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Girls Who Bite is a keeper

This is a pretty damn good anthology in my opinion. I loved that there was rough sex and BDSM in some stories, but it wasn't all of them, so if that isn't your thing you don't have to worry that it is the whole book. Every story but one had sex in it which was awesome. Too many books don't which irritates me.
A good mix of stories with very vanilla sex to BDSM and groups sex.
A few weird stories
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About author

This is an anthology edited by Delilah Devlin. I have read her written work in other anthologies including Carnal Machines. There are 14 different authors in this anthology. All of them have a different style, but they all are strong authors that aren't afraid of writing incredibly sexy work.
    • Multiple contributoring authors

Content / Style / Audience

All of the stories in this have to do with lesbians and vampires. There isn't a single story in this that doesn't revolve around both of those things. Each author has a completely different take on those things, but they are all undeniably versions of it. Several stories have BDSM on them which I found incredibly hot, but I know some people are completely uninterested.

I like break downs of each story, so people know what they are getting.

Bloody Wicked by Vivi Anna
A witch meets her match in the new sheriff that has come to town. They butt heads, but in the end, can't deny the attraction that they have for each other. This story captures the intense chemistry that two people can have for each other very well. This story has what I would call rough sex in it, but no actual BDSM. It does include tearing clothes and fisting but only briefly.

Al Dente by Delphine Dryden
This is a story about two lesbian vampires that seduce a young man in Italy. They have sex with him and then use him as a meal. There is nothing "extreme" in this one. This one is very romantic. The two vampire lovers are deeply in love and it shows.

Dark Angel by Paisley Smith
A vampire seduces a woman from her abusive husband and turns her into a vampire. She is then finally able to inflict her revenge on him. This one has very light BDSM. Light spanking and submission is all that this has.

Pet Door by Angela Caperton
A vampire transforms into a wolf to get near the woman she wants. In this story, the vampire is submissive. I wasn't sure how I felt about that until I finished it. It worked really well and is one of my favorites in the whole book. This story has domination, but no S&M.

Dark Guard by Karis Walsh
The world that the author created is one in which supernaturals have been exposed and are regulated. An officer is forced to work with a vampire to find a serial killer that appears supernatural. A well done opposites attract story.

La Caida by Anne Meadows
This is a story about a family of women that are vampires. They feed on abusive men. The main character cannot feed as they do. She finds a woman when following a butterfly. She is a angel that fell to Earth. This is a very sensual and romantic story.

The Crystal Altar by Adele Dubois
A lesbian couple attends a party at a cavern that turns into a vampire orgy. They fight them off. This is one of the weakest stories in the book. The characters seem cheesy to me.

Beloved by Shayla Kersten
In this two ancient deities are reunited. I loved this one even if though I felt like it didn't fit with the theme the best. There is romance and rough sex in it which is best mix for me.

Bound Love by Christine d'Abo
Dominatrix finds her vampire client and dominates her in an abandoned building. There is a lot of BDSM in this one. I liked it because it included humiliation which turns my crank a lot.

The Gift of Lilith by Myla Jackson
A human seduces a vampire. The human is dying and the vampire chooses to turn her to save her. In this story, vampirism is given as a gift. Once it is given, the person that had it looses their immortality. It was an interesting take in my opinion. This had pretty typical sex in it, nothing special.

Madeline by A. E. Grace
In this, a vampire meets up with her childhood love who was also made a vampire. They reminisce and reconnect. This has public sex, but nothing kinkier than that.

Red Horizons by Victoria Oldham
A human that serves on a ship crewed by female pirates goes ashore and is seduced by a stranger. This stranger is also a vampire. The captain of the ship tries to save her, but to do so, they must all have sex. This was so contrived up until the sex, then it was really sexy.

Impundulu by Regina Jamison
I don't get this story still. Something about reincarnating vampires or something. Basic lesbian sex and humans worshiping them as gods. Weird and confusing, but nothing kinky really.

Night at the Wax Museum
Mina Harker is stuck in a wax museum and the night guard there becomes her prey and then lover. They concoct a plan to free her and succeed. Kind of a cute story.

She Knows I am Watching by Rebecca Buck
In this story, a vampire stalks a young college student. There is no sex, but there is masturbation. This is one of my least favorite stories.
    • Bdsm
    • Erotica
    • Good mix of styles and content


This is a nice paperback that has held up well. In fact, it looks brand new, and I wasn't delicate with it. It isn't discreet, with two women embracing on the cover and the phrase "lesbian vampire erotica" printed on the cover and the spine.
    • Not very discreet cover
    • Soft cover
Follow-up commentary
I loaned this out, and I miss it already. It is a staple now for me. I love that variation and how hot the sex is. It's so well done. Major kudos to the editor for this one.
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