Boys Don't Cry Either

This is a sort of "burn" cream for your butt; it will mildly sooth the sting of a lighter spanking. This product is definitely intended for girls/feminine-presenting people with its strong floral scent and sparkle.
Effective for minor soothing, sparkles, floral scent, pretty packaging.
Sparkle, strong non-gender neutral scent, packaging not discreet.
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This is a cream intended to help alleviate soreness and irritation after a spanking. It comes in a small jar and is scented with a floral, old fashioned scent (it might remind you a little of your grandmother, which is probably not the best association for something that's supposed to be sexy). I was personally hoping to use this to help cool down marks on my clients after a session (I'm a professional dominatrix); however, this cream is somewhat sparkly, and many of my clients require discretion... meaning that, for me at least, sparkles are no better than welts.

For a couple or someone less worried about discretion, it might be all right, but the strong feminine smell and the glitter make it very inappropriate for use in my line of work (one of my married clients would get home and end up with the wife assuming he'd been with a stripper rather than a dominatrix).

I don't think this is intended to be a moisturizer, as it's not very moisturizing. It is, however, good at cooling off a stingy butt after a spanking (more like a light aloe gel... not much of a moisturizer, but a good soother).
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

It's a thick cream, but it absorbs very quickly; again, it reminds me a lot of aloe vera gel. It's white and "heavy" feeling, but not greasy. It's not sticky, but it's more sticky than it is slippery (a dollop with stay on your hand rather than sliding off like, say, hand sanitizer might) and stiff (not in a bad way). A dollop will also hold its shape fairly well on your hand, as opposed to "pooling" like a thinner cream would. I'd describe it as: with the smoothness of whipped cream and similar weight to mashed potatoes.
    • Creamy
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

It has a strong floral smell, quite sweet. I wouldn't call it cloying or unpleasant. It's gardenia scented (it does call itself tahitian gardenia, after all ) with some tropical undertones. It is a bit of an old fashioned scent, as I said, so your mileage may vary.

It does have a STRONG floral scent, which, if you're sensitive to scents or if you don't particularly care for this particular scent, will be a problem.

This is not an edible product, so I didn't taste it and, based upon the ingredients list, would strongly recommend against doing so.
    • Strong smell


Well, it does soothe spanked skin; it cools it down and helps with the stinging/burning that occurs after a rough spanking. Not significantly more than aloe, but it does help, and it feels quite nice going on. A little dab covers a large area.

It's not magic; it won't heal bruises or "heal" any injury done, but it will definitely sooth the skin a bit (basically similar to something like Burt's Bees sunburn cream).

However, it does sparkle. If you like sparkling, this stuff is great, because although it's not a dramatic sparkle... it's definitely effective at making you a little shimmery. If you don't like to sparkle, you probably won't like this product.

The soothing effects last about a half hour, which is fine, as sting from most spankings will have calmed down by then.

It does, howeve,r have a long ingredients list as other reviewers have mentioned, meaning if you have allergies you may want to read thoroughly through that.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Allergy concerns
    • Feels natural


This comes in a small, prettily designed screw top jar. It's cute, but it does make it painfully clear what this product is for, so if you want a discreetly packaged spanking cream this is not it.

It doesn't leak at all, but I personally, having very long fingernails, am not the biggest fan of having to dip my fingers into a product to dispense it (it gets under my nails and I have to scrape it out).
    • Does not leak
    • Would make a nice gift
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