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Best Lesbian Romance 2011

Book by Cleis Press Inc.

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A Panoply of Emotions

Best Lesbian Romance 2011 has a great variety of styles and is quite different than your typical erotic piece. This books not only contains erotic scenes between lovers, but also the emotional ties and up and downs of regular couples. I found it romantic, fun, edgy, and elegant.
Well Made, Multiple Authors, Anthology, Mix of Styles, Emotional and Erotic
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About author

Best Lesbian Romance 2011 is an anthology edited by Radclyffe. Radclyffe was a new experience for me. I had never read any of her work previously. I did enjoy the layout and selection within her book. The introduction was also very personable and flowing with a play on words. It was joyful to read. Radclyffe captures seventeen selections that "embody the eroticism and lyricism of love from the first blush of recognition..."

Radclyffee is a retired surgeon and award-winning author and publisher. She has over thirty-five novels and anthologies in print. She is a member of the Saints and Sinners Literary Hall of Fame.

Contribution Authors inside the book are:
Radclyffe writing as L. L. Rand
Sacchi Green
Kathleen Warnock
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Catherine Lundoff
Clifford Henderson
Theda Hudson
Rebecca S. Buck
Anna Meadows
Colette Moody
Andrea Dale
Merina Canyon
Jamie Schaffner
Charlotte Dare
Cheyenne Blue
Elaine Burnes
Miel Rose
    • Expert author
    • Multiple contributoring authors
    • Very personal approach

Content / Style / Audience

Each writing style is 100% unique. The content of the book is lesbian focused, however not necessarily sexually. This book focuses more on lesbian romance and the different emotions within it. Do not get me wrong, this is not a relationship book. It is filled with erotic tales of two lovers. The style is fresh, desirable, and elegant. Best Lesbian Romance 2011 is not only a read for lesbian women, but also for all men and women of any sexual orientation. It is filled with unmistakably passion that any reader can connect to.
    • Erotica
    • Fiction
    • Good mix of styles and content


Best Lesbian Romance 2011 is embodied with the standard paperback layout by Cleis Press. It is 8" long and 5 1/2" wide. The paperback edition has a high gloss finish on both covers. The front cover features a female couple laying dressed on a bed with their bare feet being the focus point. It does not appear to be as sexual and is more discrete than other erotic books. It does have the title printed across the cover though. The back cover of the book reads quotes of book critics and lists the contributing authors on it.

The overall layout is sturdy and bound well. I do enjoy the high gloss covers. They are easy to wipe in case of spills and also very easily held while reading. The book is light-weight and easy to hold while reading in the bathtub if that is your gig.

Best Lesbian Romance 2011 was published in 2010 by Cleis Press Inc. and is a 210 page read with seventeen selections.
    • Well made

Personal comments

Kudos for having Rachel Kramer Bussel's work inside. I have come to enjoy her work a lot. Radclyffe did an excellent job of selecting the seventeen pieces inside and placed them perfectly. The pieces were fun to read and also enjoyable for a taste of something new. The stories are all pretty close to around 10-15 pages and can be read in one sitting. Or if you are in the mood for a longer reading session you can dabble through more than one story. I enjoyed, personally, the pieces "Mother Knows Best," "The Rebound," and "Get the Girl." The entire book was well written, a great selection, and I wish there was more to read!


I think one thing that makes this book set apart from most edited anthologies is that the editor herself put some of her own work within in. Not only do we get to view her as an editor and her amazing talent picking contributing pieces; we also get a taste of her own work. "When Hearts Run Free" is written by the editor and is included within the book.
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