Enchanted evening - romantic sex kit by Lover's Choice Inc. - review by Nashville

Enchanted evening

Sensual kit by Lover's Choice Inc.

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More Than a Show of Affection

The Enchanted Evening kit made for an incredibly romantic Valentine's night. The things to do with the products included were endless, and while the tubes of oil and chocolate seemed small at first, we have so much left over.
Comes with an incredible assortment of tools to keep the night interesting
Candles burned quickly and didn't really give off much of a glow.
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My husband has always dominated Valentine's Day, so this year it was my time to shine. After coming back from dinner at my favorite restaurant, I pleaded with my husband to stay downstairs as I got everything ready. I ran up to our bedroom and opened the Enchanted Evening box|Enchanted evening Sensual kit; it was small but packaged very well. Inside were two small glass champagne flutes, a bag of rose petals, a box of four tea lights, a tube of chocolate body paint, and a tube of edible strawberry warming massage oil.

I pulled our blanket off the bed and scattered the rose petals on the sheets. I quickly pulled off my clothes after arranging the tea lights on the bedside table and ran back downstairs with the flutes in hand. In the kitchen, I washed them quickly then grabbed a bottle of champagne out of the pantry. I bounded back up the stairs, hastening to pop the cork and fill the flutes before I heard his footfalls reach the bedroom door.

He opened our door, and his smile grew wide; I could tell he was surprised. He inspected the candles, flutes filled with champagne, and tubes displayed around the room, deciding right away to make me his canvas.

He painted my body with chocolate. The tube was easier than any bottle or jar we had used in the past; the chocolate came out quickly and evenly. He kissed me after suckling the last drop off of my nipples, and the taste was rich and thick, exactly like Hershey's chocolate syrup.

He turned my body over and did what he does best. I love his massages; I'm a sucker to having his hands on my body. He squirted the tube of warming massage oil on my back; it felt a little sticky, but his hands worked fast. With most oils we've tried, they've been absorbed too quickly, but this particular kind kept his hands slick for a while.

He put his face down against my back and blew, sending warm shivers up my spine. He then moved his mouth to my lower back and licked all the way up to my neck. The feeling of his hot mouth mixed with the warm oil made for something I had never felt before. The smell was intoxicating instead of overpowering; the strawberry oil mixed with the champagne still hanging in the air filled my senses completely.

That night, I experienced not only oil on my naked skin but chocolate, champagne, and candle wax as well. The kit encouraged me to be passionate and gave me the desire to want to take charge, but my husband ruined any and all attempts I made. This was another year that he made me the receiver rather than the giver. I tried as hard as I could to play the vixen, but he made me the damsel, and the kit became his seduction.

I left the rose petals on the floor by the bed; seeing them for the last few days has reminded me of our Valentine's night and makes me want him again. The Enchanted Evening kit took the guesswork out of how to be romantic and came with everything I could have ever wanted. It made this year's Valentine's Day one for the books.
Follow-up commentary
If you love romance you will love the Enchanted Evening Kit. I still stand by this as wholeheartedly as I did on Valentine's Day. While the chocolate sauce was finished off months ago, my husband and I made use of the flutes, rose petals and massage oil for our 4 year wedding anniversary a few months back. It was just as romantic then as it was the first night we used it. This kit has been a memory maker for us and will continue to be until the glasses break, the red color of the petals fade, and the massage oil is all dried up.
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  • Sounds like I should have purchased this kit!  Glad you had a great night!
  • Anica, this is absolutely perfect for any occasion. I'm already planning to bring the kit back out for our anniversary next month.
  • Chris
    It sounds like the kit was a perfect combination. Very well executed on your part, btw. 
  • Maybe I should get this... it sounds fool-proof.  Good review!
  • Kink, I can't stress enough how amazing the kit is. It had everything I needed, there was a great balance of products as all were equally exceptional.
  • Your reviews cover everything I could ever want to know.
  • Thanks, Allison. =)
  • Chris, I never got to thank you for the compliment. I appreciate you taking the time to read my review, this kit is definitely close to my heart now.
  • Nashville
    Kinkinpink, get this.. V-day 2009! You'll love it, trust me :)
  • Nashville
    Any questions about the Enchanted Evening Kit?
  • tami
    gettin this for hubby to use on me, thanks for the review
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