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Sweet and Sour Sapphire.

This is a sturdy intense sleeve, that will fit all but the largest user. However, there are better deals available. The Head Honcho and Super Head Honcho are sleeves that are as intense, but not abrasive, and half the price. This one requires a lot of care and maintenance.
Intense, brings a powerful climax.
Abrasive and high maintenance, it requires a lot of cleaning, and has a light odor.
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The Senso Sapphire as a sleeve is quite straight forward. It’s used for the penis, the size and shape makes it impossible to use it for any other purpose. Unlike some toys which are multipurpose, the Sapphire begins and ends at the penis.

Using the Sapphire is the same for most any sleeve, such as the Super Sucker, or the Super Head Honcho. Apply plenty of lubrication, water only, and then cover the erect penis. As the opening is quite small, lubrication is strongly advised as the interior is abrasive, and an average sized penis or larger could not pierce it otherwise. Once properly applied, it is used similar to hand based masturbation, by sliding it from the base to the tip and back again until climax.

The Sapphire is open ended, but each opening is quite small, so it catches the semen, post climax. This makes messes outside the Sapphire minimal, as unless the tip sticks out of the end, none of the semen or lubricant will leak out of the top. Since the Sapphire won’t make much of a mess, users can play with it in bed without need for cleanup.

Use in bed was specifically mentioned as, from personal experience, the Sapphire works best lying down. The sensation while lying is far more intense than when used sitting down, or in any other position, producing far more intense climaxes. This difference in sensation could be caused from more of the penis being exposed while lying down, as opposed to sitting, or perhaps it’s a better way to touch it. Either way, lying down is the superior way of using the Sapphire.

Between the sensation and the ease of use, this is a good sleeve for beginners and great for all types of masturbation. Note that I used the word “good,” there are reasons for that, which will be discussed in the materials section, but the short answer is that the interior can be TOO intense. Aside from that however, it is easy to use, similar movements as hand masturbation, and easy application.

Material / Texture

Addressing the material, let us divide it into interior and exterior. This distinction is necessary as there are issues with each, but the issues are very different and should be addressed as such. While the exterior problems are not serious, the interior problems may be troubling for some users.

To begin, it is made of Senso, a malleable, porous material, with a safety rating of two. This toy tends to soak up bacteria and dirt like a sponge, and should thus be washed thoroughly (discussed below) before use.

Since it is so malleable, it can stretch out in numerous ways, accommodating larger and smaller users alike. Further, because of how large and thick the Sapphire is, rips and tears are unlikely, and unlikely to stretch to the edge.

One specific problem is that it has a very distinct chemical smell. While powerful, the odor is less intense than the coconut suntan lotion smell of the Super Sucker, but it is stronger than the nonexistent smell of the Super Head Honcho. The odor is only noticeable if close to the nose however, and after a few washes, it diminishes even further.

The interior of the Sapphire is the largest potential flaw. Whereas other sleeves are nubbed, or ridged, the interior of the Sapphire is spiral, which is more intense, but also more abrasive. Unless a copious amount of lubrication is used, the interior can be rough and even jagged. Even after fully lubricating it, once climax is reached and the penis becomes more sensitive, the toy is too abrasive to continue use.

Whether this is good or bad is a point of debate. On the one hand, the climaxes are quite powerful, possibly from the more intense sensation of the spirals. On the other hand however, many people prefer to keep using the toy after climax begins to continue the sensation, but the intensity of the Sapphire made it impossible.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Porous

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There is a moderate aesthetic appeal to the toy. To begin, it’s a striking navy blue open ended sleeve, with a design encompassing the opening. The opening is supposed to be a heart, but it looks more like a leaf from Super Mario 3. This may be a plus, or a minus for some users.

The size and material should not make this an issue for any user. At six inches it is capable of fitting most users, and since Senso is a very stretchable material, it’s accommodating for the larger users as well. The thickness of the Sapphire, by far the thickest sleeve I’ve purchased, means if it tears, it will take longer for the tear to stretch to the side.

Lubricant, water based only, will be needed in copious amounts, because lubricant tends to slip through the opening. If too much lubricant is lost, the toy starts to be so abrasive that all but the most strident users will have to stop and re-lubricate.

Another point worth mentioning is that because of the spiral interior, it’s quieter during use. This is a point of contention for sleeve users, as some prefer the slurpy sounds of the Head Honcho or Super Sucker, as it adds realism to the experience, while other prefer the discretion of a quieter toy. Personally, I prefer the spiral, as I can use the Sapphire without fear of someone else hearing.

Transporting this toy is moderately difficult. At five inches long, two inches wide, with a 6.5 inch circumference, this is a rather large toy, far larger than the Super Head Honcho. Further, as it isn’t discrete, it’s a tube with a hole, covering would be needed even if there weren’t dust and bacterial concerns.

The navy blue tint draws the eye, so users desiring discretion should store it in a covering that obscures the toy. The easiest way might simply be to wrap it within a condom, and then placing it in a bag before storing. When transporting it, putting it within a suitcase, backpack, or other form of luggage is recommended.
    • Beginner
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

As it is made of Senso, only water based lubricants are allowed, and only soap and hot water may be used for cleaning. It is reversible, allowing for greater ease of access, but this increases the risk of tearing. For those who don’t want to reverse the Sapphire, there is another method.

Simply apply some soap to the opening of the Sapphire, and rinse it under hot water. After rinsing the Sapphire, submerge it in hot soapy water, and squeeze water through each opening. This rinses it clean without the risk of tearing that reversing may bring.

Once cleaned, Senso tends to collect dust and bacteria, and this should be considered for storage. When storing, keep it wrapped in a sterile covering or box that separates it from other toys, and the general debris of the home. When considering what to store it in, the original packaging is not recommended for reasons to be discussed.

After a proper cover is found, there are plenty of places this can be stored. For minimal effort storage, it can be placed within a drawer, bag, or closet. I used to recommend lock boxes, but I have found a method of storage even better, a storage locker.

This locker was available at my local Wal-Mart for $19.98, and has the advantages of the lockbox, but far more space. With storage of 23 gallons (not sure of square footage) it fits my entire toy collection, lingerie, and books, while only using ¼ of the space. Most importantly, it has an opening for applying a padlock, and its hard plastic is difficult to pierce.

    • Moderately easy to store
    • Moderately high mainenance


Normally this isn’t an aspect of the toy I consider, but the packaging was so bad I feel compelled to comment. The box is sapphire blue, with a naked woman on the front. The company was probably going for sensual, or arousing, but to me it just seems tacky. It does not add to the appeal of the product, while at the same time making it far less discrete. Users intending to keep the Sapphire in its original packaging will need to hide it, unless they don’t mind someone coming across a box adorned with a naked woman.
    • Not discreet
Follow-up commentary
It's too large, too abrasive and made of jelly. While I enjoy the sturdiness and reduced chance of tearing, a softer sleeve such as a fleshlight or a tenga would be far better.
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