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Durex play quiver

Lubricant by Durex

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Durex Play Quiver

Durex Play Quiver is an excellent choice for someone who enjoys temperature play. A perfect choice for a warm summer night and to add a new sensation to your bedroom routine.
price, can be used with multiple materials, easy to clean up after
bad taste
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A cool concept (in more than one way) this lubricant, Durex Play Quiver, is designed and marketed as a freezable lubricant. This lubricant is ideal for those who enjoy temperature play, and makes for a great icy massage. The product will melt on contact with your or your partner's skin. The product won't leave a greasy or sticky residue behind and is easy to trace all over your or your partners skin. For best use, you should freeze the lubricant for a minimum of 2 hours before playing with them. Each cube can be refrozen up to six times, so if you freeze two cubes and only use one, you can pop the unused cube back into your freeze to play with later.

The box contains six lubricant cubes; they come in three sets of two. The little packages reminded me of contact lenses, with little plastic circles covered in a foil. This is a water based lubricant, so it can be used with all types of toys and is safe for use with condoms. This lubricant does not contain glycerin, which for some people can lead to yeast infections, but does contain glycol. If you're sensitive to glycol or do not wish to use products that contain this, then this may not be the lubricant for you.
    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Durex Play Quiver lubricant is a smooth silky icy lubricant. Once frozen, the lubricant glides easily over your skin, leaving behind a melted steam of silky lubricant. When I first applied the ice cube of lubricant to my skin, I was worried if I left it too long, or put it on more gentle parts of my skin it would stick and burn me, this was not the case. I would say the lubricant has 3 stages, first being completely frozen, next being a jelly like texture (like a semi frozen jelly fish), and last being a clear runny liquid. When fully frozen, or jelly like, the lubricant glides easily and does not leave behind a sticky or greasy residue. In its liquid like state the lubricant is easily pourable, and absorbs easily into the skin.
    • Smooth
    • Thick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

When I opened up the lubricant I did not detect any scent. When I stuck my nose up to the lubricant I could detect a faint scent, like a light paste. I would not have noticed the scent unless burying my nose in the lubricant. In terms of taste, I found that unless licked, there was no taste. If you plan on licking it out of the container, I strong suggest you don't, it has a weird sweet taste. I also would suggest you not place this ice cube in your mouth for oral play, as it's really not a nice taste.
    • Bad taste
    • No smell


This lubricant worked exactly as I would have expected it to. It was nice and chilly and wonderful on those hot summer nights. As a massage product these icy lube cubes worked great. They were nice and cool and sent nice little shivers all over my body. I enjoyed them being rubbed over my chest and down my stomach and legs. My partner also enjoyed having them rubbed lightly over his chest and down to his pelvic region. We did try inserting them, and while at first it was to cold when fiction was added it was defiantly an experience. Having sex with this lube ice cube in place made for an explosive experience of hot and cold meeting and mixing. We did not use these for oral play as neither of us enjoyed or liked the taste of the lubricant. While a little too cold at first, when we used these cubes as a massage product first and then inserted them, I found the cold level to be easier to handle. Because this lubricant is water based it is non-staining and absorbed easily into the skin. For those that enjoy intense cool sensations this is the ultimate way to enjoy that. It was lots of fun playing with these lube ice cubes. It is suggested that you clean up after each session with soap and water.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The Durex Play Quiver lubricant comes in six little round packages with the name of the lubricant printed on each and the expiration date. The lubricant comes in a nice little square package which can be used for storing the lubricant you do not place in the freezer. The front of the package contains the product's name and informs you that it is freezable. The back informs you that you should freeze the lubricant for at least 2 hours, explains how to use the product, and how to clean up after use. The back also contains a list of ingredients and informs you that this lubricant may reduce sperm mobility so if you are tying to conceive you should ask your doctor if this product is appropriate to use.
    • Does not leak
    • Would make a nice gift
Follow-up commentary
This is a really fun product. I love to use this product in the summer time when its warm out and I'm looking for some relief from the heat. The added sensation of warm skin and the cool lube creates an amazing sensation.
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    Thank you Wet n wild and ToriRebel
    it is a very cool concept in more then one way :p
  • P'Gell
    Great review. I really want to try these and it's good to know they don't contain glycerin.

    How is the texture after it melts? Does it last a while, or do you feel you need to re lube after some time? I hate having to stop and re lube.
  • Jenna.J.Ross
    I personally tend to be very dry in general (medical condition) so I usually need to re-lube more then the average girl may. These lasted a decent amount of time for me (probably about 15-20 minutes). It is a water based lubricant so if your going for a longer session it will absorb into your skin. As I mentioned above it has 3 stages, totally frozen, gooey, and thin. When completely melted it becomes thin and mixes well with your natural juices.
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    What a strange product! Thank you for the review!
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    What are the ingredients in this lube?

    Great review, btw.
  • Jenna.J.Ross
    Thanks kristi the ingredients are as follows : aqua, Hydroxyethylcellulose, PEG 800, Propylene, Glycol Alginate, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Hydroxide
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