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Overall I wouldn't be inclined to recommend this product, especially if you already have average or above average girth. The Triple Stacker is a hassle to put on, squeezes too firmly around your shaft, and adds a lot of unwanted drag to the middle of your penis. The supposed size and texture you're supposed to gain really aren't worthwhile, and a lot of the time the product feels as though it might tear in half at any moment.
-Very stretchy material
-Tasteful packaging
-Awkward to use
-Doesn't feel durable
-Has a lot of drag
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The Triple Stacker is a product designed to be worn around the shaft of penis in order to provide more girth during intercourse. In its natural state it measures in at 3 3/8" long, and has an internal diameter of 3/4", so it's actually quite small.

The product is made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber), and carries with it the distinctive smell of this material, though it's only noticeable when you hold it within a couple of inches of your nose. The TPR is an incredibly stretchy material, which is a necessity for a product of this nature, as it's a one-size-fits-all design. The small opening is able to be expanded to the point that you could reasonably fit your whole wrist through it, though at times during the course of normal stretching the walls of the toy do start to feel worryingly thin, and as though you could easily put a finger through one by accident.

The construction of the toy is reasonably good, and aside from a few lines and markings left over from the moulding process it appeared to be free from defects.

The toy has a very unusual design, and looks as though it could have been cobbled together as part of a child's art project, using leftover plumbing supplies. It's definitely more alien than it is aesthetic. The exterior of the toy is comprised of three flared rings, which resemble the hats people wear when they go fishing, or part of the Pizza Hut logo. Below each of these rings is a circle of four raised dots, and altogether it makes for a very textured toy. The interior of the toy is textured as well and features some closely-spaced ribbing. This ribbing can't be felt by the wearer, but presumably it's there to add grip, and prevent the Triple Stacker from sliding around or coming off during use.

The Triple Stacker is intended as a couple's toy, but it's important that you only ever use it with one partner, as TPR is a porous material and cannot be fully sterilised by boiling or bleaching. To care for the toy you should only wash it with soap and water, or use toy cleaner / wipes.
The Triple Stacker is quite an awkward toy to try to put on. Despite the material being so stretchy it requires a bit of effort to get all your fingers inside the toy and then stretch out the opening to a size and shape which the head of the penis will comfortably pass through. If you don't make it wide enough then the material will catch on the skin and start to turn itself inside out. Once the penis has passed through the toy the next difficulty is extricating your fingers, and you'll find that in the process the whole toy tends to bunch up and lose a lot of its length, and trying to straighten it out once it's clinging tightly to the skin is nigh impossible.

With the toy on the penis you'll find that all the textured parts seem to flatten out, leaving you with what appears to be three slightly raised bands along the surface. Overall the amount of girth added seems to be minimal, and I found that the tightness of the product around my penis actually applied sufficient pressure to squeeze blood out of the shaft, resulting in no real net gain of size. The toy didn't feel especially uncomfortable to wear, but it was a little strange, and I wasn't overly fond of it. When you're wearing the product it becomes apparent how much drag the material has, and I can't imagine it feeling especially pleasant inside someone else's orifices.

Removing the toy can also be a tricky affair, especially if any hair gets caught in it. Trying to slide your fingers between the toy and the shaft of your penis in order to stretch it out again is a rather thankless task, and it grips too firmly to simply slide it off the end, so the best option is just to start at the base and roll the toy up and back over itself, turning it inside out in the process.
Follow-up commentary
I'm afraid that this one ended up in the bin. I couldn't find any circumstances in which I'd want to use it.
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