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The set is nice for giving if you have some more sensual friends for giving out, but the price is steep for what you fully get. The gold is very minimal and hard to see unless in direct light and fades greatly once it has soaked into the skin. The oil works great to make the skin soft and smooth, but can stain fabrics so be careful. Some of the scents did irritate the skin a bit, so those with sensitive skin may have problems with it.
Smells Amazing, Works Well,
Price, Scent fades quickly, Allergy Concerns
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The Lelo Flickering Message set, is a wonderful addition to any messaging collection. The set is best used in a dry setting as water will cause the oil to run,and wash off so these are not bath tub approved. The work great as a sensual aid in the bedroom adding a bit of slick and scented fun. It comes with three scents to help appeal to a variety of noses. Each oil is packaged individually so giving it as a gift is very possible. I actually wanted to get it for Christmas and split it up for three of my favorite sensual couples. The scents are subtle enough that they can be used for a light message before bed, or you can always use them for a bit foreplay, just be careful to avoid the girly bits as they can be a bit irritating in that area. I also found that the spicy clove irritated my skin which is odd for me as I do not have sensitive skin at all, so there may be some allergy concerns with this set.
    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Each container comes with an easy to use spout for pouring. It comes out very easily with one pump, it is very thin and oily. This is to be expected as it is a massage oil. The oil is runny and easily moves around and spreads across the skin. Once it is applied it soaks into the skin easily, with a small amount going a long way. It does leave the skin feeling like there is a thin film of oil across it for some time before it fully soaks in. It has an almost greasy feeling until it fully soaks in, but once it does it leave the skin very soft and smooth to the touch.

Now the set does come with 24 Karat, gold flakes in the oil, I was barely able to see these unless in direct light that was bright, as they looked only as if there had been a bit of glitter added to the oil. They are hard to see unless in direct light, and looking for them. Once it had faded into the skin I wasn't able to see very much of the gold at all. In direct light the gold flakes can be seen when first applied, and not fully spread. I could not feel the flakes on my skin before or after it was rubbed in. Once I got into a direct light that was more white then yellow I was able to see more of the flakes, but you also have to shake it up to suspend the flakes in the oil.
    • Greasy
    • Oily
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The set comes in three scents: Balsam Fir & Bergamot, Spicy Clove & Amber, and finally Fresh Lilly & Musk. Each scent is different, and unique making it appeal to a variety of individuals. None of the three are designed to be edible, if they are ingested it shouldn't be dangerous but they do have a taste similar to what they smell like, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Fresh Lilly & Musk: This one has a very strong floral scent this is the Lilly in it, there is an undertone of fullness with it giving it a gentle yet full scent. The scent lasts for some time on the skin it lasted for over 15 minuets on my hand when it was rubbed in, I couldn't smell it unless I brought it to my nose. Once the Lilly had faded the Musk scent is stronger coming out with a bitter scent.

Balsam Fir & Bergamot: This scent is very pine tree, hence the fir scent in the name. This one is a very fresh and clean scent with no heavy feeling to it. It is light, clean with a slight touch of pine. This scent doesn't last as long as the other and is very faint.

Spicy Clove & Amber: This one had a very subdued scent, when it mixed on my skin it didn't come as spicy. It came out very dirty smelling. The scent was waxy similar to melted crayons, and faded it had a slight musky heavy scent along with the wax scent. This scent quickly faded leaving little trace.


The massage oils each lasted a different length of time in terms of the presence of the scent. The Lilly one lasts the longest, with the fir one coming in second, and finally with the spice clover barely lasting at all. Now in terms of the massage oil as an oil for the skin this lasts for a long time. I was able to feel the light feeling of the oil even after about an hour after use. It did take some time to absorb fully into the skin,but using a damp rag you can wipe some off allowing it to seep in much quicker. Once it has absorbed it leaves the skin feeling soft as if it supposed to always feel that way. A small amount does go a very long with these oils so reapplication doesn't need to occur. It was able to last for quite some time (about an hour) with the first try.

Washing is very simple a damp rag takes away the oily feeling, while washing with a gentle soap and warm water fully takes it off. It can stain sheets and clothing, but this easily comes out with a quick spin in the washer, but I did find in flannel sheets that it did not come fully out and left a small dark stain in its wake that I wasn't able to fully get out.

The Gold Flakes as part of performance neither fully added, nor took away from the overall experience with the message oil. The gold flakes did disappear quickly into the skin but in sunlight after use they did add a bit of shimmer to the skin. On darker skin tones they seemed to fade into the background of the skin. The problem I had with this is I don't plan on using it before going out very often so the gold seems a bit unnecessary overall. For others this may be great if you plan on using it then going out and about it will show better on more fair skin.
    • Feels natural
    • Long lasting
    • Not compatible with all materials


The set comes in a large box, then each individual container comes in another smaller box. This makes it possible to separate each one and give them as separate gifts without it looking as if you have broken up a set. Once you have opened up the smaller boxes three glass containers with golden tops are revealed. To keep the bottom from being pushed each container has a large circle surrounding its button. The colors of these circles represent the scent, that it is on. Purple for Lilly, Orange for Clove, and Green for Fir. The glass containers are durable and did not break even after being dropped on my tile floor, but I wouldn't test it to much at the price you pay for the set. The glass bottles are black, with gold lettering the words LELO, and then the scent with flickering message oil in very small print do appear. You can keep these bottles out without to many questions, unless your company is very nosy, and like to read the very fine print.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
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