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The Sexually Dominant Woman

Book by Greenery Press

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Beginning Dominance

As stated in the title, this is a book for beginners. Lady Green helps you discover if being sexually dominant may be for you, gives you the tools and info to practice sexual dominance, and leads you through your first scene.
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About author

The author of The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners by Lady Green (her chosen pen name). She has over fifteen years (at the time this book was published) experience in the female dominance world and enjoys playing with both males and females. Additionally, she has also experienced the role of submissive so she has a well-rounded view of the part both partners play in a dom/sub scenario.

Content / Style / Audience

The target audience of this book is female beginners who want to dominate their partner. The author covers everything from what sexual dominance is to how to tell if you might be a dominant woman to how to have a session. I don't consider this book to be comprehensive and it is definitely not a book for advanced players. It is meant to be an introductory book to help someone who is with a partner that craves domination or is finding they may be interested on their own.
This book starts out with a one page section with information on the Author and is immediately followed by 13 chapters, many of which are only a few pages long.

Chapter 1 is actually a six question survey to help you determine if you could be a sexually dominant woman. You are given answer choices of 'Yes', 'No', and 'Maybe' for each question. An example of one of the questions asked is this: 'I am sexually imaginative and enjoy adventures like buying sexy clothes or toys, or having sex in unusual circumstances or environments.' After the six questions, the author tells you to give yourself 10 points for every yes, 5 for every maybe and 0 for No. You tally up your points and anything over 25 indicates that you could probably learn and enjoy sexual domination.

Chapter 2 is a brief section talking about how you may have acquired the book and her hopes that whatever your role in the prospective dominant/submissive relationship, that the book provides you some insight.

Chapter 3 defines sexual domination and differentiates sexual domination from abuse .

Chapter 4 discusses styles of sexual domination. The author uses this chapter as an introduction to what she will discuss in later chapters, i.e. playing with helplessness, playing with roles, and playing with sensation.

Chapter 5 is the first of the styles discussed, playing with helplessness. This is the first substantial section of the book. This section discusses bondage, the different types (pretend and real), the dangers, and the different ways to restrain someone.

Chapter 6 discusses playing with roles. The author covers the four most common roles used which are mistress and slave, teacher and child/student, captor and captive, and feminization.

In chapter 7, the author starts with nipples and works her way down to discuss the different types of sensation ranging from gentle to intense. Some of the sensations that are included are nipple clamps, cock rings, spanking, and flagellation.

Chapter 8 is about what to do after a session and is followed by how you might feel afterward in chapter 9.

Chapter 10 is all about safety. This is an important section, in my opinion, one that should be included in EVERY book of this nature. This particular book has tips for both physical and emotional safety since both can be effected in dominant/submissive situations. The author discusses safewords, negotiations, safety (condoms, first aid, etc) and intoxicants.

In chapter 11, the author provides an outline for a basic session, complete with a checklist. The checklist has 6 sections: Set the Scene, Prepare your equipment, Get in Role, Teach him to serve you, Give him more sensations, and Winding down.

The next chapter is for the submissive in the relationship. Lady Green provides some tips on what the submissive should and shouldn't do to make sure they and their dominant have a great session.

The final chapter contains tips on finding a partner if you don't already have one or are between partners.

There is one final section to this book, an appendix, in which the author provides information on how to continue your journey in the D/s world. She recommends books to read, possible places to go on the internet and finding your local BDSM community.
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My copy of this book is a paperback with 83 pages. The front of the book has a picture of 2 pairs of feet, one in black high-heeled boots and the other barefoot. The title is written across the top in all caps, so it would be easy to read by someone else if you had it out in public. I think the layout of the information provided was logical and easy to read. There are only a few illustrations in the book, and like the other book of Lady Green's that I reviewed, they look hand drawn. The illustrations aren't great, but they also aren't imperative to understanding anything in the book.
    • Soft cover


I found Lady Green's style of writing to be extremely easy to read. Most of the chapters are pretty brief, not being more than a couple pages, but for a book for beginners I think this is good. Reading this as a beginner, I didn't feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar language or too much information on things I might not be ready for. I love the little quiz at the beginning (I got a 55) and the checklists in the later chapter. When starting something new that you may be a little unsure of, having that extra organized list of things you need to get you started is great. Of course, once you get going, you're likely to adapt and adjust the scene to your personal likes and dislikes, but at least you have a jumping off point. I was also very happy to see the dedicated section on safety. To me, this is a must have in books like these, especially beginners books. Someone who doesn't really know what they are doing could venture into some dangerous areas, so I'm glad that Lady Green included it.

Overall, a good book for beginners with lots of informative sections on how to be sexually dominant in a safe environment.
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  • PassionQT
    I've never had much luck with manuals on dominance. Most I've read are too "mild" and don't offer enough scenarios. I've had more luck reading erotic stories online and of course, real life practice. You do have to get your sub to open up as much as possible and find out what his/her limits are, likes/dislikes.
  • bzzingbee
    Yeah, they are definitely more of a jumping of point than anything. You have to be careful with basing scenes off of what you read because practices used in fiction aren't always safe in real life. I agree that communication is the key to a successful session.
  • gone77
    Great review, especially the breakdown of each chapter. You scored a 55, eh? So I guess that means domination might be your thing. ;-)

    Thanks for the review.
  • bzzingbee
    Thanks, Kristi! Lol, I guess you could say.that : )
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the great review.
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