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I enjoyed every one of these 15 tales of Lesbian Vampires that Bite! These stories are all coming from an original place and the characters have much variety. The stories were unexpected and they all "added something fresh to the pantheon." All of these authors put an new spin on an old myth, and kept it sexy!
Vampire Lesbians!, Steamy Sex, Variety in Settings, Believable Characters, Well put together
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Delilah Devlin is the editor of this book. She also edited the book Carnal Machines, which I loved so much. This is my first taste of Lesbian Erotica. In her introduction Delilah asked the authors to bring something unique to the subject of Lesbian Erotica, they did! I don't even think I could pick a favorite among the great stories of this book.
I don't recognize most of the authors of this book, but some write exclusively for GLBT, so that may be why.
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This is not your average collection of vampire stories. Everyone of these stories is unique in the way it is set up, the depth of the characters, and the situations they find themselves in. I got sucked in to every story by every author. The sex in this book is lesbian hot. The characters range from butch to lipstick, with lots of variety. This book spans time and reason, it made me remember how much I love vampire characters. The depth of their longing is not just for blood, but for the lust and love connection only two women can share.

The 15 stories in this book left me wanting more. The stories were complete and fulfilling but they left me craving a place and time that exists only in fantasies. That is what book are suppose to do right? Mission accomplished!

Bloody Wicked by Viva Anna
Al Dente by Delphine Dryden
Dark Angel by Paisley Smith
Pet Door by Angela Caperton
Dark Guard by Karis Walsh
La Caida by Anna Meadows
The Crystal Altar by Adele Dubois
Beloved by Shayla Kersten
Bound Love by Christine d'Abo
The Gift of Lilith by Myla Jackson
Madeline by A.E. Grace
Red Horizons by Victoria Oldham
Impundulu by Regina Jamison
Night at the Wax Museum by Delilah Devlin
She Knows I Am Watching by Rebecca Buck

I especially enjoyed the Lesbian aspect of this book. What is sexier than two women thirsting for each other, two lesbian vampires! This book had straight lesbian sex with oral and fingering, it had anal play, it had spanking, it had master and slave, it was rich with variety.

I really loved "Pet Door" which was a story of a a shape shifting vampire that is enslaved by a mortal woman. The woman knows the dog at her door is something else and she invited it in anyways. This story is so deliciously unexpected in the shift of power that is exchanged, I loved it!

"The Crystal Alter" is very cool in that the main characters are lesbian mortals. They are invited to a spooky party by a cousin of one of the girls. There is sexy sex and then zap back to reality as they discover their hosts true intentions. Classic vampire characters with a twist.

"Beloved" is the story of ancient Egyptian vampires struggling with each other. They find each other in a modern day exhibit. The story was heart breaking and very steamy. A nicely told tale of two souls bound together.

One of the last stories that is really sticking to my mind is a "Night in the Wax Museum." I loved the butch lesbians the best and the character in this story is tough even though she faces a vampire at work. I loved her character details, it gave the story such depth.

While this book features almost exclusive lesbian erotica, I found it sexy. I would think any bi-sexual would. This is not for the strict hetero girl as she won't be able to relate at all. Men may find this book romanticized too much. I think most women want to love the characters before they get to the sex scenes. This book delivers rich loveable characters with depth and steamy lesbian sex. This book was a very good read and I highly recommend it!

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    • Queer
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