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Up, Up, and Away!

If you're looking for a great penis pump, for a reasonable price, Measure Up will suit you well! It provides great suction, and an easy push button release valve. It also comes with three different sized ring seals, so you can feel sure that it will fit you just right.
Works for different sizes, quality materials for price.
Measurements do not show inches, does not come with cock ring.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I acquired the Measure Up pump with the sole intent on providing my Fiancé with a new means of erection assistance. I was well aware that it is highly unlikely that his penis is going to ‘permanently’ grow a couple of inches, and I was more heart-set on seeing him achieve a truly strong, full erection. If he needed a little extra something to ‘pump him up’ this would be the device.

When I received the pump, the first thing I did was try the suction out on myself without the rubber rings. With a tight seal on my thigh, I gave the bulb a quick squeeze. With only one pump my skin immediately gave into the cylinder of the pump, creating a sort of mound of skin inside the chamber. After trying various parts of our bodies (mostly just for kicks and out of curiosity), it was time to put the pump to real use. My Fiancé found that the blue, larger rubber seal was the best fit for him, so we slathered on some water-based lube to get started. I noticed that it helped him to be semi-hard, in order to more easily guide his penis past the entire end of the rubber seal.

The real fun comes with the pumping. The pump works to increase blood flow to the penis by creating a vacuum inside the clear cylinder. With each pump, I watched as his penis grow larger, AND larger. If you have never had the opportunity to watch a pump in action, then you are missing out. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it does, indeed happen right before your eyes. It is sorta scary and arousing all at the same time!

Material / Texture

From the description and images of the product, I pretty much knew what to expect. The three different sized rings are made of rubber, which does have that normal, slight ‘rubbery’ smell to it. The centers of the rings have a much softer, delicate feel to them than the rounded stiff openings (though I suppose this is necessary).

The cylinder is made of a hard plastic. I would say that it is the very durable, thick sort of plastic, probably unlike some of the cheaper pumps on the market. I was also actually quite impressed by some of the stainless steel components, such as the quick release valve (which is a simple push button). It was reassurance that this was going to be able to stand up to long term use.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

With three different sized rings, this pump is suitable for all types of men of different sizes. The cylinder itself measures up to about 8 inches, or a bit more if you count the indention at the tip top before the hose. The ‘XL’ blue ring (which measures 1 1/4”) is the easiest to attach to the cylinder. However, if you use the ‘Large’ tan or ‘Medium’ red colored rings, you will have a time getting them to cover the base of the cylinder. The red, being the smallest ring, took me the longest to get on. I had to hold the cylinder between my legs and stretch it around the base. It was not easy, but was possible.

I was also disappointed that this did not come with a cock ring. The ring ‘seals’ that it does come with, do not seem to be made to detach once you are done with the pumping. A cock ring, once applied after you are all pumped up, will help you maintain that erection.

Again, another disappointment was the fact that the measurements on the side of the cylinder were in centimeters only and there were no inches. I mean sure I like the fact that I can measure up using centimeters, but I was hoping to ditch the ruler and see just how many inches he’d grown! It looks like the ruler will have to stay, unless of course you can easily convert centimeters to inches in your head (which I cannot). But hey, who is really counting anyway, right?

Care and Maintenance

I would suggest washing all parts of the pump using a mild soap and warm water due to the different materials. It is not the easiest device to clean, but I assume that any pump is going to be difficult, especially getting down into the cylinder. I rolled up some paper towels to really get in there, and let the water run through the cylinder (detached of course). To be on the safe side we stuck to using a water-based lube with the pump, but I would say a silicone lube would work with the rubber and plastic as well.


The pump is packaged just as pictured in a brightly colored box. We are currently re-using the box, so I would say it is a suitable place for storage.

This does come with directions for use, and they are helpful. It even cautions against petroleum based lubes. If you pretty much know what you’re doing, or would rather not read through the list of instructions, there are also handy visual examples to help.

The product description and ‘purpose’ seem to make a lot of promises that I am a little skeptical of. One claim says it is designed to “treat undersized sexual organs”, and recommends daily use for exactly two weeks to eliminate all premature ejaculation problems or other erectile tissue problems.

I am no expert, but I would assume different results would vary from person to person. One thing I am sure of, however, is that this pump WILL get you hard. Maybe not necessarily bigger, nor is it likely to ‘treat’ any conditions, but it will certainly get you up!

As a part of the “remarkable features” section of the description, it goes on to say that its easy application allows use of the pump in your own home… and at the country club. I wasn’t aware that penis pumps were used so frequently at the country club? Heh, it gave us a good laugh none the less. It also mentions that after using the pump, avoid intercourse or masturbation for at least two hours. Wait what? Needless to say, we sort of disregarded this instruction.

Personal comments

When we first tried this baby out, we couldn’t help but giggle as we watched his penis grow with each pump. I could almost compare it to blowing up a balloon in some regards, but you get the idea. In all seriousness though, I did notice a change once he removed the pump. I was able to really enjoy his rock solid dick. I was, however, glad to see everything back to normal once all the play was over and done. We will be using this again. Overall, I am very happy with the quality of this pump, as there are only a few, small downsides that can be dealt with.

FYI - This is a good guide on penis pumps, that I felt was very helpful for us first timers.


For best results, we applied lube around the seal and also around the penis. Lube will definitely be your best friend. You may wish to wipe off the access from your hands, so you don’t transfer it to other parts of the pump. This will make cleanup easier, trust me. And lastly, for better suction it really helps to trim the hair around the base of the penis, or shave it off altogether. Better suction = harder penis.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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