Contour I + Beyond euphoric sensory set - sensual kit by Jimmyjane - review by Mr. & Mrs. Peg

Contour I Got Her Beyond Euphoric

The Contour I and Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set is a great pairing of massager and massage lotion. This would be the prefect gift for anyone who loves touching their lover, or someone who need to be reminded how erotic touch can be. We loved it....and needed it after a hard day's work.
Feels great.
Natural ingredients.
Well designed.
At some point the massage has to end.
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extremely useful review
The Contour I + Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set came to us in a box of other luscious goodies ( B Swish’s BWarm Massage Candle and JimmyJane’s Contour M Massager and Cucumber Melon Afterglow Massage Candle). Unfortunately, they got put on the shelf upon arrival and stayed there for way too long. Given the joy and relaxation all of these products brought us, we both wish we had made time for them sooner. After all, it’s easy for us to find time for a quick fuck. Hell, we can even make time for a bit of pegging. Finding a couple of good hours in front of the fire for a long drawn out mutual massage session means that life, including the holiday parties and visiting friends and relatives, all must be put on hold. Friday night we finally found that pause button.

We had been moving my father-in-law into his new apartment all afternoon. This meant carrying a whole lot of Ikea furniture from the parking lot and up a narrow staircase…over and over and over again. After we got the furniture up there it all needed to be assembled. I was not aware that there is a special muscle group in the shoulder devoted solely to turning allen wrenches. The stairs did a number on Mrs. Peg’s feet and calves. When we got home I figured it was time to break out the Contour I + Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set in order to treat her to a foot and leg massage. Well, much like the popular ED commercials, one thing led to another and before the evening was finished the fireplace was filled will warm embers and my wife and I were reminded how erotic touch can be.

This set comes with the Contour I massager, so named for its stylized “I” shape with two bulbous ends connected by a shaft, and a four ounce tube of Beyond Euphoric Sensational Massage Lotion. The Contour I looks a lot like a little barbell that measures 5.5 inches long. The ends are about 1.5 inches in diameter while the shaft is about 5/8 inches in diameter. It is made from white glazed porcelain with JIMMYJANE stamped along the shaft. There is one spot on one of the ends where the glaze is missing. I presume that this is where the form used to make the massager is filled (the Contour M has a similar mark so I don’t think it is a flaw). If you are going to put this inside someone’s vagina, use the end that doesn’t have the fill hole; the other end is perfectly smooth and far more comfortable. The instructions say not to use it anally for fear of it getting lost, but you would have to have one hungry ass for you to swallow the bulbous end unassisted. The porcelain starts off cool but can be easily warmed in the hands or in warm water. The glaze allows it to glide across the skin. Without any lubricating substance there is a slight drag to it; with lubrication is glides effortlessly.

The Beyond Euphoric Sensational Massage Lotion is way more soufflé than lotion. It is thick, creamy and feels whipped. The tube says it contains “natural plant extracts to promote the release of Beta-Endorphins, creating a sense of well-being while nourishing emollients offer the perfect amount of slip.” Some of these natural plant extracts include Ylang Ylang Oil, Coconut Oil, Monoi Oils, and Coprah Oil. What it doesn’t have is glycerin, paraben, animal products, mineral oil, propylene glycol, or synthetic fragrances. It smells somewhat lemony with a slight hint of spice. As for that “perfect amount of slip,” well, I could not agree more. On the hands it allows you to slip and slide your hands all over your partner. I was sticking to Mrs. Peg’s feet and legs (her back and ass came later) with this stuff; you need something really slipper for a good foot massage, and this was perfect.
Personally I found that the Contour I worked best with the Beyond Euphoric when the lotion was first applied to the skin and then a slight coating applied to the massager. I tried glopping some on the Contour I and using it as an applicator and it just wasn’t as effective. You can then roll the Contour I over your lover. I also found it worked well if you grasp one end of the Contour I and use the other end for deep muscle massage. According to Mrs. Peg it feels just fantastic. (A couple of words of caution: do NOT massage areas that are red, inflamed, or painful. This could be a sign of an underlying clot and massaging could cause that clot to break free which is a medical emergency. Also, don’t massage the same spot for more than 15 minutes at a time so you don’t cause any damage to the tissue.)

We think this is a great gift idea and something that anyone who loves touching their partner will enjoy. Have fun!
Follow-up commentary
I forgot to mention in my review that the Contour I fits very nicely inside the contours of the Contour M allowing the M to provide a bit of a Handle. The bulbous end of the I also fits nicely into the underside of the M which give you something to hold as you applying pressure. I will say that when rolling the I against Mrs. Peg and using the M as a 'handle,' it did squeak quite a bit. The oil from the Afterglow helped a little; the Beyond Euphoric lotion did not. I am thinking that silicone lube might really help, but we didn't try that.
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