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Sensual kit by Jimmyjane

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Indulge Yourself With Massage

The Contour M massage stone and Afterglow candle are a great combination. The stone offers two distinct massage experiences, and the candle has a pleasant scent and wonderful feel when it melts. Everything needed for a relaxing massage is included in this kit. A great product to relax and be pampered with, and suitable for gift giving.
Necessary items included, works well, long-time use, massage stone provides distinct sensations.
Candle could burn more evenly, oil can stain fabrics.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Contour M + Afterglow Pink Lotus Sensory Set by Jimmyjane is nicely packaged to provide everything needed for a sensual and relaxing massage session. The set comes in a simple gray, white, and pink box. Inside are the ceramic massager, Afterglow candle, and a box of matches. An instruction booklet is included for each.

The Massage Stone: The Contour M is a ceramic massage stone made of double-fired porcelain, which is phthalates-free. It has a smooth, polished surface. The stone should always be checked for cracks, breaks, and chips, and should not be used if any damage is found.

The stone is non-porous and can be cleaned by washing it by hand with a mild soap or dish detergent, rinsed in warm water, and dried with a soft towel. It should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. The stone is safe to use with water-based and silicone lubricants, and also with oil.

Porcelain is resistant to temperature changes and can be warmed or cooled for different sensations. Warm the Contour by submerging in heated water or by adding warm oil to the center depression. The stone should not be heated in the microwave, on the stove or in an oven. Cool the Contour by running it under cold water or placing it in the refrigerator (not the freezer). Always check the temperature of the stone before use.

The Contour M looks a bit like the top of a molar. It’s a 3” by 3” rounded square, about 3” high, with a depression in the middle. The Jimmyjane logo appears in silver on the side. The underside is rounded and smooth, and the top has four rounded nubs. The hand molds around the rounded bottom comfortably when using the four nubs to massage with, or it grasps in between the nubs when using the rounded bottom.

The large rounded bottom is good for broader massage with a single pressure point. Using the stone inverted allows the 4 small nodes to contact the body, and is good for multi-point stimulation and simulates a finger massage more.

The Contour M should not be used on the abdomen if pregnant or in pain, nor should it be used on swollen, inflamed areas, broken skin, or on unexplained calf pain. It should not be used on sensitive skin, in areas of poor circulation, on the upper neck, or around the eyes or eyelids. The Contour M should not be used on any one area longer than 15 minutes at a time.

The Candle: The Afterglow natural massage candle is sealed with a replaceable cover. When removed, the pink lotus scent is lightly flowery and pleasant. The ingredient list is incredibly long, but it includes a blend of cosmetic grade waxes as well as soybean oil, shea butter, Palmarosa oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Clove stem oil, and tagette oil. The candle is free of paraffin and dyes, and the wick is lead-free for a clean burn.

The massage candle is lit just like an ordinary candle. It should be allowed to burn at least 30 minutes (but not more than 4 hours) to melt the wax into the massage oil. It will take longer to burn the first time than for subsequent uses.

The wax should be allowed to melt to the edge of the container before pouring it out into the massager. If it doesn’t, wax from the sides (which will be soft) can be gently pushed in and smoothed before the wick is trimmed so that future uses don’t cause a pool only in the center of the candle. After use, recenter the wick before the candle hardens and remove any soot before burning the candle again. The candle can be burned about 42 hours, and should be stored in a cool location. It should be discarded when about 1/2" of wax remains.

The wax will remain liquid for 20-30 minutes after the flame is extinguished. It can be poured directly on the skin, or added to the Contour M’s cavity for application during the massage. The wax, or oil, allows the Contour M to glide over the body until it is absorbed into the skin. Once absorbed, skin will feel smooth and a bit oily, although the oil doesn’t appear to stain clothing or fabric this way. If the oil drops onto clothing or fabric, however, it will leave small oil spots that may or may not come out in the wash. The wax is for external use only, and should not be used as a lubricant.

The candle’s scent fills a small room nicely, isn’t overpowering, and doesn’t waft throughout an entire house. When extinguished, the scent lingers for a while.

The Contour M massage stone and Afterglow candle combine to make a delightful sensory massage experience.
Follow-up commentary
This has to be one of the best massage products I've used. The stone is phenomenal, and does wonders to massage and relax muscles. I like both sides of it, but it's the 4 nubbed side that really feels good on my back. My husband prefers that side as well. We typically use this once or twice a week.

The candle lasted a long time, and we finally used it all. Now I need to get another one! I'm going to try one in a different scent, although I would buy the Pink Lotus fragranced candle again.
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