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Chemistry bubble bath set

Sensual bath by Kheper Games

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Chemistry of Love-A Work in Progress

Originally bought for its unique design and aromatherapy options, the Chemistry Bubble Bath was worth the $14.99. The surprise bonuses, such as being able to reuse the test tubes, outweighed the shortcomings of the product as a whole.
Brilliant color
Unique display & design
Some of the smells were too overpowering
Produces few bubbles
longevity of bubbles is short lived
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The Chemistry Bubble Bath Set from Kheper Games is something I bought my wife for its unique presentation. I wanted to pamper her. She almost always uses the shower and I thought this would help her to relax. Each clear plastic 5 1/2" test tube (this does include the cap) displays the bold and beautiful color of each scent. The deep red(pomegranate), bright yellow(lemon-mint), pastel purple(lavander), and the soft bold pink(rose) adds so much character to this set.

The best use for this product is exactly what it is designed for, a bubble bath. The ingredient list seems to reinforce this by its listing which is; Water, Cocamide DEA, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium, Chloride, Cocamidopropyl Bentaine, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfums (peppermint, lavendar, lemon, rose, and pomegranate).

This bubble bath could really be used by anyone and at any given time. Who doesn't love the thought of relaxing in a hot bath? That being said, I, myself, would shy away from this product due to the fact I wouldn't like to smell flowery after one of my baths.
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    • Anyone could use
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This chemistry set of bubble bath is extremely thick. After unscrewing the top, it could take up to 20 seconds to fill the cap. It will take much longer to fill the cap after the initial first bath with each tube.

My wife chose to fill the cap and then held the cap under the running bath water. It did create bubbles, not nearly enough for either of our tastes. One capful (which is about 1/2 Tablespoon) produced a thin layer of bubbles that only spanned the equivalent of a standard sized bathtub. We started out with one capful because the suggested amount to add is only 1-2 per bath. By using one capful each tube could be used for six baths.

The bubble bath is more like a very thick gel. When rubbed between the fingers,it is silky and smooth. The thickness of the bubble bath makes it stay in place, that is, once it comes out of the test tube.
    • Smooth
    • Very thick

Taste / Aroma

The Sensual Chemistry Bubble Bath Set is a set of four test tubes, each with its own unique fragrance, attributes, and product claim. My wife was the one that bathed using this product, as I don't think a man should smell flowery unless they like that sort of thing. She used one each night for the total of four days.

The first tube to be opened was "Seduction" (Rose): The aroma is extremely strong, too strong for my taste as well as my wifes. We were hoping that the smell would decrease some when added to bath water. My wife stayed in the tub for a record breaking ten minutes. She stated the smell was just to overpowering. Luckily it does not linger on the skin, or she would have called it quits on the rest. It did however leave the bathroom smelling long into the night. The scent reminded us both of the perfume those gray haired grandmothers wear. You know, the ones that you wish would get away from because of their over applied perfume.

The second tube to be hesitantly opened was "Alluring" (Lavender): The aroma on this one was amazing. It smelled just as Lavender should, although it was a bit strong. It was not as alarming to the nose as the rose was. My wife went in to test it and she disappeared for an hour. When she emerged from the tub, she stated the smell did become much more subtle, but very pleasant. She did seem much more relaxed. This also, unfortunately, did not linger on the skin. It also didn't linger in the bathroom like the rose did.

The third tube to be opened was the "Vitality" (Lemon-Mint): As soon as she opened it the smell was strong once again. The problem we had with this one was my wife didn't want to have anything to do with it because it smelled eerily similar to Lemon Windex. She did however wait to try it last. My wife added this to the bathwater and was gone only 15 minutes. When she exited the bathroom she stated that at least the smell dissipated a little, but was not exactly something she wanted to bathe in again. The odd thing about this one was that the aroma did linger on the skin and in the bathroom. It didn't leave the Windex smell on her, but it also was not lemon or minty. The aroma lingered throughout the night and was faint by morning. The scent left on my wife was hard to characterize, it still had a cleanser aroma.

The fourth tube opened, actually the third one tried, was the "Sensual" (Pomegranate): This one had the strong and accurate smell of a fresh Pomegranate. This is one of my wife's favorite scents so with testing this one, there was no argument from her. Actually, she ran off with the tube in a blink of an eye. She came out about thirty minutes later, she stated the smell unfortunately did not last long enough but that it was one of her favorite of all the scents.

My wife, in my opinion, did the most idiotic thing. She tasted the Lavender one. She only tasted the one. Honestly, it probably didn't help that I started laughing at her. The facial expressions were priceless. It sure enough tasted like soap. Her exact words were, "Eww, nasty! Why did you let me do that? It tastes like flower scented shampoo. Oh my god, it's making my tongue numb and the taste is not going away!" Come on, you would laugh too. The only thing that would have made it funnier is if during her rant, bubbles would have been flying out of her mouth. That would have been next to impossible with this bubble bath but, more on that in a bit.
    • 2 smell good
    • Strong smell
    • Please don't taste


The chemistry bubble bath has mixed results in how long it lasted. It seemed the two smells my wife could not stand held up the best. Those two being the Lemon-Mint and the Rose. The Lavender and the Pomegranate aroma's seemed to fade away too quickly.

