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Raspberry ring

Cock ring by Downunder Toys

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"Ring Around the Poly"

Certainly, it's a matter of taste, but, even testing this toy in a poly setting, no one was very impressed.
Well-made, best quality silicone, good at staying where you put it.
Head harder than expected and may be too tight on "girthy" boys.
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The Raspberry Ring is a mottled deep purple 100% silicone cock ring with a bulbous nubbed head almost as wide as the unstretched ring. During intercourse, the soft ring, when worn around the erect penis (against the man’s pelvis) can prolong erection while the nubbed head provides additional stimulation to a woman’s clitoris. I asked for this toy because I thought it would be interesting to “test” it in a poly setting. So I invited three partners to participate in this little “science experiment.” All were good sports and eager to do their part for science. The male subjects varied in experience, size, preferences, and intercourse styles so it seemed like it’d be a good chance to put a bit of a different spin on this review. We had one control clit and three test penises.

The 100% medical-grade silicone is easily washed and/or sterilized and should be used with water-based lubes. The ring is produced by Downunder Toys and, though I have no other cock rings to compare it to, appears to be sturdy and well-made. The packaging is minimal, a 5 x 4 clear plastic zipped bag with a simple pink insert with the company name and web address.

The back side is flat and shiny and has some uneven flash, presumably from the manufacturing process, that doesn’t affect the use or quality. The front has a pearly finish. The silicone feels slightly tacky but doesn’t hold lint easily; anything it picks up can be wiped off without washing. The ring is squishy enough to be folded over and smashed, reminding me somewhat of Silly Putty. The Raspberry Ring has a slight silicone smell and, I guess, a slight silicone-y taste.

Overall, the Raspberry seems a bit bulky. The entire toy is 3 1/2 inches tall and, at its widest, on the ring part, slightly over an inch and 3/ 4. The nubby head is one and half inch in diameter and, when laid flat on its back, rises a full inch at the tallest point, meaning it will project a full inch away from the man’s pelvis. The walls of the ring unstretched are almost a half inch wide and rise a half inch tall off the flat back. Unstretched, the opening is one inch in diameter. The opening in the ring at first appears too small to fit over an erect penis, but since the silicone is very soft and stretchy, it can easily be stretched wide enough with both hands. I can stretch it easily to a circle with a four inch diameter.

The nubs on the head are squishy enough to be compressed with a strong thumb to about half their height. The head was not what I expected. From the old pictures, I expected the nubs to be separated, like little fingers. I expected them to move separately and wiggle around against the lady parts, but the head is all one piece, just bumpy.
Each subject attempted missionary with the ring on. All are above average in size and used condoms. The ring was sterilized between tests.

Test Subject 1 had no experience with cock rings, average length, nice girth, attempted primarily thrusting with it on. He was a little thrown by trying to deal with both the ring and the condom, and eventually, felt that, with his girth, the ring was “uncomfortable.” During thrusting, both of us felt the ring was “in the way,” that he couldn’t get as deep as we wanted him to with it. We discarded it within a minute or so.

Test Subject 2 had good experiences with another design, above average length, a bit more girth than #1, planned to use the ring with more of a grinding motion. However, surprisingly to both of us, with him inside me, which he managed just fine, the ring did not come anywhere close to my clit. We simply didn’t line up that way. He thought the ring was uncomfortable enough to stop him from wanting to orgasm. He says it might help prevent premature ejaculation for that reason; but, for stimulation, he recommends a design with a much larger head that has softer finger-like stimulators.

Test Subject 3 had no experience but had strong interest in trying a metal ring. He had above average length and girth but no concerns about comfort. He felt the ring was too soft to help him extend his erection. He lined the head up well with my clit and used a grinding motion. At which point, I finally had a problem with it. Although, the material is soft and squishy in the hand, against my delicate parts, it quickly felt too hard and a bit uncomfortable. Number 3 said that the toy wasn't exactly harming his experience, but it wasn't worth the trouble if it wasn't enhancing mine.

It would be entirely possible to extend this study to more male partners and I’d quite likely find someone who likes it (I would have liked to try the ring with a narrower penis and without a condom but conditions didn’t allow for that). However, given my own feeling that it’s just too hard, even when it does work, I probably won’t try this again. I’ll retire/recycle/reuse it somehow: maybe a squishy hand exerciser for the office, or, one of those nubby chew toys that cleans your dog’s teeth….
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