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A High Quality Pearl

Pearls are always an awesome gift to receive, and the Pearl Collection from Illume is no different. In jars and containers that exude high class luxury, and scents that do the same, there's almost no reason not to buy one of these.
Smells amazing, Very long lasting, Very discreet, Would make a wonderful gift
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Scented candles are a wondrous thing. They look pretty all while filling a room with a lovely scent that doesn't drive you crazy. Well, the good ones do anyway, and Illume sure knows what they're doing. Anybody looking for lighter, fresher scents, will enjoy this collection, and since there's nothing at all risque about anything involved, you can feel free to burn it anywhere you like.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Since this candle isn't meant to do much more than just sit there and look pretty, I didn't really mess around with putting it on my skin at all. In the jar unlit, it's nice and solid. You could dig some wax out with your nails if you really wanted to, but it's not so soft that your finger will sink right in. Lit, it resembles, well, a lit candle. The wax moves around and will spill if you tip the candle too far.

Taste / Aroma

The Pearl Collection comes in two scents: Freshwater Pearl and Keshi Pearl. I've got the Keshi. It's described by Illume as being a sensual mix of citrus notes, sandalwood, and clove. I personally think it smells a whole heck of a lot like the Sea Island Cotton lotion from Bath and Body Works. The aroma is what some might describe as "perfect", or at least pretty darn close. It's not overpowering, but still manages to permeate an entire room. It sits nicely in the background and shouldn't bother any but the most sensitive of noses.


Amazing. Makes my bedroom smell amazing, makes me smell amazing, since I've discovered that the wax is just on the oily enough side that it can be dabbed on. When I want to wear it as something resembling a perfume, I just burn it for a while first, then after I blow it out, dip my finger in the wax pool and dab wherever I might spray perfume. After burning about 2 hours, the wax pool was finally about covering the entire surface of the candle.


The packaging for this candle was just superb. It would make an amazing gift to anybody for any reason. A cardboard-esque cylinder houses the candle inside of it. It comes apart much like the pre-wrapped present boxes you might have seen in the past with a very convenient little satin pullstring on the top of the lid to help get it off.

Inside there's a little resting place for the candle to sit and not shift around. This is convenient because it'll keep your candle from moving around and possibly breaking if you're traveling with it, and also because after the wax is all cool again, you can store the candle in this container to keep it from getting filled with random air debris that might find their way into it.

There was no instruction manual per se, but on the bottom of the candle itself is a sticker that lists the approximate burn time (up to 80 hours), the net weight of 9.7 ounces, and a few safety instructions.

Personal comments

For best results, always let the wax pool melt across the top of the candle. This will allow for more even burning all around.


$30 is a rather steep price to pay for a candle, especially one you can't smell before you buy it, but mine has been worth every penny so far. It smells so wonderful, and I'm going to get the other one in the collection as well. I really can't see a downside to this except the price.
Follow-up commentary
I still love the way this candle smells, although I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. Which really sucks. I think it's been discontinued entirely unfortunately. However I still say go for it if you can find it.
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  • Porfiriato
    Thanks for the review, we love candles
  • Danielle1220
    Good review! Looks like a candle I will have to try in the future!
  • Jul!a
    I'm glad I could help you two, thanks so much
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Thanks for the review. I likes me some candles.
  • ToyGeek
    I'm still too afraid of fire to burn candles. This one sounds amazing though.
  • Jul!a
    Thanks Zenaida

    ToyGeek, Oh no! I definitely recommend this one if you do work up the courage for candles. It is lovely
  • Sammi
    These do look pretty nice
  • darthkitt3n
    I wish I could smell this candle. I love the scent of oranges and cloves.
  • Bunnycups
    It's cool that you can wear this as a perfume.
  • Jul!a
    Darthkitt3n, it actually smells a lot more like baby powder than oranges.

    Bunnycups, isn't it?!
  • P'Gell
    MMM, The Keisha Pearl sounds lovely. Cotton and Linen scents are some of my favorite. (I actually just blew out a B&BW linen candle a few minutes ago.)

    The Man and I are totally getting into candles (but especially massage candles) this season.
  • Jul!a
    P'Gell, I think you'd really like this one then
  • SiNn
    these look so awesome
  • Diabolical Kitty
    Wonderful review.
  • Jul!a
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    Great review, thank you!
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