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Who doesn't like to watch?

There is nothing sexier than accidental (or not so accidental) exposure. Whether you like being a voyeur or an exhibitionist, this book has stories to suit you. While I found the writing of some stories to be uninspiring, several of them were fantastic. It's intended to arouse you and in this it very much succeeds.
Variety of story lines, very arousing.
Not bus-worthy.
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About author

Peep Show is the latest in a long list of books that Bussel has contributed to or edited. She is a prolific writer of books, columns and articles. You just missed her public boob casting performance art, which took place last week. And as though she weren't interesting enough, she also co-authors a blog about cupcakes.

Content / Style / Audience

Peep Show is a collection of 15 stories about exhibitionism, voyeurism or both written by 15 different authors. The stories read somewhat like penthouse forum stories and many share the theme willingness to have sex with strangers. Peep Show stories however use more respectful anatomical descriptions. There is so much variety in this book that you're certain to find several, if not the majority of them, arousing.

This book will please anyone who likes reading erotic stories. Even if you're not into voyeurism or exhibitionism, the excellent descriptions of sex acts will please.

Here is a summary of the stories:

Showtime - A woman and her boss take extreme pleasure watching the erotic workout of a man in an apartment across the street.

Clean and Pretty - A woman puts on sexy shows of showering and pleasuring herself.

Superior - A boss takes pleasure in teasing, controlling and exhibiting herself to one of her employees.

People in Glass Hotels - A couple puts on a show near the large glass window of a hotel for the appreciation of a large audience.

Indecent - A student strips on a rooftop and narrowly escapes arrest as she is rescued into a very erotic situation.

Ownership - A man about to start military training watches roommates have sex while they assume he's sleeping.

Audience Participation - Two workers catch their boss and a curvy coworker on a newly installed webcam and act out their own erotic desires.

Now You See Her - A couple photographs a woman's erotic encounter with a female partner which takes place near and against a glass window across the street from their hotel.

Watcher in the Shadows - A drag king performs in his dressing room for a woman he hears but cannot see. So hot!

Glass - Multiple people engage in exhibitionism or voyeurism. How their lives intertwine is revealed at the end.

Sleeping Beauty - A man details the erotic pleasure he finds in watching his well endowed wife sleep.

The Theory of Orchids - A woman who recently discovered her love of exhibitionism learns about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Theory and puts on a show with a man she just met for a passing adult cruise ship. (My personal favorite)

Missing Michael - A man fantasizes in detail about another man before acting on his fantasies. The story is told alternately from the perspective of the man, his departed lover and the new lover.

Busted - A couple go for it in a movie theater making no attempt to be subtle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - A man with a very pregnant wife derives satisfaction by observing the owners of a diner having sex during a break in business and receives tips on inducing labor.

Rosse Buurt - A young woman has a girl on girl experience in Amsterdam's very different red light district where hookers display themselves in windows.

I've Only Got Eyes for You - A couple enter an amateur porn video contest.

Calendar Girl - A woman learns to love exhibitionism after she agrees to pose for racy photos for a calendar.

Personal comments

I found quite a few of these stories to be very arousing. So much so that after reading some of them I woke up fully aroused the next morning which is not typical for me. In fact in recent history that has only happened with this book (several times) and after certain visits to Second Life. I would recommend reading one or two stories/day rather than inhaling the entire book in a few days like I did. What's so great about these stories is that is so easy to change details of them slightly to suit yourself as you read them. Don't like the small breasts described for one woman? Imagine them big. The stories provide an excellent erotic starting point for your imagination.

In all of the stories, those being watched know they're being watched. I assume this is so the authors can feel they are presenting stories where the voyeur has no cause to feel guilty or where the watched cannot be seen as victims. Its unfortunate that some of the stories didn't include accidental exposures or sex acts. That would have added an extra element of excitement, at least for this reader.

I didn't find all the stories to be engaging, but most of them were. Fifteen authors can't all please everyone.
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    Sounds like a great choice for voyeurs and exhibitionists! Smile Thanks!
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    This does sound like a good read.
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