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Some real do's and don'ts in the kink world.

If you are looking for a good introduction of what the fetish world is, look elsewhere than Fashionistas. All though the sex is wonderful hot and real, and the production value is to die for, there are so many things kinky rules that are just tossed aside. And I have never seen so much poorly kept latex in my life.
hot sex, wonderful production value
vanilla and unimaginative kink, bad representation of kink, poor fashion.
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I'm going to really break down this review of the fetish DVD Fashionistas. There is a lot of very good stuff and some really bad stuff.

1. Production Value/Soundtrack

There was so much hype surrounding Fashionistas about the production value. And that is one of the films best qualities. The whole thing is lit wonderfully. It all seems to have a natural, real world feel. The different sets actually seem like they where all set that way and that people would really use and live in those places long before the film crew walked in.

The editing is wonderful. There is these sweeping long shots without any splices in the sex scenes that you just don't get in porn at all. Usually it's very choppy and Fashionistas doesn't have that.

I am so happy that the fourth disc in the DVD set is actually the soundtrack to the film. It's a wonderful mix of death rock and dub step.

2. Acting

I know that it's rare to have good acting in porn. There is good film acting and there is good porn acting. There is also bad porn acting. This falls into the bad porn acting. Everyone is just wooden and to me that doesn't make the characters likable or sexy at all.

3. Sex

The sex is Fashionistas' other redeeming quality. The sex is all amazingly hot and realistic looking. But what hit me is how real the lesbian sex scene was. That is how women do have sex with each other. None of the mainstream lesbian porn sex stupidity was in there.

4. Kink

I was blown away by, well, how utterly vanilla the "kink" was. This wasn't remotely kinky by my standers. I've seen more extreme happen right in front of me and I have done a hell of a lot more heavy. All that really happens is a little light bondage, bad flogging with cheap dollar store floggers, a little bit of light clothespin work, pony play that wasn't actually pony play but someone in a pony costume, cliché use of nipple clamps, cheesy knock offs of Violet Wands that don't seem to do anything but look pretty, and some very sad and unimaginative humiliation. All that was going in with the humiliation was the actors saying "Take it, take it, take it...", "Nasty, nasty, nasty girl. You're a nasty girl", and "You bitch." That was it. Nothing more.

5. Fetish Fashion

*facepalm* This was almost so say and bad that it could be seen as funny. First off, if you are going to put anyone in latex for anything, make sure that it's polished and fits the person right. I saw so much poor fitting latex outfits that it's not even funny. It doesn't take much to make sure that it fits or to get it fixed so that it fits right. And nothing says bad mistress or bad master than unpolished latex. I don't want to see powder still on it.

And I thought that the whole shtick of this film was about the fashion. They way is there not a pice of fetish gear that is interesting or innovative? It all looked like what Hot Topic would carry. It was all off the rack kind of thing. There is more interesting and innovative fetish clothing that is coming out of the neighborhood that I live in than what was shown in Fashionistas.

6. Cardinal Kink Rules That Are Broken

Some of the more basic safety and respect rules where out and out broken in Fashionistas.

First off there was no mention of the ever important safe word. Not a thing. They never showed the negotiation part of kink that sets up the safe word. Negotiation is very much a part of a scene. And it can also put both players in the right headspace to do anything. But nothing.

It also doesn't matter how big of a rockstar you are or thing you are, you don't ever just invite yourself into someone else's scene. You can't just grab a flogger and start working on someone. You don't just step into what is already going on. Just don't ever do it. Besides that can get you kicked out of play parties and actually at some, it can get you arrested as well.

The ultimate of bad domme was also done in Fashionistas. Never ever walk away from a tied up sub. This can actually put the sub in serious danger. He/she could actually really get hurt and people have actually died from masters and mistresses leaving a sub tied up by themselves.

The only thing that the DVD Fashionistas is good for is back ground at a non kinkster sex party where no one is really watching it.
Follow-up commentary
I did try to go back and watch Fashioniestas again, but it's just painfully bad and not worth the time at all.

But it's a great sample of what the mainstream thinks my life is all about.
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  • Pixel
    *giggles* 'Bad fashion' is one of the best cons I have ever read on here.

    I really wasn't a fan of this movie either, and I did have high hopes for it. But as someone who is active in my local kink community, I can go to a party and see hotter scenes than this with better chemistry too!

    Thanks for the review!
  • Pixel
    *giggles* 'Bad fashion' is one of the best cons I have ever read on here.

    I really wasn't a fan of this movie either, and I did have high hopes for it. But as someone who is active in my local kink community, I can go to a party and see hotter scenes than this with better chemistry too!

    Thanks for the review!
  • Lady Neshamah
    i know that i am very spoiled when it comes to kink and fetish fashion. i have one of the vex studios close by and the main studio for rubberlicious is right here too. but it was still very very bad.
  • KnK
    :p Sounds pitiful. I had heard bad things, but hadn't bothered to read the reviews.

    Too bad this porn sucks. :/
  • Lady Neshamah
    most of the reviews here are from people that seems to like or love it. and i had heard great things about it.

    such a let down
  • LostBoy988
    Thanks for the review
  • Bella-Sunshine (Couple Account)
    Thanks for the review
  • SiNn
    nice review ty!
  • arewehavingfun?
    I am not sure if this is for us.
  • sweetnikki12
    Thanks for the review
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