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Fast Girls

Book by Cleis Press Inc.

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Fast Girls: How Fast Are They Really?

Do you happen to judge a book by its cover? Does the picture or its title conjure up deep-seated sexual fantasies, triggering your brain to reach for the book and place it in your shopping cart? This book reveals a side of women determined to fulfill their sexual desires. I wanted to explore those erotic and fantasy-driven stories found in Fast Girls.
Variety of stories, Women acting out fantasies, Well-defined characters, mainstream romantic
Some stories were too short to get into
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About author

Rachel Kramer Bussel is a New York based author, editor and blogger. She is senior editor at Penthouse, host of In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series, and a sex columnist for SexIs Magazine. She has edited or co-edited over 30 steamy books of erotica including Dirty Girls, Crossdressing, and Bedding Down, just to name a few. Her work has been published in over one hundred anthologies, including Best America Erotica 2004 & 2006. I found her selection of stories in this book above-average with a wide spectrum of hot and wild sexual encounters, both mainstream and timeless.

In addition, some of the writers featured in Fast Girls are Tristan Taormino, Donna George Storey, Saskia Walker, Kristina Wright and others. There is Elizabeth Coldwell, whose stories have appeared in a variety of anthologies, as well as Charlotte Stein, who has a number of short stories in various books, including Seduction and Misbehavior. Kayla Perrin has over 35 published works, including romance, erotica, suspense fiction, and has been a USA Today and Essence bestseller. Additionally, Jacqueline Applebee shares her story in this book titled “Five-Minute Porn Star," but has also written other stories in books like Tasting Him or Best Lesbian Erotica 2008, both found at Eden Fantasys under the erotic book, video, and audio section.

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Content / Style / Audience

The storylines described in this book are journeys of passionate, hot, naughty, wild, and sexual promiscuity. Many of the stories were well-written and allowed you to get to know the characters behind the sexual acts.

I found in one story a woman who was a millionaire one day but poor the next, because of an economic collapse in the stock market. She is now searching for a means to pay her next month's rent. Desperately, she propositions a mysterious man who, before she realizes it, takes on more than she expected (MMF threesome). Associating money with sex can be a fast and stimulating aphrodisiac, in “Playing the Market.”

Consider “Waiting for Beethoven," where a 51-year-old protagonist gets it on with a younger man. She's the cougar, the aggressive older woman seeking her sexy prey, and satisfying a symphony of lust which she had felt so long ago. There was also some exhibitionism, such as in Jacqueline Applebee's “Five-Minute Porn Star;" lots of hot female submission, rendezvous with total strangers, and BDSM play throughout this book.

We have the challenging types of women who want to play the bad-girl image. For example, one story I especially liked was Lolita Lopez's storyline titled “Fireworks.” Lifted from the pages of this story is a journey described as follows:

“Her body hummed with anticipation as he tugged gently on her hand, dragging her away from the gathered crowd to a more secluded area. Already her thighs clenched with need. She never imagined she would find such exquisite pleasure from a kiss to her cunt with anticipation. Lust and desire and need burned through her veins. His nose stimulated her clit as he ate her pussy. She bucked against his mouth, driven nearly insane by the dueling sensations of his tongue and nose. A ripple of excitement shook her core. Was tonight one of those nights?”

And finally, there's a fantasy so relevant today it could easily play out with anyone in “Married Life." A wife, married to a quiet accountant for years, is not completely fulfilled in her own sexual desires. She discovers that he actually leads a secret life, a life of writing pages upon pages of EROTICA! They were 'his' secret fantasies; fantasies beyond her wildest imagination. To satisfy her own sexual needs, she would fulfill every one of those fantasies of his too!
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Whenever you visit a book store, you always have the opportunity to pick out a book, open the cover and skim the pages hoping to reveal tantalizing secrets that may lie within. As a guy who is quite visual, I was interested to learn more about what a ‘fast girl’ is like. I hoped to learn and discover the intriguing and provocative side to women.

While holding the book, its cover feels smooth and glossy with a silhouetted picture of a girl against a dark background, naked laying on her back. As you look at her piercing eyes and wet lips, it speaks to you like an invitation to join her on a journey of passion and desire. The back cover magnifies the same image urging you to come still closer. Next to her are a few commentary remarks.

