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His and hers candle

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Bask in the Sensuality

Illume’s His & Hers candles offer a luscious combination of fragrances in an elegant glass container that fits into any décor. These candles may not be the only way to create a sensual environment, but they’re a damned good place to start.
long-burning, fragrant, simple design, no black residue.
fragrance may be overwhelming in small rooms.
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On the surface, Illume’s His & Hers candles are much like any candle you’d find in a home store or an erotic boutique. They have an unobtrusive glass container that fits well into any décor. The colors are also simple: an off-white for the His candle and a light beige for the Her.

What makes these candles unique is the attention to detail. The glass container is indeed simple, but it’s also very well made. The thickness of the glass and the substantial weight of the candles lends them a certain reassurance. You can light them knowing that they won’t topple over or spill with the slightest bump or nudge.

With a 50-hour burn time, they will most likely last longer than you will. Unless you’re Sting.

The Hers candle is “a romantic blend of Tahitian vanilla, spun sugar and a hint of coconut cream.” Illume’s description is an apt one. The Hers candle is a sweet, girly blend that would not be out of place on a teenager’s wrists. Whether you find that cloying or sensual is strictly a matter of personal preference. If you enjoy sweet scents, this is a very nice one.

The His candle is a mix of “exotic spices and precious woods” that are “layered with rich white musk.” In other words, it’s a very generic “masculine” smell that is similar to many shower gels and deodorants geared towards men. Like the Hers blend, your preferences will dictate how much this fragrance appeals to you.

While distinct, the two fragrances are designed to be used in tandem. The combination is a pleasant one. In practice, the Hers smell tends to dominate. That may very well be a statement the manufacturer is trying to make on gender relations, but let’s not go there.

Illume only uses natural essential oils in their candles and that focus on quality ingredients shows. The two fragrances are pronounced and have the potential to become overpowering. Even unlit, the smell of the candles can fill a bedroom. When lit, that smell becomes even stronger. That can really benefit a sensual environment because it genuinely does stimulate the senses. Those sensitive to strong smells may want to consider creating that romantic environment in a bigger room with more ventilation.

Neither the box nor the manufacturer’s web site provided any information on what type of wax the candles were made from, but a quick call to Illume’s customer service took care of that problem. According to the very nice lady who picked up the phone, the His & Hers candles are made from paraffin.

If you are committed to non-paraffin candles, Illume also has other lines made from a natural soy/palm/beeswax blend. All of the His & Hers candles, however, are paraffin.

I found no problems with any black residue – either on the candle or from the wick. Soy candles are said to burn cleaner and at a lower temperature than paraffin candles, but that difference was imperceptible to me. The candles do not use wicks containing lead, which may also make a difference in burn quality.

These candles contribute to creating a sensual atmosphere. Going beyond that with wax play, however, should be done with extreme caution.

The average paraffin candle melts at somewhere between 130 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Soy wax melts in the 120 to 180 degree range. There’s not a huge difference and I think we can all agree that 120 degrees is very, very hot. It’s certainly enough to cause a burn. The addition of fragrance and colors can also increase a candle’s temperature.

In other words - be careful. Play safe. Have fun. Most importantly, enjoy these luxurious candles for what they were designed to do: create a wonderfully sensual atmosphere.
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  • Avery Dragon
    Very nice review, the candles sound really nice. I am left really curious to actually get to smell them lol. It's good that you added the being careful with wax play. At my store, the soy candles we carry are actually used for massage candles, but I didn't know that the temp could get THAT high before! good to know =)
  • Purple Foxglove
    I agree, nice review, props for actually calling to find out what it's made of! Smile
  • ThePornLibrarian
    Nice review - i really like Illume!
  • Naughty Student
    I'm not really into fragrent candles but these sound like a good option, thanks for the review.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Nice review. Cute pair. I'm not sure I'd like the His as that typical 'masculine' smell disgusts me.
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