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The Illume Peals Collection candle is a light-scent candle that makes any room smell like the perfect room for sex. It will burn forever and comes in perfect packaging for gift giving - even to your mother!
Smells amazing, great non-sex presentation, burns forever, sensual scent
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I have never spent this much money on a candle before - ever. To be honest, I went back and forth on whether to purchase this candle at all. My boyfriend loves burning candles, though, and all we've ever purchased is a Wal-Mart candle, so I figured it'd be worth the time to pick up one of these candles and just see what it was like.

Illume sells quite a few candles here on EF, but I settled on this one since it had good reviews, the scenes sounded nice, and it seemed large enough to be worth the extra splurge on a candle. The candle weighs about 9.7 ounces, is made from soy wax instead of regular wax, and has an eighty hour burn time. 80 hours is a long time! There are two scents - one is a white candle and one is off-white.

I will say that this packaging is very basic. It just comes in a round container with "Illume. Pearl Collection" written on the side. You could use this cardboard container for storage, but honestly, it's just a box, and I'd just throw it out after you took the candle out. It doesn't include any instructions or information about the product at all aside from the name.

I'm really impressed by how long this is going to burn. We let it burn for the entire day today (about eight hours) and it barely made a dent in the candle. I'd easily imagine this is going to last us at least a month of regular burning in the house. Not just for sex - but just to make the apartment smell better. If used only for intimate moments, I'd say you easily a year's worth or more with this candle, so as you can see, the price definitely becomes worth it when you find that it will last such a long time. Unlike cheap votives which sometimes unlight themselves because of the melted wax, we've had no problem with the Illume Pearls candle doing that - it stays lit really well.

The scent is perfect. Really. I mean, it's really hard to describe a scent just through text. The Keshi is supposed to be a mix of citrus, sandlewood, and clove. I'm not sure what any of that smells like, but I don't detect any of that in my scent. I'd say it smells like a musky flower scent. Like imagine a man's musk and add a feminine, flowery scent to it. It's honestly the best way that I can describe it, but again, I suck at describing scents over text.

The scent is perfect. The first hour, we had a hard time smelling it, but by the second hour, we had no problem smelling the candle in the air. It smelled amazing. When I stepped out to get the mail, the candle burning in the living room made a nice and pleasant surprise when I got back into the apartment. It made our apartment smell "expensive" if that makes any sense. It smelled great, was very welcoming, and while it took awhile to get through the air, it did eventually end up doing well at making the entire living room smell great. I'd imagine it'd take less time to make a bedroom smell the same way.

Another reviewer says the candle is too strong. I'm honestly of a differing opinion - it smells amazing. I wouldn't put it right up against the bed if it's been burning a couple hours, but if you just lit it, it should be fine right up against the bed during sex or something. It's strong, but not in a bad way. The smell just diffuses nicely into the air and adds a sensual touch to the atmosphere. I'm really fond of it.

One of the things I like the most (and was most surprised about!) is that this packaging is completely sex-free. What do I mean? There's no mention of this being adult or anything on the packaging. This makes it absolutely perfect for me to give as a gift to my future mother-in-law. It looks pricy, smells amazing, and will last a long time. Since it looks like such an amazing gift (and is lacking in any "adult" packaging) this is absolutely perfect for anyone in your life who enjoys candles - whether you are comfortable on a sexual level or not.
I'm really happy with this candle. Like, really. This candle is going to be a permanent staple of my wishlist now since I plan on repurchasing the candle anytime we need a new one from Jor burning the last one down. It smells great, looks great, and adds a sensual, loving touch to our apartment. I wouldn't say that it's an aphrodisiac, but it definitely makes me want to be more sensual than before. This candle, while a bit expensive, is easily worth the money just because of the scent and presentation. I'd definitely recommend it.
Follow-up commentary
We still like these candles. I wish I could purchase another candle of this as the candles are really amazing. They smell great, last forever, and they come in gorgeous packaging. Plus, we gave one to my mother-in-law for her birthday, and she loved it! This is just a great candle.
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  • Kimbertrees
    Great review!
  • darthkitt3n
    Great review I like the idea of the packaging not being all sex-related.
  • sophie2229
    HAPPY 200!!
  • Alicia
    This sounds amazing
  • Shellz31
    Great review! It is expensive but a lot of candles that have a scent can't be smelt, so it would be worth paying the higher price.
  • Sammi
    This does sound like a really nice one
  • freshbananas
    Can't Wait to try this now!
  • LoveDove
    Great review!
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