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Recreational Sex Guide

The "Rec Sex" book is an encyclopedia of commonly-used terms used when it comes to casual sex. It doesn't give you tips on having casual sex or anything, but it does define commonly-used terms used with casual sex.
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"Rec Sex" by Em and Lo is a book about the topic of recreational sex. The book is a firm softcover book with blue, white, and black text on the inside. The book doesn't have any specific chapters, but it does have 192 pages. The book is small in size at about six inches tall and five inches wide. The book does have a slipcover that is see-through and easily removable. Removing the slipcover makes the book a lot more discreet since then the title is printed in small letters on the actual cover of the book instead of the huge letters like the slipcover has.

To be honest, I've never been one for recreational sex, like ever. I've only had two partners in my lifetime, and as such, recreational sex is completely beyond me. That's why I was so curious about this book. A book that is supposed to tell me everything about this "casual sex" stuff that most of my peers are into? Sounds like something I should be keeping up on.

The book is written in an encyclopedic format. It resembles Em and Lo's other book: "Sex Toys". (Also here on EF.) It gives the list of terms from A-Z just like a mini-sex encyclopedia. Sometimes, Em & Lo use some of the terms that are found elsewhere in the book. In that case, the terms are written in bright pink, and if you'd like, you could go look up the terms to clarify the definition they're trying to currently give. However, that's not usually needed since you can usually infer what they mean with the current word. It can also be a pain if you start flipping back and forth between the words all the time, but again, usually it's pretty easy to infer what the words are supposed to mean.

I like how much Em & Lo use humor in this book. In fact, their humor sometimes borders on sarcasm. While it never effects how useful the definition is, it does make the book a lot more amusing to read. For example, the definition for "hit that" is: A cocky way of announcing, usually to a friend, that you're into someone sexually, implying that you would give them the privilege of fucking you, if only you had the time. Literally meaning "penetrate those female genitals with my tiny dick", the term is almost exclusively used by heterosexuals wearing some sort of head gear. While they may think this terms makes them sound like macho studs, more evolved bystanders will assume the speakers spend most nights in their depressing little apartments poking a plastic replica of Jenna Jameson's pussy. ... Its sister term is "tap that", ... most likely coined by frat guys of yore who drank away their ability to distinguish between a keg and a woman.

See? Funny.

The book is useful, and I have no idea if it's accurate or not. I suppose that's a problem of my own. I just have a hard time believing that people actually use words like "prenook" (discussing casual sex terms beforehand), but I also live in the Midwest which, by South Park standards, is known for being at least ten years behind the rest of the US. The terms do seem accurate enough, and if someone decided to speak in this cryptic language, I do think I'd have the knowledge to understand what was going on.

Worth mentioning is the little "address book" added at the back of Rec Sex. It's an "In Rotation" section with blank pages for you to fill in about the people you're regularly hooking up with. It includes spots for when they prefer to hook up, their number, their fetishes, notes, and "local haunts". I don't know if anyone would actually use this section as an address book, but it provides enough room to write in. While I won't use it as an address book, I did think it was a cute idea to add.

Overall, I liked Rec Sex. Em & Lo did a good job writing a book that is intended to explain all of those confusing terms related to hooking up. It left me wondering if this is really what the casual sex 'scene' is like, but it was a good book that kept me interested while I was reading it. I related better to the subject matter in "Sex Toy", but I still enjoyed reading Rec Sex. I'm just slowly collecting their books since they write in a humorous, fun-to-read manner.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this book; it's not something I really re-read cover-to-cover because it's not really that type of book. Instead, I've been able to reference it or show it to friends for some of the definitions and funny insights inside the book. It's definitely a good book (though I prefer Em & Lo's "Sex Toys" more)
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