Stimulator sleeve-noduled - cock ring by Cal Exotics - review by Dragon

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Purple Meltdown...

It's a cock ring. Good for novelty, stocking stuffers and making people laugh. Great non threatening introduction to the subject. With all the "tentacles" it can clearly be "said" to stimulate women. It didn't, but...
It's purple!
Save your money.
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Some time ago we spent a couple of hundred dollars at Eden. This was one of the items that we compromised on. It was relatively inexpensive and looked as if nobody had taken a close look at it. It also looked like fun. A lot of little tentacles for clit stimulation. Nice tight cock ring - that should work. No vibration. (I know that's going to make some of you look elsewhere with the "no vibration," but I was good with it!) No vibration that was either too loud, too strong, too soft, in the wrong place or just not there. Nothing to go wrong. Well, not exactly.

I picked this toy with the basics in mind. Tired of leather cock rings that had straps that need to be broken in, snaps that didn't alight perfectly, and the occasional pinch. (He just isn't into torture yet!) Tired of vibration that just doesn't work right. This had built in mild stimulation for your basic missionary position. (I'm good with mild- I love my fingers!) Figured it was worth a try...

This toy is made of jelly, so it's not the safest material. It's not possible to sterilize. It does give it a certain amount of stretch though. As a cock ring, we weren't sharing it, nor was it going to be involved in penetration. It was worth a try.

What could go wrong.

Well, I asked my husband what he thought before I started this review. It took him a couple minutes just to remember it. Then, and I quote... "Whatever that toy was supposed to do- It didn't work." Well, that sums it up. I pretty much agree. I didn't notice any difference with the cock ring compared to without. Not one. It's just boring.

Some basics for those of you that want more details. The opening on the cock ring is about the size of my index finger before you stretch it. It stretches easily to about the size of my fist - probably more but I think that would easily cover around most men's cock and balls if they were so inclined. (Most of the jelly rings we've looked at have been cock only. He was sufficiently unimpressed with round one that it's not getting a second attempt to torture him!) When I pulled on it, the "tentacles" broke easily. (I'm just perverted enough to sit at my desk and break a few more while writing a review because it amused me. That and I'm going to toss it, when I'm done!)

There is a similar product made of silicone on the site. The Raspberry cock ring. I think that I'd recommend trying that particular product over this one. (I will soon!)
I know intellectually we wore this. Physically? I could say I'm a bit clueless about it.
Follow-up commentary
This toy was such a "nothing" the first time that it was attacked and stolen by gremlins. It disappeared, and I have no idea what happened to it. I'm not worried either.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks for the review, if it's that easy to forget it, it's not worth buying it! :)
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    What do you think made it so forgettable? Did it hit the right spots, just no pressure? Or it missed completely?
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Great review. Sorry it didn't work out. I HATE throwing toys away, no matter how much they cost!
  • Dragon
    Hi everyone! Adriana, I think it was forgettable because neither one of was aware that he was actually wearing it! Not enough pressure, it didn't hit any spots- for either of us. It just was purple decoration, but we had low lights that night!
  • Airen Wolf
    Gremlins like cock rings? Maybe they got some excitement out of it LOL! Too bad it didn't work it looks just plain kooky enough to be a bit of fun...
  • Dragon
    Airen - you can always try, and see what it might do for you...
  • iceman681
    let down
  • Daniel & Brittany
    i still wanna try!
  • Blooddragon
    Thank you!
  • Top Living In A Lie
    thanks for review!
  • Kirill1171
  • Tbanda
  • laceypanties
  • brevado
    Good info. Thanks!
  • spineyogurt
    Thanks for the review!
  • clix69
    i found it to be quite stimulating actually, i suppose though, "to each their own". Some toys are great for some people, for others its a different story.
  • Allstars316
    Thanks for the review!
  • petite-n-sweet
    soo.... what was it supposed to do?
  • srexom
    thanks for your review.
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