For many of you who read exotic or fantasy books, you will recognize Rachel Kramer Bussel. She is the editor of Fast Girls, a 198 page paperback book copywriter in 2010 by Cleis Press Inc. It is comprised of 20 exotic short-stories of women in racy, take-no-prisoner, and stimulating journeys with explosive results. These stories are written by 20 different cream-of-the-crop female erotica writers known throughout the industry. All these erotica are about 5-7 pages long, with the shortest only 3 pages and the longest 9 pages. They are portrayed from the woman’s prospective; first-person.

The provocative nature of the cover suggests that the book should be in a drawer or under a pillow until needed rather than out in the open to prying eyes. As a paperback, I believe it is well constructed and will hold up to repeated use.

Front cover.

Back cover with commentaries
    • Glossy cover paper
    • Very provocative cover

Personal comments

'Fast' is a state of mind as much as it is a state of motion. What's wrong with a guy reading these steamy stories to his feminine partner while snuggling for a little intimacy, or triggering his lover's imagination with arousal? We are all sexually stimulated in different ways and prefer different things. When someone reads aloud and has a way with the words, they can paint a very steamy and provocative picture.

This is a book to relax by, get ideas from or just read. It's a book to give your mind the power to control how you want your fantasy to go. The reader can easily engage in the roll of the character and experience the rush of sexual pleasure and perhaps move the story from fantasy to reality!

This is one of my favorite erotica books. However, I gave it 4 stars because two or three stories were difficult to follow, and the book may not be dirty enough for some people's taste.


From time to time this book has been out of stock at Eden Fantasys and if that's any indication to its popularity, I believe many share my sentiments. When it became available I purchased it with no regrets. I discovered women on the prowl, women who went after younger men, women who pounce total strangers, women who knew exactly what they wanted, and women who are the object of each other's affection, lust, and desire.

It was fun for me to read and be inspired. It can be very captivating, and definitely better than porn in so many ways. It made me stop and think that there is nothing to be shy about when it comes to either my own sexuality or in meeting a 'fast girl.'

Years ago, I spent a summer as a lifeguard at a public pool. After reading this book it inspired me to open my mind and share one of my personal fantasies.


I asked her to swim two lengths of the pool free-style. My intentions were to instruct her on the techniques required to float on her back. After encountering a long swim it would restore her energy, recover her breathing, and she'd be able to resume another two lengths of the pool. It was an important final step for her to be comfortable in the water before her swimming lessons came to an end.

This day, Friday, started as always with only two students scheduled for lessons in south Miami, Florida. But now, I only had one student remain as the warm sunny off-shore breeze filled the late summer afternoon air. Beth was an attractive and petite woman in her early 30’s, with the desire to build her confidence around water, having just moved from Missouri this past spring. Over the last three weeks, she showed noticeable improvement in her abilities, and I found her fun and flirtatious.

Her outlook on life seemed to capture the essence of her personality.

I entered the water at the shallow end of the pool as she approached my presence. When her hand reached out for that final stroke, I caught it mid-air before it reentered the water. She abruptly stood up and I instructed her to lie back in the water facing the blue sky. I would support her with my hands under her back. As she leaned backwards, she spread her arms outward like a cross and slightly opened her slender legs.

It struck me at that moment, the striking color of her golden skin, oh so soft and tender. The sun glittered off her beautiful wet body in streaks of light as she became motionless. Momentarily without warning, her right hand reached around my backside grabbing my butt. I flinched, but hopelessly asked her to behave and remain still. I couldn’t help notice her firm breasts heaving under the yellow bikini top and her perfectly formed rigid nipples. My eyes began to wander down to her swollen mound at the apex of her slightly spread legs, not realizing that it was I who was growing stronger with desire in my swim trunks.

Before I realized it, she stood up, faced me, said nothing, but proceeded to pull down my trunks. With animalistic instinct, I reached around and quickly pulled the swimsuit ties of her bikini bottoms and allowed them to float away in the pool. She quickly removed her top then said, “I want you; I want to express my appreciation for the confidence you have built into my soul; because I have no fear now of the water or YOU!” I darted forward and kissed her hard as her hand held tight stroking my hard swollen cock. During that long embrace, I moved her to the edge of the pool, lifted her out of the water allowing her to sit softly on a cotton towel waiting at the pool side. I spread her legs to allow me access to her warm, soft, juicy pussy waiting for the pleasures of my mouth and tongue. I said, “the pleasure is all mine.”

I wonder if she was, by definition, a 'fast girl.' At that very moment I believed she read my mind as Beth emphatically said, “my expectations are for you to fuck. . .”

The ending is a state of mind, one that you can finish countless ways as I did reading the book Fast Girls.
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