Fleshlight girls Raven Riley - sex toy by Fleshlight - review by Peg

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This light will brighten your day when your lady is away

This is one toy that every man should have whether he is at home every night, or travels. The Fleshlight® can take care of any urge that might occur when he is alone and is a lot cheaper than divorce court.
The realism of its interior when pushing in deep was incredible.
A little challenging to clean. Takes up a fair amount of room in the drawer when storing.
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The Fleshlight is marketed as the number one male sex toy in the world, so having received one to review we were curious to see if it would live up to it’s marketing claim. Fleshlight offers several different models and we received one from the Fleshlight Girls product line. Fleshlight Girls features actual molds of a woman’s vulva and ours was of Raven Riley.

The Fleshlight consists of a hard plastic case which resembles a flashlight which holds the sleeve that is used to provide the stimulation and also provides for storage when not in use. The sleeve is made of what the manufacture calls Superskin which has received a U.S. Patent. The manufacture states that Superskin is not rubber, silicone, or latex but a secret formula that is however phthalates free. Superskin is designed to be realistic, easy to use, and clean. Water based lubricants are the only recommended lubricants to use with the Fleshlight. Oil-based lubricants will adversely affect the sleeve resulting in permanent damage. Cleaning is accomplished by simply using warm water and thoroughly rinsing the sleeve when done using. Using soap on the sleeve will have the same effect as oil based lubricants. It is recommended to allow the sleeve to dry out completely before storing and if you decide to store it in the case before completely dry then keep the caps off until the sleeve is dry.

The case has two caps; the one on the front acts a dust cover to keep the sleeve clean when not in use and the one in the back serves a unique purpose. The back cap is adjustable which can be removed completely when allowing the sleeve to dry. It is adjustable which varies the amount of “suction” the sleeve will draw while in use. He could tell a difference regarding the sensation based on the position of the back cover.

He tried the Fleshlight following the instructions that came with it, which basically stated that applying lubrication on the outer opening and working it in with a finger is all that is needed for the sleeve. He also got himself lubed up as well with what was already on his hand from lubing the sleeve. He slid in and after a few strokes to get the lubed worked in said it felt pretty good but not as good as me (smart man!). He varied his strokes as well as adjusting the back cap to experience the different sensations and said he enjoyed the cap completely closed the best. He also said that the vulva looked very realistic while being used and I have to agree. The lips stretched out and around his erection as he slid in and out of the sleeve. After several minutes of steady stoking I could tell he was going to have an orgasm and asked him what he thought. He said it definitely felt better than his hand and he was about to finish up. He increased his tempo and after a few more quick strokes he had his orgasm. He stated that as far as he was concerned the Fleshlight lived up to it’s marketing claim.
The sleeve can be heated by placing in warm water to make the experience more realistic. He tried both room temperature as well as soaking the sleeve to see if there was a difference. Although soaking it did warm up the sleeve it did not get as warm as the real thing (his opinion). Using at a room temperature was slightly cooler but after a few strokes and some heat induced friction the feeling was the same either way he used it. We found the best way to clean the sleeve after using was to take it out of the plastic and stretch the back end of the sleeve over the sink nozzle (like filling a water balloon) and letting the water run for a few minutes.
Follow-up commentary
The Fleshlight has held up quite well having seen some pretty regular usage. He recently took it with him on a business trip and it kept him occupied during his lonely nights in his hotel. He was gone for a week but did not pack any cornstarch, so the material was starting to get a little sticky. Once home and after cleaning and completely dried the cornstarch was applied and it was as good as new, the stickiness was gone. We have also used this toy as a way of adding another person which he REALLY enjoys! He uses the Fleshlight while my tongue provides him with a whole separate set of stimulation and sensations. We are very happy with this toy and if anyone has thought of adding another player without actually having them in the room this is the way to go.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    How does the back cap adjust?
  • Peg
    AR: The back cap is threaded like a soda cap, as you loosen the cap it exposes two slots which allow air to pass into the sleeve. The more you open it the more air passes in which lessens the vacuum (suction sensation). With the cap fully closed the sleeve draws a greater vacuum which increases the suction sensation.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    That's really interesting. You did a great job of explaining that, too!
  • Peg
    Glad you were able to understand my explanation.
  • Valyn
    Nice review, looking around for my boyfriend. Thank you!
  • Peg
    Thanks Val, there are lots of variations of The Fleshlight to choose from, happy choosing.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    This looks sooooo awesome, I added this for sure to my Wish list... Damn so pricey but it looks so damn good!

    Great review! Big smile
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