Whippin' girl - cream by Topco Sales - review by Cinnamon Chambers

Bikini in a can

This is highly recommended for whipped cream clothing fantasies!! Each can contains enough for you to get creative with. It has a true vanilla taste which is yummy, but only in moderation or when kissing after the cream has been rubbed away in the heat of passion.
Stays put, does not get runny, includes sprinkles.
Can have chemical taste if you get a large mouthful of cream.
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If you ever had a fantasy about becoming the whipped cream bikini girl from Varsity Blues, this is what you have been looking for. It even includes sprinkles for topping off your creation. There is enough in one can to create 1 seductive masterpiece, or for a few uses on smaller areas.

This is listed as edible, and the flavor is decent, but I would not recommend eating large amounts of this. The ingredients include glycerine, isobutane, propane, surcalose and parabens. Some of those are the propellants that make this come out puffy like it is supposed to. The bottle I got looks different and has a black label on it. So, I am not sure if the bottles with the different labels are butane and propane free or not, as those ingredients were not listed on Eden. The label does state that the product is ozone friendly and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons. I would suggest not getting this directly in the vagina, but using it to cover around the front of the pelvic area.

I did taste this as did my partner. The flavor was sweet and vanilla. Though it tasted good, there was an obvious chemical taste to the cream that lingered when getting a mouth full of cream. When it is rubbed in, and the skin licked, the taste is perfect with no traces of the chemical taste. There was not any sort of film, or sensation to the tongue when sampling the cream. The scent was light, and also was a true vanilla scent, with only the faint odor of propellant.

The nozzle for using the whipped cream is like the kind used for hair mousse. The texture of the cream is a cross between mousse and shaving cream. There is no coloring at all, it is pure white. This means it really stands out on the skin. Whippin Girl is more dense and stays on the skin better than regular whipped cream. The mousse texture can be formed somewhat and does not drip at all. This is where the product shines! On the body the cream stays put and even after over ten minutes of wear it was not dripping or running. It does tend to get dry if left on the skin, but it will rub in and be completely absorbed by the skin. When it is rubbed in, it disappears quickly and is not sticky at all.

In the lid, are the sprinkles. It is an adorable concept, because they are visible in the clear lid. They are somewhat hard to get out of the container. There are small holes on the very top making a shaker, but the sprinkles barely fit through it. This is the only way to get them out. The lid is not flimsy at all, and since it is thick it is unlikely to crack.
I got my bikini, so I was happy and my partner was too. This was not messy, because it absorbed and never got sticky at all. With real whipped cream I found with body heat and time it would drip and run, but this didn't! We got it on my Shag Throe, and on my sheets. It did not stain or leave a sticky residue. We, of course, showered after we were done playing and the flavor and scent washed away completely.
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  • Machina
    Hm... I'm still a little apprehensive that this product is better than regular whip cream. It stays on longer and isn't as sticky, but also it costs more, and isn't as tasty. The taste thing is what I'm mainly still pondering on. What do think?
  • Machina
    Oh yeah, plus there's the issue that it only contains enough for one whip cream bikini. And just one more thing, I promise- Does it really matter that regular whip cream melts after it's been on you a while. Isn't it just going to get licked off soon anyway?
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Not turning into a sticky mess was a big plus for me. There is no stickyness at all with this. Regular whipped cream, either cool whip or the squirt kind is runny and can't be formed like this can. It does matter that it melts because I wanted the time to get it on and just right for when he came home, which is not predictable. With whipped cream it would have been on the floor by that time. Whipped cream also contains milk and requires refrigeration. I would also rather have glycerin, that is used in a ton of products all over my skin than milk, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. I can just see how ants and my skin would react to that. It was not about eating it, Hubby is a no carb freak, so for us it was about just the cloning of the bikini. This worked great for making it and did leave a light vanilla taste to the skin when it was squished away and my skin was kissed. For all of these reasons $9 was worth it, and there is still a little left in the can, and it did have to cover DDD or E sized breasts.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Cream, nonfat milk, corn syrup, sugar, mono- and diglycerides, natural and artificial flavors, carrageenan, nitrous oxide (propellant). This is what is in Reddi Whip as a comparrison. Cool Whip contains oil, so it is not latex safe btw.
  • Machina
    Thanks Cinnamon! You sold me on the "cool whip is not latex safe." I never knew that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. I've probably put myself in a bad situation before with cool whip, dirty ex-boyfriends, & condoms. Ah, should have done my research.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    You are very welcome!
  • Sammi
    I am a low-carb freak too Smile. And I see it has sucralose - always a plus! This looks like it might be fun to try.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Cool idea!
  • RainbowBrite
    what a great idea! plus i like that it doesn't get sticky and actually absorbs into the skin, gotta grab me a can of this!
  • Crystal1
    Great review, this would be fun to try! If only someone could come up with a version that's more edible (no icky chemicals), it would be perfect!
  • sbon
    Great review!
  • VioletMoonstone
    Great review! I have this too and definitely noticed the chemical taste. It tastes better when you rub it into the skin and then lick it off.
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