Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex: Fellatio - instructional video by Wicked Pictures - review by Tuesday

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The road to becoming an oral queen

While this video is targeted at beginners, so many suggestions and techniques are provided that everyone is likely to learn something. Included are a discussion of blowjob techniques and preferences, brief demonstrations of techniques, and longer demonstrations of beginning and advanced blow job techniques as well as a hand job demonstration. The DVD is a good length to teach the needed skills without being so long that you lose interest.
Wide variety of suggestions, good length
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This instructional video contains 38 minutes of interviews and discussion with the host, porn star and radio talk show host Jessica Drake. Also included are three technique demonstration videos. I found it to be both amusing and informative.

The video begins with Jessica's introduction, then a collage of interviews of the six porn star actors who will give demos for this DVD. The three women report to be wildly enthusiastic about giving blow jobs.

Jessica polled men on what they look for in a great blow job. They responded:
1- no teeth
2- lots of spit or lube
3- enthusiasm

Jessica states that the basic ingredients of a blowjob are a willing partner, cleanliness, no distractions and being in a comfortable position.

When the people in this video were asked what they don't people like in blowjobs, they responded:
bad hygiene, stopping to talk (especially stopping to talk about an ex), stopping for any reason, scraping teeth and a few other reasons. My favorite response to this question was "Don't work it like your choking a chicken."

There was also a discussion about when is best to give/receive head - before sex, after or as the sole sexual act.

Favorite positions for blow jobs are then briefly discussed.

In a Tips and techniques section, a number of suggestions were given, including stroking while sucking, touching the rest of the body during the blow job, using two hands, playing will the man's balls, using spit and making lots of eye contact. The point was also made that different men will prefer different techniques.

In a section titled Final Thoughts, Jessica recommends asking questions frequently to make sure that what you're doing is working, using both your hands and your mouth and most importantly, doing what you're comfortable doing. If you're not comfortable, it will show and your blow job will not be as good an experience as it could be.

In a second segment on positions, three basic positions are demonstrated - Man seated, woman knealing between his legs; The man standing, the woman on her knees; and the man laying down.

The positions demos were followed by demonstrations of technique, offering numerous tips such as:
-One of the best ways to start is by kissing.
-Experiment with angle of penis.
-Move two hands up and down in milking motion.
Many more technique suggestions were given in this segment.

A few advanced blow job positions were covered such as 69, side spoon and the woman on her back with her head tipped back.

In an interesting section on deep throating, deep throating expert Bobbi Star discusses the techniques and tricks that work best for her. She says that she was able to deep throat during her first blow job. But she also discusses practicing specific techniques that helped her relax her throat muscles. So perhaps extra practice helps even if the skill comes naturally to you.

The tips she gives were not tips I had heard elsewhere. She has used her own hand to learn where her throat muscles were so she could practice relaxing them. The TMJ exercises she does also help. She had other helpful techniques to offer as well. She also discusses breathing while deep throating, how to increase your saliva production and the importance of never using a numbing spray. She looks slightly out of breath at the end of each deep throat segment in her advanced blow job technique video, so I'm not quite sure she actually was able to breath while deep throating. Or perhaps her partner for this video was too large to allow simultaneous breathing.

Jessica covers techniques for prostate stimulation including a discussion of facts and statistics about semen and the results of a poll on whether men prefer women to spit or swallow. The overwhelming majority replied that it doesn't matter. The real question should have been whether it matters if a woman takes ejaculate in her mouth at all. That question wasn't addressed. But I have the strong impression that this may not matter and that the men interviewed in this video will take a blow job from a 'come dodger', as one woman phrased it, over no blow job.

The instructional part of the video ended with a discussion of the effect of diet on semen taste.

While this review mentions some of the material presented in this DVD, there is much more on the video not covered in this review. The point of the video appears to be not only to provide you with how-to instruction, but to assure viewers that confidence and the willingness to work on blow job skills are the most important factors on the road to good fellatio. Jessica goes far to reassure tentative, inexperienced viewers that they can be successful.
There were three demonstrations of technique on this DVD. Each can be watched with or without commentary from Jessica.

Beginner Blowjob 9 minutes
The couple in this demonstration are in a bubble bath surrounded by candles to set the mood. It is recommended that beginners especially set the mood, either with candles, music or other techniques. Great blowjobs should start with kissing. Jessica gives many suggestions during this demonstration including:
-Confidence and enthusiasm are more important that technique.
-Teasing and buildup are important.
-There are many ways to give a great blow job.
-You can raise up so it will land on your chest and finish with handjob if you don't want it in your mouth.

She spent quite a bit of time just using one hand and taking her mouth on and off him. She spent surprisingly little time with her mouth on him. But she did use both hands and her mouth at the same time and is a champion at maintaining eye contact.

Advanced Blowjob 12.5 minutes
This demonstration again started with passionate kissing, which is always recommended. There was considerably less teasing in this demonstration.

Bobbi deep throats him and uses varied techniques. She was very enthusiastic about the task at hand. She uses lots of spit during this demonstration, applying more at least every minute. She moaned frequently too. She finished him with her hands, allowing him to come onto the side of her face.

Handjob 10 minutes
Handjobs are good for when you're not comfortable yet with blow jobs. Again, start with lots of kissing. Various techniques were covered including methods using one or two hands, testicle massage, experimentation with different amounts of pressure, how to use a milking action. The importance of using generous amounts of lube was also stressed.

This video was informative and especially good for beginners but even experienced giver of blow jobs will probably learn something from this video.
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