Eden realistic pocket pussy - masturbation sleeve by EdenFantasys - review by MrClark

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The good, the bad, the thrifty masturbator

This is a very enjoyable toy to use and if you factor in how inexpensive it is, this is definitely a thrifty choice for male masturbator. The fact that it is difficult to clean and unlikely to last more than 6 months is a bit of a downside for this toy.
Fun Texture
Good Suction
Durability worries
Difficult to clean
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Like most male masturbators, this toy is best used as a male masturbator. It can be used while laying in bed, at a desk, or standing up. I could see it being used during foreplay before sex. It is designed to be held in hand while you thrust into the toy or using your hand to move the toy such that you don't need to thrust.

The toy isn't overly large; however, it's not discrete and doesn't have a case to store it in... so it wouldn't travel real well. You could likely stick it in a zip-lock bag for travel; however, I wouldn't put it in a carry-on bag as it'll definitely be awkward if security pulls it out during a search.

Material / Texture

The toy is made of a thermoplastic rubber (TPR), that is a 7 on the EdenFantasys' safety scale. This is a reasonably safe material and one of the safest materials of the male masturbators out there. The material cannot be fully sanitized so I would not share the toy with anyone, or if you do you should use protection unless you are already fluid bonded.

The material doesn't have any noticeable taste. I didn't have a chemical smell with the toy, but it did smell slightly. I used a mostly organic lube initially with this toy that has a slight vanilla smell and now the toy smells of vanilla.

The toy is smooth on the outside; however, it has a ribbed internal texture that reminded me of the Fleshlight Super-Ribbed toy texture. This is a very enjoyable texture as you can feel the ribs as you insert and pull out of the toy. The downside is it's pretty intense so if you are very sensitive this may pose problems.

The material is flexy-firm as it is a flexible rubber, and though it's flexible if you are well endowed this toy will likely not hold up. I know after one use the opening of the toy was already showing considerable wear. Due to the porous nature of this toy and care issues, which I'll discuss later I'd likely replace this toy after 6 months.
    • Light odor
    • Porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This is where we'll get into the good and bad of the toy, as the title hinted at this toy is both good and bad in some ways.

After hearing another describe it as a cartoon vagina, it kind of fits. I feel like the opening is a cartoonish realistic representation of a vagina. You can tell that's what it represents but it's lacking detail you'd have in a real vagina. Also the design of this opening is problematic as there was a thin nearly translucent part of the opening, which you can see in a before photo below, that tore shortly after I began using this, which might be due to my above average size. It's almost like I "deflowered" the toy, which is weird in my opinion. It doesn't really seem to impact the use of the toy afterwards, but this does make me feel like the material is going to be short-lived.

Toy Opening

The toy has no opening at the end opposite where you insert your penis. This is good as means when you orgasm your release will be contained inside the toy. It is also nice as it creates a vacuum as you push the air out and then pull yourself back out of the toy. Combine this with the internal ribbing, and fact you can manipulate the toy and apply pressure with your hand... this results in great sensations during use that I haven't gotten with most other masturbators I've owned so far. Now the toy has some flaws connected to this lack of opening, which is likely why none of my pricier toys opt for this design. First issue with this is that if you are longer than the toy like I am you smash into the end, and even though the toy is stretchy it's not as pleasant compared to a toy that this isn't an issue. It is far improved over a toy I own w/ a plastic case and hard limit that I'm too big for, so in this way it's not as bad as it could be. The opening is also a poor design in the fact that this makes it very difficult to clean, which I'll discuss later.

I'm statistically large for male penis size, but the toy does indicate it can fit up to 7" so if you are over that expect to either run into the end or not be able to have yourself fully inserted during use.
    • Tight fitting
    • Whimsical / artistic

Care and Maintenance

One of my biggest issues with this toy is how difficult it is to clean... due to the lack of an opening on one end, you can't just run water through the toy to clean. I had to flip the toy inside out to make sure the water-based lube and ejaculate got cleaned off. This is going to reduce the lifespan of the material; however, it's the only option to make sure it didn't stay moist and unclean inside.

After drying off the inside, and flipping the toy back and drying the outside I store the masturbation sleeve in a drawer on a towel with my other masturbation sleeves.

The toy is compatible with water and silicone-based lubes; however, considering how difficult it was to get this clean with water-based lube I would not recommend silicone-based ones.
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

So one note, the toy seems to not always make it through manufacturing without flaws. I thankfully only had a sliver missing from mine as you can see below; however, another reviewer had more defects in the one they received. Mind you for the cost, this is a really solid option.

Sliver missing
Follow-up commentary
I don't like it anymore/less than I did when I wrote the review. Still a budget friendly masturbator option that does a decent job at what it's hoping to do.
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