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These Lips Aren't Sealed

The Lisa Ann mouth Fleshlight is an enjoyable male masturbator, that is both approachable as a first Fleshlight purchase as well as a good addition to Fleshlight collection lacking a mouth model. The masturbator is made of a material that feels realistic, with no unpleasant odor or taste, though it has particular cleaning requirements. Like receiving a blowjob, the mouth offers a variety of sensations that go beyond trusting, and that can be a pleasant diversion from one's usual style.
Design encourages more variety of use, nice internal texture, one-size-fits-all.
Higher maintenance in terms of care and cleaning, new packaging.
Rating by reviewer:
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The Lisa Ann mouth is a new-to-Eden Fleshlight that is part of the Fleshlight Girls series. Cast from a mold of Lisa Ann's lips, the Lisa Ann mouth features a realistic opening on the exterior of the sleeve, and Fleshlight's "Swallow" texture on the inside. As part of the Fleshlight Girls line, the plastic case that supports the sleeve is a pearlescent white, and Lisa Ann's signature is embossed near the sleeve's opening (on the chin). If you aren't familiar with Fleshlights, they are a (quite popular) male masturbator that have a soft, realistic-feeling insert supported by a hard plastic exterior case. The shape and hardness of the case makes it easy to hold the masturbator for stroking or thrusting, and also makes it possible to wedge the case between cushions, mattresses, etc. for a hands-free experience. The realistic mouth of the Fleshlight is covered by a large cap to maintain discretion and keep the soft material dust-free. The cap opposite the realistic opening allows for easy cleaning of the sleeve, and is adjustable to allow the user to vary the level of suction during use. As with hand-only masturbation, the Lisa Ann mouth is well suited for solo as well as partnered play. The following photos show the Lisa Ann mouth straight on, and from an angle.

Mouth forward
Angled side-view
    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

The Lisa Ann mouth is comprised of SuperSkin, Fleshlight's patented elastomeric gel that is used in all of their models. While the exact composition is not disclosed, it is listed as phthalate and latex free. SuperSkin was developed to closely mimic the texture and density of skin, and when warmed up and lubed, it does indeed feel highly realistic. As part of the Fleshlight Girls line, the Lisa Ann mouth has a fleshy tone that resembles skin, though, as it is monotone, there is no color differentiation to distinguish the lips; being life-cast, they are nicely shaped and detailed. SuperSkin has a faint powdery smell, but it is not noticeable unless you are sniffing it directly. It is also tasteless, aside from a slight chalkiness from the cornstarch on the surface that keeps the material soft and non-sticky.

The interior of the sleeve is notable. It uses the "Swallow" texture that is featured in the mouth versions of the Fleshlight Girls series. About an inch inward from the partly-open lips, the opening narrows to a tube smooth entrance, followed by a single row of nubs, and then several inches of rings which serve to mimic the texture of the inside of the mouth (sans teeth). The tube then widens to emulate the back of the throat, then sharply narrows to simulate deep-throat penetration. Overall, the variety of external and internal detailing offers a variety of sensations, a pleasure that is particular to blowjobs or imitators thereof. The following picture shows the relative sizes of the opening of the tube and of the lips.

Lips and opening
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Though Fleshlight has come out with smaller models that are easier to store and travel with (including the Flight and the Sex-in-a-Can series), there is a distinct advantage to the original form factor: it can handle virtually all penises, both long and/or girthy. The SuperSkin material is resiliently stretchy and accommodating to nearly the internal diameter of the case. The following pictures show how the Lisa Ann mouth spreads wide for the 2 1/4" diameter Tantus T-Rex and swallows deep for the 9" length of the Vixen Outlaw.

Open wide for T-Rex
Size comparison to Outlaw
Deep-throating Outlaw

Though Fleshlights are intended to be discreet by resembling a flashlight, they are quite large, making them difficult to conceal. However, in exchange for a little less portability, the larger size of the Lisa Ann mouth (compared to other blowjob masturbators) means that one size fits nearly all.
    • Ergonomic
    • Realistic
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

Fleshlight's signature SuperSkin material requires more detailed care than most other masturbator materials, such as TPR. Because SuperSkin is made from a gel of mineral oils, only water-based lubes may be used. Oil or silicone-based lubes will harm the material. Soaps and detergents will also cause damage. To clean the toy, the manufacturer recommends removing the soft insert from the case, flushing it with just warm water, then letting it dry before replacing it in the case. To help the sleeve dry on the inside, and to keep it a bit cleaner, Fleshlight recommends that you use a small amount of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. After shaking out the excess water, I typically hold the sleeve over the sink and squirt about half an ounce of alcohol though the opening, then let the sleeve dry on the counter for a couple of hours before re-inserting it into the hard exterior case. I usually leave the caps off for a day to allow for complete drying prior to storing the Fleshlight.

In the event that you want to clean the insert to a greater extent, the manufacturer sells "Fleshwash" which is an anti-bacterial fluid (triclosan, a common anti-bacterial agent in liquid hand soaps). However, be aware that SuperSkin is not capable of being thoroughly sterilized and should not be shared.

Over time, after repeated use and cleaning, SuperSkin will start to get sticky, which causes the material to feel less realistic. The stickiness can be avoided by lightly dusting the exterior of the sleeve with cornstarch. I use a cheap paintbrush to paint the dry sleeve with cornstarch over the kitchen sink, which minimizes the chances of coating your floor and furniture with powder.
    • High maintenance


The Fleshlights I've previously reviewed have come in metal cylinders, similar to a tall coffee tin. However, it appears that Fleshlight has changed their packaging to a paperboard box, pictured below.
New packaging
The new packaging is likely more retail-friendly, but I always enjoyed the classy feel of removing my new toy from a special tin, plus the tin is far more durable for storage. Instructions for use and cleaning, as well as a sample of Fleshlube (Fleshlight's lubricant) are included.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable


I've found that I end up using the Lisa Ann mouth in a different style compared to my other Fleshlights, which are based on vaginal and anal penetration. Instead of mainly thrusting into the toy, I tend to manipulate this Fleshlight more, enjoying more variety of sensations, as one would in receiving a blowjob. I particularly enjoyed using the lips of the toy to stimulate the head of my penis, and switched between that and penetration. Overall, the different usage I settled into while using this toy justifies having a "mouth" Fleshlight in addition to vaginal and/or anal Fleshlights. This internal texture cleans up with ease and doesn't trap water (which can cause mildewing of the sleeve) as some Fleshlights textures do.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • SadoMas
  • lesglitter
    Thanks, this was really in depth! I wonder if you could thrust with a T-Rex girth though? The side of the fleshlight looks like it's beginning to separate...
  • CafeSabroso
    @sextoyreviewland Yes, the sleeve does pop out a bit when you shove a T-Rex in there, but I found it still stays in the case, and no damage is done. T-Rex is a pretty extreme scenario, though
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