Flickering Trio

LELO's flickering touch massage oils embody luxury to a T. This massage oil trio provides you with the same amazing massage oil and skin rejuvenating product in three different interesting scents. Not all of the scents are feminine and can be used by men as well. This can make a beautiful gift for a wedding or anniversary.
Three choices, gorgeous bottles, contains 24 karat gold, high quality, lots of product.
Can feel a little gummy for a while, some scents don't last long.
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LELO is notorious for putting out high quality and attractive products, this set is no exception. Massage oils can feel luxurious, and LELO has kicked the ones in this set up 24 notches...24 karats worth. These massage oils contain shimmery glitter specs of real 24 karat gold! Gold dust in a massage oil? You won't feel it physically, but it'll make you feel sexy beyond belief. It looks excellent and defines the body beautifully. This set includes three different scents in gorgeous bottles. They're so attractive that you'll want to display them in your home proudly. The massage oil is light and works well for its intended purpose, and works as a moisturizer and skin softener, too. It adds some shimmer and can be a tan extender also. This set has the potential to last you a lifetime with the amount you get, and it can easily become part of your daily routine and not just a once in a while sex accessory.
    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Ingredients: LELO would use nothing less than incredible ingredients. They are free of L-Arginine, petro chemicals, parabens, and glycerin, so it is very safe for the body.

The pump top allows for an appropriate amount of the oil to be dispensed. If the bottle is shaken, it sounds like a thin liquid and looks like it as well. However, when it is smoothed around, the quality shows. It's not a cheap feeling oil and does take some massaging to spread it around larger areas. It can run a little at first, but for the most part one squirt will stay relatively put.

When the oil is dispensed, it is clear with a gold shimmer to it. The gold powder can be seen pretty easily swirled into the oil. It's not at all grainy, like one might assume. After it is smoothed in, it does take some time to feel silky smooth and sink in completely. Give it a little time! The results are worth the wait! Applying more will, of course, make this better for longer massages.
    • Slick
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

FRESH LILY & MUSK (purple): This scent is very interesting. While it does smell like lily flowers, it also overall smells like most things that are "seabreeze". The musk portion of the scent gives it a really unique smell. It's not overly feminine, but it's not necessarily male smelling either. It could be considered as unisex, especially after it fades for a bit. This scent doesn't last as long as the others.

SPICY CLOVE & AMBER (orange): Yummy! It almost smells like candy; good enough to eat. The spicy clove smell only lasts for a short time and is never very strong to begin with. It sort of has a slightly tropical fruit smell to it, like guava mixed with a little peach.

BALSAM FIR & BERGAMOT (green): Think Christmas tree pine mixed with citrus fruit like an orange. The smell is not very strong. A nose has to be about 6 inches from it to smell it. It mostly smells of orange-type citrus, while the pine is an undertone. While the smell is light, it lasts for about 3 hours.

All three of the oil taste like oil; not a bad taste, but just not much of one at all.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


The pump top works great. It has a pointed opening so it won't dribble anywhere. It comes out in nickel-sized amounts which are usually not enough to do the job, but at least none of this luxurious oil will be wasted by it coming out too fast or messily.

As mentioned earlier, this oil does need either a good amount of product or time to get it to cover a large area like a back. It's best used in smaller amounts to cover an area. It works best if it is lightly spread over an area first and then worked in. The oil will make massages longer if your goal is to just oil up the skin. Allow for some time to pass in order for it to not feel gummy. It will then feel silky and smooth. Used under candlelight, your bodies will shimmer with a light glow magnificently.

It doesn't have to be used as a massage oil, however. Use it is a beauty product! On legs, it feels like a super fine nylon. It gives skin a healthy glow and gets rid of any dry looking areas. It's an excellent after tan buffer to rehydrate the skin as well, and helps keep you looking tan. On areas that don't perspire as much, legs versus the back, it feels less gummy. Use it on the tops of your shoulders, collar bones, midriff, and/or legs to create a sexy shimmer. The oil might take awhile to really soak in, but it lasts all day long and shouldn't need to be reapplied unless you want to renew the scent.
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


Each oil comes in a pretty, black, glass bottle about the size of a large perfume or cologne. It contains 4 fluid ounces. It does look like a perfume bottle too, and this makes the bottle very discreet. It says LELO in gold lettering on the front with the scent, and "Flickering Touch Massage Oil" in very small letters beneath that. The bottom has the born date. The top has a spray nozzle, only it doesn't spray mist, it squirts. The cap is very unique and original. It corresponds to the scent: orange, green, or purple. It is a ring that fits over the sprayer to keep it from being sprayed, but still allows for the gorgeous gold color to be seen when not in use.

The bottles come in a trademark LELO black box. The pictures on the box and the way it is presented also make it look like perfume. The box has information about the ingredients and how to use the product. Shake it well before use! All three of the individual oils are in one large rectangular box when the product arrives. The outside has similar information as the individual boxes inside.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

Here is the subjective part of my review: I honestly use this oil almost daily. It's part of my after shower routine. I almost always apply it to my legs, knees down. It looks and feels amazing. I use it less often for massages, but I like it for that purpose, too. This will be one of those products that I keep replacing as long as I can.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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