Climax clean anti bacterial toy cleaner - toy cleanser by Topco Sales - review by Carrie Ann

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Climax, then Climax Clean!

Unlike many spray toy cleaners, Climax Clean is a spray soap with anti bacterial properties and should be sprayed on, wiped down, rinsed off. It performs amazingly well, cleaning anything I've tasked it to clean and even removing tough odors. A great buy for anyone who likes the convenience of a spray!
Works well, smells great, heavy duty trigger, lasts a long time
The bottle does leak a bit under the trigger if you tip it
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I have tried a lot of spray toy cleaners. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say probably five or six different types - or, you know, every one I've been able to find on the market.

What? I am NOT a hoarder! Stop saying that!

Ahem. Anyhow. Moving on.

I generally don't like them much. Oh, they serve their purpose; good for a quick wipe down of easily cleaned toys or a fast splash of anti-bacterial protection after a real washing. But they just don't ever seem to really get anything clean and are kind of a waste of cash, since with most of my toys I can do the same damned thing with mild bleach solution in a spray bottle.

Climax Clean Anti-bacterial Toy Cleaner is... different. I like it. I like it a LOT.

First of all, it's not just a spray on sanitizer. It's an actual cleaner. Directions state you should spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off and rinse your toy - after having taken the batteries out or unplugged it, of course. (Very similar to the directions on the Climax Bursts cleaner, actually) I don't feel it works super-dee-duper on heavily ridged toys, but on smooth ones it's quite fantastic.

Secondly, it comes in an amazingly cute and modern looking bottle. All round and happy looking with a heavy duty trigger sprayer. The scent is fresh linen, which is shown in print along the front of the bottle, along with the product name and ingredients. It smells quite fresh and clean, very light, not heavy or cloying. I like that the scent lingers on my toys a bit and combats ass smell really, really well - but doesn't hang around forever. By the next time I go to use the toy, it smells like a fresh, new toy rather than chemicals or butt or lube or whatever. (I have this blueberry cheesecake lube that hangs out on toys for EVER. Every time I use it, my toys smell like cheesecake for months. Weirdness. This takes that away. Yay-ness!)

So, basically, you have a spray cleaner that works well, smells good, is in a discreet bottle that says "climax clean" but not "clean your giant jelly dongs with THIS!" and also lasts a really long time.

Not that I've had mine for years or anything, but I've had it for three weeks, have used it at least 20 times (or, you know, on 20 toys) and have barely made a dent in the bottle. Seriously. I've used maybe half an ounce out of the 8 ounces that come in the bottle, a very generous amount. I have no doubts that this will last me a good, long time, making it well worth the cost.

You can use this on any sort of toy, everything from jelly to tpr, silicone to glass, metal, wood, rubber, anything. It is especially excellent for hard, non porous toys like metal, wood and glass but performs admirably on other materials, too. If simply spraying and wiping doesn't get all the goo off, feel free to give it a little scrub with the cleaner still on it. I've had no problems getting things clean when I use this. It works like a good liquid soap, only more convenient to me when I have multiple toys to clean. I spray them all down, let them sit on a towel for a bit, then wipe and rinse each one in turn. Rinsing is easy and I've found no residue on anything yet. Plus, you know, the trigger makes me feel like the sex toy Lone Ranger or something...

Bang, bang, bang, clean!

Ingredients do include triclosan, which some folks don't like but is not harmful when used occasionally. I'd definitely recommend rinsing, as directed, before using the toy again, though. This is a soap, not a spray that evaporates and is inert once it does.

As a side, unimportant note, my spray is a bit more yellow than the picture on EF shows. Not yellow yellow, but a yellowish clear, not nearly as purely clear as the image.
Follow-up commentary
I really like Climax toy cleaners, both the gel one with beads and this spray cleaner. It works well, smells nice and the trigger sprayer works fantastically!

My only issue with it, to date, is that it is rather large and bulky in a toy bag. It takes up room that could be better used by more toys.

Not much of a complaint, is it?
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