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His and hers candle

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One For Him And One For Her

If you're looking for a really neat couples gift, this set of candles is well worth the money. Or you can buy them individually for some delightfully scented relaxation.
Gorgeous containers, Amazing scents, Would make a great gift
Scent might not be as strong as some would like
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There are plenty of things you can use scented candles for, ranging anywhere from setting the mood, to scenting a room, to just plain old aromatherapy. No matter which reason you're choosing for lighting one of these candles, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Well the wax isn't really meant to be poured, or do anything other than melt and smell really good, but it does have a good ol' generic melted wax look and feel to it. If you knock the candle over with melted wax in it, it is going to spill and make a mess.

Taste / Aroma

These candles come in two scents: His and Hers.

His is described as "Exotic spices and precious woods are layered with a rich, white musk in this seductive, smoky glass candle." I can't quite put my finger on exactly what I can smell in it, but I can't stop smelling it. It's definitely musky, but not all that spicy. It almost reminds me of a cosmetic counter near Christmas time.

Hers is billed as "Tahitian vanilla and spun sugar are affectionately entwined with gentle hints of coconut cream in this luxurious smoky glass candle." If you like the scent Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works, you will like this too. It's seriously a dead ringer. Sweet vanilla, and the hint of coconut keeps it from being too overwhelming.

As far as each ones strength goes, I'm happy with it. In a small room like a bathroom, you won't have any problem getting the scent to fill the whole room. In our bedroom, which is about 10'x10' or so, it's enough that you can catch a nice hint of it when you walk in, but it's not going to slap you in the face. Leaving them out unlit lets you catch whiffs here and there as well. I have His on his nightstand, and laying in bed I can catch some whiffs, and Hers is on our sex dresser, and always makes me smile when I'm digging for something fun.


Each candle is listed as having a 50 hour burn time, and I think it will definitely last that long. I burned Hers for about 3 hours straight and couldn't get more than a 2" diameter melt circle out of it, and each candle is about 3 1/2" across. His burned for about an hour and had a melt circle of about 1 1/4".


Each candle comes separately, and therefore, ended up with its own box. There's nothing in the least bit 'risque' about either box, and they would both make beautiful gifts. Each candle is nestled inside its respective box, and opens in a style that reminds me of a pop-up book. The front will have which one it is in a red box, His or Hers, and the back has the same red box that gives a description of the scent. There's a couple of disclaimers on the bottom of each box, and a few more plus some tips on the bottom of each candle. For best results, you're supposed to burn between 2 and 3 hours at a time, and make sure to trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting, as not doing so can cause the longer lit wick to sort of curl over on itself and make a really weak flame.

Special Features

In the event that you do actually manage to burn all the wax from both glasses, you can always clean them out real well and then use them as drinking glasses, as they are built strikingly similar to decently sized drinking glasses.

Personal comments

Always make sure to never leave a burning candle unattended, or burn it on or near anything flammable. You could start $hit on fire and that would be really bad.


I had my latest coupon and a stockpile of gift cards, and I went nuts buying candles. Quite honestly, for how big these are, how great they smell, and how long they'll last, plus the fact that I can turn them into neat matchy matchy drinking glasses when they're all used up, I would say each one is well worth the price tag it has. Either one would make a great gift for any occasion.

And just to kind of try and give you a good look at the size, here's a picture of both of them next to a little matchbox car for reference.

Follow-up commentary
I still love the way both of these candles smell, although I have never gotten Hers to burn evenly all the way across. His has and has been burned quite a bit. Unfortunately, these are being discontinued from Illume, so make sure you snag these really soon if you want a chance to try them.
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  • Airen Wolf
    Hmmmmm might be great for scenting his office! Great review
  • cherryredhead88
    Do you like the smell of the two together? I have the his and it reminds me of cologne. Great Review!
  • Jul!a
    Thanks Airen

    I do actually like the smell of the two together. His definitely had to grow on me, but the more it was around, the more I couldn't help but lean over and smell it, and I had the two next to each other while writing the review, and it was almost intoxicating. Thank you
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I wish I could scratch and sniff the screen. Candle reviews suck because what smells good to someone might not to others and 33 dollars is just too much to take a gamble on for me. 50 hours is awesome though.
  • Jul!a
    Well the His is hard to describe, but the Hers is spot on for Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body works. So if you like that scent, you'll like this candle.
  • Blinker
    Either that's a toy car, or these candles are fucking gigantic.
  • mllebeauty
    These candles are HUGE! No wonder they last 50 hours.
  • Jul!a
    I know mllebeauty, I was surprised at how big they are. They're listed as weighing a freaking pound and a half, each! lol

    And yes, it is indeed a toy car. My fiance got it for me to match the one that I have in real life, lol
  • Research
    I love a good candle, this would probably be better than my Yankee Candle with three wicks.
  • Jul!a
    Ooh, those triple wicks drive me crazy, I can't stand trying to use them, lol
  • Eorwyn
    Great review! These candles look awesome and I imagine they smell great
  • Jul!a
    They really do, I just love them both.

    I've been having problems getting "Hers" to burn evenly, but I still love both of them so far.
  • BigDaddy10
    Thanks for the picture on theses i have been looking at them for a while now
  • Kindred
    Sure, rub it in now that they're discontinued. I love the His scent.
  • Jul!a
    Buy them out then! I'll probably be placing an order in the next day or two, they've got a few other scents there that I really want too.
  • big b
  • mistressg
    OOooooh, vanilla! Great review.
  • Jul!a
    Thank you
  • Missmarc
    Great review, thank you!
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