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Trio Variety of a LITTLE Extra Texture

Looking for a little texture or something fun and new to try with your partner? Maybe you want to spice up that old simple vibrator? This pack of three senso sleeves is inexpensive and worth a try for a change of pace. They are easy to use and if you ruin one, you still have two more to try!
Semi-organic material, variety, easy to use, adds some sensation, durable, inexpensive
Short and small, can stain, can't be used with condoms, one sleeve is pretty useless
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Want a little bit of extra texture? That is exactly what you will get with these mini sleeves from California Exotics: a LITTLE extra texture. These work best if added to a simple vibrator. They can work on a penis, but cannot be used safely with condoms, so keep this in mind when buying. They will fit better on average and smaller sized penises and vibrators. They are extremely easy to use and beginner friendly.

Material / Texture

These mini sleeves are made out of senso material. It is much like jelly. It is a semi-organic polymer and man-made material. This material is known to be more resilient than jelly however. It is likely to last a bit longer. The senso feels a lot like jelly also. It is soft and squishy, but a bit more firm when in thinner quantities. It has a better ability to stretch, shape, and bend to extreme proportions without distortion or tearing. The material is fairly smooth and seamless, but slightly sticky to the touch but not as much as typical jelly. It does attract dirt, hair, etc. as well as bacteria. The material doesn't have that bad of a smell actually. With all the other similar qualities to jelly, I would have guessed it would smell that bad too, but it is not as strong as other toys I own made of jelly.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This senso sleeve kit comes with three different sleeves. They are all the same size, but vary in texture.
What you see in the picture, is not what you get...not what I got anyways. I got the spiky one on the left, and a similar one to the one on the right, but I did not get the triangle spike one in the middle. I got one that is a combination of the two others. So when I explain each sleeve, I will be referring to the ones I received.

I'll first describe what is the same about them. They are each pretty short in length. They are about 2 inches long. I don't understand this because even though they do stretch a lot, they would not cover even half of an average penis or vibrator. Their un-stretched diameter is 5/8 of an inch and can stretch to about 3 inches in diameter. This accommodates an average sized vibrator and penis on the slimmer side. They are not very thick. The untextured parts are about 1/8 of an inch thick. With texture, they are at the max a 1/4 of an inch thick.

The length of these sleeves are not the best in my opinion. They should be longer. They do fit comfortably on an average guy though. However, the sleeve gets even shorter when stretched. I do not recommend these for men with more than average girth. I would say that a circumference of 5 inches is the maximum.

If you look at the product picture, the one on the left has dozens of soft frill spikes on it. The one on the right in the picture has raised studded all around it. The one I received looks much better than the picture. The studs are much larger and closer together. Now, imagine the one on the right and the one on the left combined. That is the third one I received. It has both of the textures alternating.

Functions / Performance / Controls

To use these, you just put your fingers inside and stretch them and pull over the vibrator or penis. If you only want to use one, the best placement is toward the top of the vibrator or penis for semi-penetration. If you want to have deep penetration, the best placement is at the base of the toy or penis. Or of course you can use 2 or more end to end. Once on, the sleeve adds a little bit of girth which would help those who want that little extra fill.

The texture feels best on the studded one, second best on the combined texture one, and is less effective on the spiny one. I could really feel the studded one which is my favorite. It added sensation especially when my partner at the time teased me by "playing the tip". The studded one felt great sliding in and out and the sleeve stayed in place. The combined texture one was also fun, but because it had the flimsy spins it wasn't as great. The third sleeve, the one with only spines, didn't add that much sensation. The spines were too soft to provide anything extra.

These also work well on traditional vibrators with smooth texture. They work best on straight vibrators as well. It can be used on a dildo, but make sure that the dildo and or vibrator are of glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, or other hard material. Do NOT use this with another TPR, jelly, rubber, etc. toy. The materials will melt together.

Care and Maintenance

It is very important to remember that you cannot safely use these sleeves with condoms. If you use a sleeve with a condom it dramatically increases the friction and thus the chance of the condom breaking. Make sure you use water based lubricant with these sleeves also. The material cannot be sanitized, so don't share. You can clean the material with warm water and anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner.

Another tip...this material will stain. Don't use colored lubes if you want them to stay clear. I used a warming lube my first time and one of my sleeves is not stained pink. This discoloration cannot be removed.

Store these in a cool dry place away from other toys. If they touch other toys or each other in their package, they will melt and be ruined. I recommend keeping them in the package they come in.


My senso sleeves came in a clear, rectangular, plastic box with a lame sticker on the front. This package is not impressive in any way, but with toys of this quality, I didn't expect much. Each of the sleeves come in their own plastic sleeve. Make sure to return them to these individual plastic sleeves for protection from each other to prevent melting. The packaging is only as big as it needs to be and is easy to store.

Personal comments

This product is categorized under cock rings, this seems to be a mistake. They should be under sleeves since they don't function as cock rings nor are designed that way.

NOTE: Do not use this with condoms. The description of the material says to protect with condoms. This is not in reference to this product but for dildo like toys.

REMEMBER: The picture is incorrect. The one on the left you will get, the two on the right look like they are actually from a different set of sleeves by Doc Johnson.


I am giving these sleeves 2 stars because of they flawed design and inability to be safe with condoms. They deserve the 2 stars because they do add SOMETHING. 2 of the 3 sleeves are worth using.
Follow-up commentary
While reviewing the Jolie, I was trying to find as many creative ways as possible to use it. I discovered that because of the small size of these sleeves, they were PERFECT for the Jolie. They fit in the bent top area of the toy and provided extra stimulation during shallow stimulation. WIN!
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