Tickler tipz - cock ring by Pipedream - review by Cinnamon Chambers

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Oooh that tickles

This is a great toy to provide clitoral stimulation during sex. It is functional, inexpensive and requires no batteries. Slide it on, position it just right, and enjoy the ride of your life!
Provides clitoral stimulation during intercourse, inexpensive
made of jelly, has to be replaced in time
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This is an inexpensive yet fun cock ring. I am on my third one in about seven years. I have had two blue ones and a pink one. For the price and the fun you will have this is a must have toy for under $6. For women that have to have clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm I can not recommend a better toy that does not have vibrations. I admit I am a sucker for inexpensive toys... but this one keeps me coming back for a replacement every time.

There are many tickler cock rings around in this price range, but this is one provides the most sensation and pleasure for the price. This one slips on the penis, requiring a tiny bit of lubricant to help it slide on with ease and with out pinching. It does not do much in the way of functioning as a cock ring and maintaining an erection. It is very stretchy and I have never had an issue getting it on my partner or with it causing pain. Since it is a cock ring, I would suggest limiting use to 20 minutes just to be on the safe side. This toy is good at providing amazing stimulation for the female partner. With this one you get an elongated tickler on a chubby jelly nub to stimulate your clit. The nub is covered in tiny bumps that gently massage your clitoris, and a thicker tickler that teases the anus and tickles the area surrounding it. The one that massages the clit is the closest thing to feeling like my finger rubbing on my clit during sex. All around the penis there are tiny little prongs that stimulate the vulva. When you combine all these points being stimulated at one time, it makes for some intense orgasms.

This toy is made of jelly. There is no way to cover it with a condom, so be aware that it may contain phthalates. It can be worn with a condom with ease. This is not a toy that can be shared at all. Please use good judgment and be safe when using it.

I have always washed mine after use with warm water and mild soap and let it air dry. Toy cleaners will also work on this product. Taking good care of this toy will make it last for a while, the longest I have had one is about 3 years. I have never had one of these rip, but I did have one that the ticklers started to come off requiring a replacement. The other one I had got folded onto it's self and completely disfigured. It was stored about six months when I realized the damage that had happened due to my carelessness. When storing this, please store it flat, and not folded where it is touching it's self or another toy. With time the jelly toys that are stored together or touching will deform and seemingly melt together. It can also discolor other toys, or be discolored by them if they are touching.
I love using these. They feel so good and seem to hit my sweet spots perfectly. The anal nub tends to massage my perineum more so than my ass. The ticklers that surround the penis slightly cover it at the base and I love how the feel on the outside of my vagina.

My favorite way to use this and how I find it most effective is when I am riding my partner. I place the clitoral stimulator where I want it and slide my self down on to the penis. Sometimes I have to reposition to get the maximum benefit. When I have it where I want it and I am sufficiently wet, I grind down into his pelvis hard and work my hips in a rotating circular motion. This has me ready to cum in no time at all.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    Interesting cock ring. Your experience seems to indicate that you really enjoy using it. What is the reason that you've needed to replace it before? Does it tear, or what? Thanks for the review.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Hey like I said in the review one I stored with it folded onto it's self causing it to disfigure and one the tickler nubs started coming off after having it for about three years. I have never had one of these rip. It is inexpensive so replacing every couple years is not an issue to me. Thanks for the comment.
  • Thanks for the review Cinnamon! Sounds like this was a good buy. My girl is a little shy about toys, so I thought this would be some middle ground that she would enjoy. Any tips about its use for a new user, or tips on bringing it up with her?
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    My partner brought my first one home all gift wrapped in a cute litte bag. You might try that with her.
  • married with children
    thanks for sharing.
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