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Beauty Defined the Same Way as Always

Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined is a well-made, high quality book that includes soft-core pictures from the Suicide Girls website. It's made in a coffee-table book-like fashion that makes this look completely artistic instead of pornographic. If you have the extra cash, I say this is definitely a nice purchase.
Gorgeous pictures, extremely high quality, artistic pictures
No plus-sized women, not all that alternative, slightly high price
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined appears to be the second book in the Suicide Girls series. The book is a hardcover book that includes about 400 pages. This is a book produced that just includes photography from some of the different Suicide Girls. It was published in 2008 (very recent) by Suicide Girl's publishing company. The book is pretty much a foot long and a foot high and is honestly about two inches thick. It doesn't mention the weight on the stats, but this is honestly a hefty book - a couple pounds at least.

The book is extremely well-made. This feels like a professional art book. The outside of the book jacket (it has a book jacket) is just a matte-type black with the Suicide Girls logo on the front with a description on the back with some nude women (but nothing exposed) on the back. The pages are securely fastened onto the spine of the book, and the cover of the book is very thick and protects the pages of the books amazingly. Overall, I'm impressed by the overall quality of the book. If the quality was anything less, I would have felt a little cheated by the price.

The book is arranged pretty basically. The pictures are arranged in chapters based upon where the women were born. There's a section for all of the different sections of the United States (Midwest, South, etc.) as well as some sections for some of the other countries that participate in Suicide Girls such as Chile and such.

Some of the pictures are spread out as a two-page spread, but most of the pictures have chosen to stay in the one-page layout. The girls are almost always topless and have their breasts exposed, but seeing the vagina is much rarer. As could be assumed, all of the pictures in here are of women - biological women. There doesn't appear to be any sort of transgendered women included in the book.

Something else of note is that there are no women of size in this book - at least, none that we've noticed in multiple viewings of the book. It sincerely disappointed me. Some women are very skinny (you can see their ribs), but for the most part, the women usually are of a relatively normal size. (Not much for body fat, but they seem healthy.)

Having shown this to multiple friends, their biggest complaint is that this doesn't look like alternative beauty - at all. They find that most of the women might have one piercing or one really tiny tattoo - but nothing more than that. When you consider that tattoos and piercings are really considered mainstream by society, they said they feel like something that promotes alternative beauty should have more pictures of women with larger tattoo pieces. That having been said, there are some very beautiful pictures of some alternative women with pretty-colored hair, more tattoos, and many piercings.

So what are the pictures like? Well, they are soft-core. Very soft-core. Lots of soft lighting and artsy backgrounds. Like Suicide Girls is known for, most of these are just pictures of naked women looking pretty - nothing very sexual about it. The lighting is made to be artsy. Honestly, I could not imagine someone masturbating to these pictures. Considering the book's well-made cover and pages, I would imagine it wasn't meant to be used that way either. It's neat to flip through the pages and look at the pretty women.

It makes a great conversation piece, honestly. If you have sexually-open friends, you all can sit around and look at the beautifully-done pictures of all of the women in this book. It's also fun to sit around with your partner and look at it because then you both can point out what things you find attractive and unattractive and get to know your partner better. It's also just a really pretty art book.

If you love looking a cute women (not really alternative in my mind), this is a great book. If you have friends who would have fun looking at the book with you, this is a great conversation piece. If you enjoy photography (especially nude photography), this is an inspirational book. If you find four-hundred photos of naked women to be worth the price, I'd say go for it. This book, honestly, seems like it will last a lifetime. It's just amazingly well-made.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy this book. It honestly doesn't get pulled out to be looked at much since we've already seen all of the pictures, but it does get pulled out when we have guests over. They really love looking at all the pictures.

It is a decent book though. It inspired us to purchase the original SuicideGirls book (also sold here at EF.) I must say that I prefer this one greatly over the original book though - it's just nicer overall. The pages aren't harmed in the slightest, and the cover has really protected this book. It all was made with durability in mind, and this book is going to be around for the long haul.

It doesn't have much in the terms of "replay" value because it's basically just an art book. And none of the art was really intended for masturbation. So if you get off on alternative girls, this does have some replay value, but we just liked looking at the pictures. However, in an alternative use, if you want to find a new alternative hairstyle, get tattoo inspiration, or find gorgeous lingerie/photography ideas, this will work better.
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  • Sir
    I really want this book after reading your review. I never noticed that they sold it here - a little pricey, but hey. Excellent review, Miss Kay. Really wonderful.
  • sqweak
    I loved hearing your perspective in this review and I agree with you. Thanks for adding all the dimensions of the book in your review I always wonder before purchasing how large it's going to be.

    Thank you!
  • Kayla
    @sqweakers This thing is HEAVY. It was like "holy crap!" heavy. I suck at actually figured out weight (and I'm not putting a book on a scale, 'cause that's creepy), but it's at least three or four pounds. It's thick too. And thanks for the compliment.
  • Owl Identified
    Since the book was not very diverse in other ways, I'm wondering what the representation was like in terms of people of color. You mentioned that SG's Chilean branch was plugged, but besides this, is this mostly thin Bettie Bang-wearing white chicks with septum piercings? I mean, that's generally the kind of model you see on the site so I'm wondering if the book was similar.

    Thanks for an awesome and honest review.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I've wanted this forever! Great review . I've been a fan for years and have had a model account on the site for a few years. I turned down the opportunity and stopped supporting them when I heard about their shady contracts and management practices, but I still love them!
  • seaofneptune
    I actually had a friend that modeled for Suicide Girls a while back. Thanks for the review!
  • Kayla
    @Sex Lies and Pre-Law
    It was mostly caucasian women. There were a couple women of color, but even in the Chile section, most of those women were white. (Hell, in the "Africa" section, most were white too.) There is some racial diversity, but when you consider there is about 400 different pictures, it isn't very impressive.

    @Lauren, SeaofNeptune
    Thanks! I've had people that were interested, but I'm just not very fond of the SuicideGirls site itself.
  • Hannah Savage
    I really, really hope someone gets this for me for my birthday. What an awesome book!
  • Sera
    Excellent review, Mistress Kay! You made me NEED this book!
  • pinkzombie
    awesome review!
  • Sex'?'Violence
    Thanks for the review! This is definitely something that I've considered getting.
  • whatevergirl
    I want this!!!
  • EdenJP
    Thanks for the review.
  • Lola Park
    I've always liked the Suicide Girls, but I would like to see some plus sized women in the pages as well. Still my husband will love this for his birthday
  • geliebt
    Awesome review!
  • Kissy
    Great job! I love this idea. I am going to add to the wishlist! This is the first time I've seen this, thanks so much for the video!
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