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I Suppose I Can Find A Minute Somewhere

This book really is best for those who don't need a lot of verbal warm up to their erotica. With so many stories all under 1500 words apiece, there really is something for just about everybody.
Lots of variety in stories, Wide variety of story settings
Some stories are too short to be arousing at all
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About author

Got A Minute is a book of 61 erotic stories, varying from super short (about a paragraph) to just a few pages in length. Some of the authors have multiple stories featured as well, and include Bonnie Dee, Thea Hutcheson, Alison Tyler, N. T. Morley, Cate Robertson, Sasha White, Marie Potoczny, Stephen D. Rogers, Debra Hyde, Jolie Du Pré, Tsaurah Litzky, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Jordan Castillo Price, Sharon Wachsler, Gwen Masters, Jolene Hui, Andrea Dale, Michael Hemmingson, Jocelyn Bringas, Joel A. Nichols, Bonfils, Shanna Germain, Xan West, Justus Roux, Jen Cross, Kate Laurie, Lynn Burton, Sylvia Day, Inga Mahn, Kathryn O'Halloran, Kate Vassar, Aimee Nichols, Helena Black, Saskia Walker, Nick Santa Rosa, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Claire Moore, Jeremy Edwards, Rakelle Valencia, Laura Marks, L.A. Mistral, Brooke Stern, Tenille Brown, and J. Sinclaire.

The book was edited by Alison Tyler with a foreword by Thomas S. Roche, and in the back you can find little blurbs on them as well.

Content / Style / Audience

These stories are aimed at those folks who really enjoy quickies. Those who find they need to read a little more to get into it probably won't enjoy these stories that much.

With the wide variety of stories, there's a wide variety of content to match. There's of course a whole bunch of heterosexual stories, and quite a few more lesbian stories than some of the other books I've read, and a sad and lonely two stories with just men. There are stories with masturbation, lots of oral sex, a few threesome-esque situations, and even some BDSM.

Tasting Kate is a great story a total of 4 pages long that tells us about Deanna, who loves to hate, or rather hates to love, her friend Kate. If Deanna could have one wish, anything in the world, it would be to taste Kate.

From Bitter to Sweet doesn't decide both genders for you, only that the first person party is interested in women. You can picture the poor person who just got broken up with as either sex, as you watch them on their road to recovery with another new woman, who happens to like green M&M's.

Joel A. Nichols gives us one of the few man on man stories, and while there wasn't any action happening at the current moment, our main character tells us all about the whole reason why he gets up early on Saturdays to lifeguard. The sauna.

Holly's Fantasy combines baking, a hot man who also knows how to bake, and chocolate in a steamy kitchen encounter that pretty much everybody should enjoy.


It's your standard size, about 8"x5 1/2" and provided you don't intentionally beat the crap out of it, it'll last you a good long time. The cover isn't discreet in that it obviously mentions erotica, and features a man and a woman kissing, but there's no indecent exposure, so it's definitely not the worst thing you could take int public with you.


One of my personal favorites was From Bitter To Sweet. I'm not 100% sure what it is about this story that I really love so much, other than it doesn't seem like it's trying to get me all hot and horny, it's just telling a story. I think of it as almost recipe-like, but I know it's not really. Either way, I really liked that one. Backroom Sally was another favorite. Featuring a woman in a booth with a window that lets people reach through and even have sex with her, Sally gets off on how close the man gets before the window inevitably shuts on him. Of course he manages to get his dick out of the box, but that's what brings her to climax. It's just the sadistic side of me, but I really liked that story. I think my all time favorite, at least in this book, is The Window. Voyeuristic stories are my absolute favorite, and this one was definitely hot. That being said, I also really enjoyed the Cosmo-esque quiz story towards the end. I remember doing all of these silly little quizzes in all sorts of magazines when I was younger, and while I didn't find this one to be very steamy, I did enjoy reading it a few times.

Overall, I wasn't as personally fond of the really short stories, from a "I wanna get hot" standpoint. I love reading the paragraph long ones just to read them, and see some real 60 second erotica. I did enjoy a number of the longer ones, and even though it wasn't entirely my cup of tea, I'd still read it again.
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  • Contributor: Joie de Cherresse
    Great review! I like short erotica stories! I only have one book so far, but I think I may need to get this one too!
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    If you like the short stories, I think you'll really like this one
  • Contributor: CarmenGore262
  • Contributor: ? Amanda ?
    Great review. I loved this book personally. I think surprisingly though my favorite part was the foreward and note from Alison Tyler. Ha ha.
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    Haha, I did enjoy those too. Thanks!
  • Contributor: mikebooks
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: mikebooks
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    You're quite welcome!
  • Contributor: Cougar in Training
    Great review, thanks. Gonna have to add this to the wish list!
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    I hope you love it!
  • Contributor: Aydios
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    Thanks for sharing
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