Each of the different test tubes did have one thing in common, which was the amount of bubbles they produced when using the recommended amount. They each made a thin layer of bubbles that only would cover half of the open water in the tub, Except the lemon-mint. That seemed to a least make enough to cover the whole area of open water in the tub.

The time that the bubbles lingered in the tub was also a commonality. Each one lasted about 10 minutes, which is the time from adding it to the water to actually getting in the tub. Splashing around or running more water does not rejuvenate the bubbles. Adding more bubble bath only prolongs the bath with the same results. She never tried half or a full tube, though. We tested them as the manufacture stated.

The two that we both liked were the ones that didn't last in aroma. The two that were not so favored seemed not to want to go away. The Rose seemed to be over the top in aroma and the Lemon-Mint smelled too much like Windex to enjoy or relax in the tub. The other two didn't last long enough.


The packaging is its best selling point. The set is an adorable four test tube chemistry set and rack. The bubble bath set comes shrink wrapped but that really is all it needs.

Each tube has a silver twist cap, the cap is about 1/2" in depth. When pouring to measure a capful, it is about the equivalent of 1/2 tablespoon.

Each test tube has the scent, name, and saying on a sticker label attached to the front of the tube. The label is well done and adds even more character to this set. The test tubes are labeled as follows;

1) The word "Seduction" is followed with a picture of a Rose underneath. Rose is written in parenthesis under the picture and the claim that follows is "Tones your skin and offers it a seductive glow."

2) The word "Alluring" is followed with a picture of a flowering Lavender underneath. Lavender is written in parenthesis under this picture and the claim that follows is " Disarming and enticing...a great aphrodisiac."

3) The word "Vitality" is followed with a picture of a lemon and a sprig of mint underneath. Lemon-Mint is written in parenthesis under the picture and the claim that follows is "Invigorating and energizing. You'll be up all night."

4) The word "Sensual" is followed with a picture of a Pomegranate underneath. Pomegranate is written in parenthesis under this picture and the claim that follows is "Subtle,light,sheer...and quite seductive."

The test tube holder, itself, is made from a clear plastic. It beautifully shows off the different colors in each tube. It is extremely sturdy for its size. We had no problem with tipping on the edge of the tub. The design will fit any bathroom without a problem.

There only two sticker labels that are on the shrink wrap. One on the bottom front saying Chemistry in large red letters and 4 SEX-perimental bubble bath potions. The second label lists the ingredients. Neither label distracts from the overall display of the product. The product was made in China.

We personally have no problems leaving the set out, but the bubble bath is not all that discreet with the labels on the test tubes. If left out, this set would draw attention to itself because of its uniqueness and one would, without a doubt, read it.

If you do plan on traveling with this set, I recommend putting the test tubes in a plastic bag to avoid any accidental leakage.
    • Would make a nice gift
    • Does not leak

Special Features

I would say that the best, alluring feature this product has is the test tubes and holder design. My wife and I are heavily into the sciences, so this one was definately an eye catcher. It would be a great gift for anyone in college or anyone in the science industry.

It would have been so much better if the actual bubble bath performed better, but at the same time, when it's gone, it's gone. You would have to buy the complete set again as there are no refills.

This kit will get its use with us, though. She already has plans to refill them with bubble bath that she can get at a regular store.

It is a great design and thought. Hopefully, sometime in the future, the refills will come out and a fix to the soap itself. I would be in line to buy and try them again!


Since my wife did most of the testing of this product I will have her conclude with some of her personal thoughts.

*I really loved the way this bubble bath is presented, each tube securely sits in its designated spot in the rack. However, I was disappointed that it was not all I thought it would be. Aromatherapy and a bubble bath sound like heaven but two of those scents wanted to send me packing. I also wish that the product as a whole could have produced more then a thin layer of bubbles that disappeared almost before I could get in.

A bonus to this set though is that I can rinse out the sturdy plastic test tubes and refill them with my choice of bubble bath. I like that after all is said and done I can customize the test tubes to my liking. The labels can be easily removed if I want to do so that nobody would know what was originally in them or what the little claims stated.

I also love that the test tubes are well constructed. The hard plastic makes them very hard to break. The twist on caps seal tight and there is no leakage. The formula is so thick that it makes it near impossible to make a mess. The rack made of the same sturdy plastic works great as the holder for the test tubes. The fear of knocking this over is very slight.

My favorites I think have been mentioned already but the Lavender and the Pomegranate
were the most enjoyable both in scent and relaxation.

I also recommend that you do not taste this bubble bath. I would say that my lesson in "science" was learned quickly.

Even though I wish that it could have been a better experience, I am satisfied and happy with the bubble bath.*
Follow-up commentary
This was a product that was mostly used by my wife, so it is only fitting for her to do the follow-up.

This chemistry bubble bath set was a half and half thing. I loved two and was not so fond of two of the scents. The Pomegranate and Lavender are gone and didn't last as long as I would have liked. They were emptied pretty quickly due to the amount you had to use to produce a good amount of bubbles.

The other two (the Rose and the Lemon-Mint) have not been opened since the original trial. I just do not care for them. They do look beautiful closed and on display. I have filled the two empty bottles with some different colored bubble bath that I enjoy, so that the bubble bath can always be on display in the bathroom.

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