Sweet, Sweet Sandee

While this masturbator is a pain to care for, the good far outweighs the bad. I've never been more impressed with a sex toy; This felt real, was comfortable and easy to use, and it left me feeling fully satisfied. The Fleshlight Girls Sandee Westgate is the obvious reason why the Fleshlight is the #1 selling male sex toy in the world.
Literally the best vaginal intercourse simulator out there.
Care & cleaning.
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"Adding to the realism of experience, the Lotus masturbation sleeve texture, available on all Fleshlight Girls Fleshlights, offers something that no other male sex toy in the world can provide; the true replication of the vaginal intercourse sensation." What better opening line than one taken right from Fleshlight's own website? It's not opinion, it's fact; The Sandee Westgate Fleshlight was the most realistic feeling toy I've ever tried.

I've believed the hype about the Fleshlight since one of my buddies quit his job to sell these on the internet. Within a year he had a new house and a new car, I figured if someone could make such big upgrades in their lifestyle then business must be good. I've wanted one since but I never made the plunge to purchase.

Previously, Fleshlight introduced the Vortex and the Wonderwave; the Lotus has been their greatest idea yet. The varied widths of the Lotus canal, combined with the u-shaped tongue create one hell of a realistic feeling vagina. The multiple chambers inside of the sleeve not only provide a sucking sensation on the back stroke as you tighten and loosen the cap but they help you to retain lubrication inside of the sleeve so that you ultimately use less. All this coupled with the velvety Superskin material make for the best intercourse simulator I've ever found.

Atop this oversized, heavy-duty looking pearlescent flashlight is a puffy, swollen pussy. This puffy mass of Superskin creates a bounce whenever you stroke with the toy, it's comfortable and more lifelike than other toys because not only does it act as padding but it helps to simulate the exterior of a real vagina. The handle on the Fleshlight case has ribs to provide for a strong grip so that you're easily able to move the masturbator fluidly over your cock. The design of the Fleshlight is a great one because it makes for easy masturbation, there's no hassle and no complications. You just squirt in your water-based lubricant (2 oz sample of "Gun Oil" provided) and jerk away.

Unfortunately, cleaning and caring for the sleeve is not as easy as getting off with it. "After use, remove the Superskin insert from the case and run hot water through it to remove fluid deposits. For touch cleaning, we suggest using a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. NOTE: Using soap or detergents to clean your Superkin insert will deteriorate the surface of the material!" Not only is hot water the only preferred method of cleaning but once the sleeve is washed you have to leave it out to air dry to prevent the growth of mold. Fleshlight also suggests that occasionally repowdering the sleeve with corn starch will restore the insert to it's original silky feel. I didn't feel satisfied with just hot water, I wasn't confident that all my "fluid deposits" were washed away, but I'm not one to argue with manufacturer's directions.

As this is part of the Fleshlight Girls line, the Fleshlight websites offers a VIP area. In this VIP area are videos, pictures, and exclusive "behind the scenes" content. They tie in not only their ability to provide physical stimulation with your new Fleshlight sleeve but audio and visual stimulation with being able to watch the pornstar your Fleshlight was molded after.
The heart of the toy is that it's molded after Sandee Westgate, girl-girl adult film star and XXX model. She's been featured in Playboy and Hustler but her home is on the internet where she's been since 1998. Her list of films is short but the more well known titles are Chopper Chicks, Limo Confidential, and Girlfriends. This Fleshlight looks like an exact replica of her pussy, fully equipped with lips you could bite (not recommended) and a tight hole you could plunge into.
Follow-up commentary
Sandee hasn't held up so well. The material is extremely porous and must be treated as if it were the robes of a saint. I am not a delicate man by any means so unfortunately, this Fleshlight has been subjected to a lot of rough play and it hasn't fared as well as I had hoped it would.

I had to stash this in a hurry when my wife came home one day (don't ask me why, I have no idea what was going through my mind) and I didn't put the cap on because I wasn't positive it was dry. The Fleshlight fell over when it was in hiding and now is permanently indented on the side that it was resting on, it's flat and will not return to its original rounded shape which is incredibly disappointing.

Word to the wise: clean this, air dry this, and store this properly!
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  • Contributor: Betty Rocket
    Great review! And yes, Fleshlights are well worth the effort
  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    I knew there would be guys out there that could look right past the care and cleaning because of the Fleshlight experience. It is a pretty sweet ride and made me want to try some other interiors. Have you had the chance at any others? Thanks for the great review.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Thanks Betty and this one really was.
  • Contributor: Average Joe
    Jimbo, this is my first.
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    It's a shame that this toy didn't hold up very well. Sad face Superskin feels great, but it takes a lot of care.
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for the review. After a month with my fleshlight flight, I've learned all the care it needs is a quick rinse with warm water. I remove the bottom cap and put the front opening over the faucet spout so that all the water goes into the interior. I run the water (warm) for 10 seconds or so, dab the bottom dry with a towel, and then rinse out the cap. Then I put it back in the toy cabinet with the lid off and the toy positioned so the interior will get airflow. When I want the toy again (usually 24 hours or so), it's dry. If I want it in just a couple of hours, the dampness isn't a big deal; just means I need a little less lube. Have fun!
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