though. The chamber will fit up to 4 3/4". So if you're over 5 inches erect or soft, it won't fit properly.

The hollow chamber 1 5/8" wide. So if you're erect and/or over that, it might be uncomfortable.
Fully taken it will be 7". Its circumferences is 6 1/2" or 2" wide. Its girth is not like a human penis or your average flexible dildo. Being so rigid, it is a hard 2" to take.

The vibration patterns are very nice. There are 7 patterns. Starts with low, med, high then some variable patterns. After the 7th pattern, if you push it again, it reverts back to #1.
The control unit has 2 buttons. One for power and one to change the patterns.

To recap: If you are more than 4 3/4" in length or more than 1 5/8" in girth, this may not fit you.
Here are some pictures with measurements for you:

inside will accommodate 4 1/2 inches
Fits 4 5/8" long penises

entire length 7 1/2 inches
Doesn't look that long but it's 7"

1 3/4 inches wide and circum 6 1/2 inches
Firm 2" in girth

Care and Maintenance

This requires 2 triple A batteries and is pretty powerful. The hollow strap-on is waterproof but not the control unit. The 4 leg straps can be removed for cleaning. The dildo can be washed with antibacterial soap and warm water, or the Eden toy cleaner.

To insert the batteries, you have to push the back firmly and slide door open. There is marking to show which direction to push.

back of battery pack/controller. little hard to open
Slide back, half of the shell open

Opened. 2 AA's

front view controller
Power and pattern buttons.

Personal comments

Sometimes OW is in the mood for some serious f*****g. She always sees to my needs. So in return, I want to take care of her too. We use C rings quite a bit, but still, I peter out too soon. So when this was offered as an assignment, we said, "Why not, might be what we need." We both thought it would be too big but gave it a shot.


We accepted this as an assignment. It arrived promptly but sat on our vanity for a few weeks. I wanted to see her reaction to its size and qualities. Each weekend I would ask her if she wanted it. Finally, 4 weeks later she was in the mood and said, "Let's go for it!"

She warmed up with some vibes and the VC Bandit. I suggested she also use the almighty Outlaw first but it was late, and she declined. I had already sized the straps to my waist weeks before. I quickly strapped it on before she changed her mind. We used the thickest lube in the house and plenty of it.

The head was so large; I really took my time. The head has no taper so didn't go in easily at all. I had to use a little force. It went in, and of course, she said,"It's so big!" So I gave her a few more inches and turned on the vibrator. The vibe felt good for both of us. I asked if she wanted me to thrust. She replied,"No! That's enough, take it out! It's too big and hard!"

Not wanting to leave her unsatisfied I pleasured her with the Outlaw. Then had my turn. I don't mind sloppy seconds.
    • Lack of taper makes this more difficult to use
    • Plenty of warm up is needed
Follow-up commentary
This big boy turned out to be a one night stand. She was in the mood back then but lost interest. She also insists it's too hard. Add that to it being uncomfortable for me to wear, it's gone to the storage bin.
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    This review is amazing. I may have to try this one out sometime. Keep up the great work you two
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    As usual, another well described and very useful description of the product. Good job OH! Every time I see something like this, I wish there was a description complete with pictures just like you, OH have provided, to give me a better understanding and picture of the product. Thanks again for this review!
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