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Wet and Wild

This lube is great if you like temperature play and if you want a wet and wild time. It's awesome for foreplay and great for sex. The only thing I would change is to make the cubes smaller. I would rather have the option of using one or two depending on the amount of foreplay.
Not as cold as ice, perfect for massage and sex.
One is a lot of lube, Odd texture as it melts.
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The instructions for Durex Play Quiver are simple enough. Place in freezer for at least two hours. Remove each cube as needed. Apply where you want lubrication. Clean with soap and water. The lube cubes come in a pack of six, two to a sheet, sealed in a blister pack. The cube is about the size of a quarter around and about a 1/4 inch tall at the top of the dome.

There weren't any odd smells associated with it but the texture was much different than my normal choice, Sliquid H2O. When it starts melting, it had the consistency similar to motor oil, thick and slippery. As it melted on the skin though it became much thinner and more like the consistency of most lubes. Initially I was kind of turned off by the texture but it turns out it was easier to handle than if it had been thin like the Sliquid or regular ice. I didn't taste it.

The icy cold sensation was amazing as he traced the curves of my body with the “lube cube". The contrast between the heat of his hand and the ice of the cube drove me crazy. He put what was left inside me and we started having sex. It soon became obvious that there was too much lube. We wiped some of it off and were able to finish comfortably. The second time we used it, we used more of it for massage and foreplay and less of it for actual sex and that worked out better for us. Either way, there is a potential for a slippery good time.

The lube didn't get sticky either on my chest or while we were having sex. It did leave a residue that reconstituted when we jumped in the shower a half hour later though.

Holding the cube in the palm of his hand, it melted in about four or five minutes. Slightly longer if he held it between his fingertips. The package recommends keeping the tray the cube came out of, in case you don't use all of it. You don't want this melting on your furniture or sheets. I recommend keeping a towel handy just in case, especially to wipe your hands off after handling the cube.

Be careful if using this in the shower. While the thicker texture makes it great for this, any dropped on the floor will quickly become very, very slippery. One drop of the thick lube soon becomes a larger amount as it thaws and thins.

This lube is great if you like temperature play and if you want a wet and wild time. The only thing I would change is to make the cubes smaller. I would rather have the option of using one or two depending on the amount of foreplay. I hate to give it four stars because I really do enjoy it and will definitely buy it again, but with the amount in a single cube and the initial texture I just can't give it five stars.
We discovered a second use a few days later. I was running a fever and was roasting. It was 40 degrees outside and I just wanted to be outside in shorts and a tank top because I couldn't cool down. He ran to the freezer and grabbed a cube. I berated him for being selfish and only thinking about sex. He then proceeded to rub the lube cube all over my back. It gave enough lubrication for a great massage (something ice can't do) and I was finally able to cool down.
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  • Victoria
    This sounds really cool. Thanks for adding the bit about your partner giving you a massage while you were sick - that's really sweet! Great review!
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Fab review. Thanks!
  • rocio77590
    wow great review! and that is way sweet what your partner did for u!
  • OpenMindedInOhio
    I have had my eye on this product. It will be a must have for me to try.
  • Airen Wolf
    Awwww he sounds like a sweet thoughful man! When I first saw this product I was a bit squicked but it sounds like a lot of fun.
    Nice review!
  • ~*SurrealisticFantasy*~
    Excellent review my dear! Good to hear that this is seemingly better than Durex's Play Tingle lubricant, which was very much a flop. We'll have to give this one a try next time we go lube shopping, haha. Heart
  • Jenny Smith
    Nice review
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