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Where the Rub-Bar meets ...

The Contour 1 + Beyond Euphoric is an excellent massage set. Used on a sore back, the round ends of the Contour 1 relax tension and the gently scented Beyond Euphoric cream helps soothe and relax. The slick surfaces of the Contour make it an excellent choice for a foreplay toy as well.
Excellent massage tool, cream is nicely scented, body-safe and hygienic construction.
Great massager/foreplay toy, but not an ideal insertable sex toy.
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The Jimmyjane Contour 1 + Beyond Euphoric kit combines a hygienic porcelain massage tool with scented massage lotion. The massage tool is a little funny when you first see it, looking like a miniature weight-lifter's barbell or a designer dog toy. The Contour 1 is finished in a smooth white glaze that's almost perfect except for two spots from stilt marks (necessary for support during firing). It's obvious that thought went into the manufacturing process, though, as the imperfections are located in the spot that is least likely to be noticeable during use, and the underlying vitreous porcelain is still non-porous and easy to clean and sterilize.

The Contour 1 is much lighter than I expected, but still strong. The light weight is an asset, since you can use impact massage techniques without a much of a risk of bruising or otherwise injuring your partner. While the Contour was a bit smaller than I expected, it's a good size. It was comfortable in both my hands (long) and my wife's hands (small). Unless you have unusually large hands (over about 4-1/2” wide with clenched fist) the Contour 1 should fit well. It's designed for deep massage, and works very well at that. To add to the effect, the Contour can be heated or chilled using warm water or oil. Since it's made of porcelain, you might want to take off any jewelry that could hit and nick or crack the Contour 1.

The Contour 1 glided easily over my wife's body during testing, whether we used massage oil or the included Beyond Euphoric massage cream. The Beyond Euphoric cream is pleasantly scented, billed as body safe, and didn't have any unpleasant surprises when working near sensitive areas. Attempting to be scientific, we used our old standby of coconut oil on one part of her back and the Beyond Euphoric on the other part. While she wasn't able to pin down any immediately noticeable feelings that could be traced to the Euphoric cream, we both agreed that it was nicely scented and worked well as a massage cream, staying put where you need it. One thing that I did notice was that the Contour 1 works much better if you spread the massage cream or oil around before starting the massage, as the Contour's slick surface doesn't “grab” the lubricant well enough to spread it out easily.

While this is my first experience with massage stones, we really liked the Contour. It was good for massaging any of the major muscle groups, and it's also mostly safe for discussion in polite company. But not entirely. Jimmyjane hints at other uses in the multi-language guidebook that ships with the Contour 1 + Beyond Euphoric, noting that both the Contour and the Euphoric cream are body safe and (for the Contour) completely hygienic for internal or external use. In its most explicit section, the manual recommends that it not be used in the anus because of the lack of a base, but everything beyond that Jimmyjane leaves to the user's imagination. We came up with some ideas.

It's great rubbed on the vulva, and inserted partway into the vagina. The bumps on the end started me thinking about possible G/P-spot stimulation, but the round end makes it difficult to control very precisely when inserted. While the manual cautions against it, I did try the Contour 1 anally. The bump at both ends should serve as a decent stop provided you're not playing too exuberantly, but again it was hard to control the Contour 1 enough to get good stimulation. All things considered, the Contour 1 probably serves best as a massager and foreplay toy, but you'll probably want to move on to something else that gives more stimulation. Since the Beyond Euphoric lotion contains oils, you need to be careful if you're using condoms and not use the lotion anywhere the condom will touch.
This was a perfect product for us, since my wife often comes home from work with a sore back. I've been giving her massages for a long time, and while I do use deep-tissue techniques with my thumbs I've been a bit worried due to a family history of weak thumb joints.

Both during and after the massage she left me with no doubts about what she though of the Contour 1. She thought it was wonderful. I thought it was good as well. It glides over the skin easily without any risk of poking, and the design allowed me to have a firm whole-hand grip on the massage stone all the time, relaxing my hands. In trials using both the Contour 1 for deep massage and my hands for the light, gliding effleurage strokes the combination rated significantly higher than hands alone on the moan-meter. Used more intimately the Contour 1 pleased as well, although the ends are very blunt so you might want to hold off on insertion until you're warmed up.
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  • Naughty Student
    Glad it has worked for you and your wife! Sounds like a good product for those with issues in their finger joints (for the one massaging).
  • Sammi
    This sounds nice - great review!
  • Mamastoys
    I like this one.. Having had hand surgery, my hands wear out before hubby's massage is finished..this sounds like it would help..thanks for the review!! Smile
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Sounds like a fun set. Just wondering--Is the Beyond Euphoric massage cream supposed to do anything special? Is it warming, tingly, or contain pheromones? Thanks for the review!
  • ScottA
    According to the product literature, the Beyond Euphoric cream is supposed to promote the release of beta endorphins. I haven't been able to devise a valid test for this, but the lotion smells nice and works well for massages, and after the massage we certainly were feeling good, but I'm not sure how much of that was the lotion and how much was the massage. Jimmyjane does have two other lotions available (a cooling/tingly and a warming), I'm not sure if Eden's going to carry them.

    While this product definitely works well for people with hand trouble, I can also see benefits for those without hand trouble. The porcelain stone glides very well, and you don't need to worry about fingernails during the massage. You also have the option of using heat.
  • Nashville
    The Contour is listed by itself as $25 yet the set is $45, do you think the included massage cream is worth $20?
  • ScottA
    It's a very nice cream, thick and more along the lines of a body butter than hand cream. During use it stays around, rather than disappearing rapidly into the skin (a plus for massages), and the smell is nice. It is paraben free, but does contain some caprylyl glycol and phenoxyethanol as preservatives.

    Looking around at other thick body-butter type creams they do seem to be a bit more expensive ($15-$20 for 8oz at several places), and I wasn't able to find out much about whether they are safe for use on mucous membranes (Beyond Euphoric is listed as body-safe on the package). At least one of the body butters has parabens.

    Granted, I'm a man and my discretionary budget isn't large (my wife's away for the end of this week, sadly), but $20 for the cream does seem a bit expensive, even though it's nice cream. Coconut oil works pretty well for massages and it's substantially less expensive, even if it doesn't smell as nice.
  • Ansley Agnello
    Great review! I can't wait to try out the Contour 1 + Beyond Euphoric kit! Smile
  • Rockin'
    Nice review! This sounds like a fun set. I do love a good massage at the end of the day. Heh, or at the beginning! Thanks for answering others' questions so thoroughly.
  • ScottA
    My wife and I have been playing around a bit, and the Beyond Euphoric is fantastic for a head/face massage.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review ScottA!
  • Jon S
    ty for the review
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