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Bondage Seductions

Adult game by Kheper Games

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This game is simple and straightforward, the cards are detailed but short, and everything fits easily back into the box. You can adjust the amount of time you play to suit your schedule, doing only one card or several, and clean up is quick and easy. The box is small and easy to hide so you don't have to worry about people seeing it and the items that come with Bondage Seductions game can be used even if you aren't playing this particular game.
Compact, nice looking box.
Ties and blindfold are not well made. Some of the cards are unimaginative.
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Purpose / Audience

Bondage Seductions is a game that is full of suggestions aimed at helping couples experience each other in new ways. Most of the suggestions are pretty mild for most couples who have at least tried some bondage (examples of suggestions from the cards will follow). If you are a couple that has never tried bondage and are curious about how to get started, this game can offer several starting points for you and your lover to explore. Even if you have started to delve into beginner bondage there may still be some cards with new ideas that you can enjoy with you significant other.

This game is geared toward heterosexual couples as half of the cards are for the woman to read and act out on a male partner and the other half is for the man to read and act out on a female partner. It would not be impossible for two people of the same gender to use, but it would require some adaptations, omissions, and a certain amount of creativity.
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

When I opened Bondage Seductions, I was absolutely giddy! The page with the instructions was small, with a list of what the game includes and three short paragraphs explaining how to play.

The first paragraph explains what cards 6-5 and 6-6 are all about. These cards are all about safety words. The instructions recommend that you read and become familiar with these cards, and if you and your partner have never experimented with bondage or safety words, it is a fantastic idea to become familiar with ways to avoid potentially embarrassing or permanently damaging experiences. Card 6-5 explains about a safety word for the woman, has some suggestions on how to use it in a scenario as practice, and has some sound advice about not letting a bondage session take you to a place you aren't comfortable with going. Card 6-6 talks about the safety word for the man and basically repeats what card 6-5 says verbatim.

Paragraph two tells about the two ways that Bondage Seductions can be played. You can read through the cards and pick one you would like to try, or, if you like something else telling you what to do, you can roll the two included dice and use the numbers to select a card. The number on the red die is the first digit and the number on the black die is the second digit. On the back of each card is a two digit number that you can look through and match to your rolled numbers. The cards with red numbers are meant for the man to read and the cards with gold numbers are meant for the woman to read.

The third paragraph suggests to you that the cards are meant for experimentation, and that the activity listed should only go as far as you and your partner are comfortable with. It reminds you that if you or your partner have any medical conditions that may hinder you from trying the activity, do not do it. The instructions recommend that you practice safe sex and always respect your lover's safety word.

The objective of this game is pretty simple, enjoy each other. There is no game board or pieces to move, and everyone is a winner in the end, so long as safe practices are followed. The instructions are straight forward and the game is flexible as it can be played with or without the dice.

An example of a card for females-"Spanky Wanky. Most guys like it quick...and some guys like it rough. How rough?, is the question. It's time to find out. First, tear off his clothes. Grab his penis and give it some nice firm tugs while you squeeze his testicles. Start off gently with your tugs and squeezes, then build up with intensity. Keep increasing your intensity until he pulls away or otherwise indicates that it is time to stop. Now drop to your knees and slap that hard penis against your face. Now it's his turn to take over. Does he want to slap you with it, or just shove it in your mouth? You're the one that is ultimately in control, so only let him do what you're into. When you're ready, it's time for you to throw him on the floor so you can mount him and take care of your needs too."

An example of a card for males-"Bank Robber. This is a stick up! And, yes, your gun is locked and loaded and will soon be ready to fire. Point your gun at her and hand her a bag. Only this is a different type of hold up. It's not her money you want, but her clothes. Nice and slowly, she needs to fill up the bag. After the bag is full, you need to make sure she's not going to call the police. Tie her up and/or gag her. But her innocence now has you captivated. Instead of fleeing the scene, you prefer to risk getting caught and ravage this innocent bystander."
    • Can make your own rules
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play


The number system on the cards is the most complex aspect of Bondage Seductions, and it isn't even that complicated. Each card has a two digit reference number on the back which can be ignored or used with the two included dice. Bondage Seductions comes with several accessories, a few of which are a little sub-standard. There is a red, satin blindfold that reminds me of one of the little eye masks you get from a dollar store to wear when you sleep that keeps the light out of you eyes. There are also some black ribbon ties that are a little flimsy. They have a button hole on one end so you can slip the other end through to make a cuff, and then tie it to a piece of furniture. They total 28 inches long, so if you have average or larger wrists, ankles, or furniture posts then they may not fit well. The last accessory is a small flogger that is reasonably well made. The whip and handle measure 10 inches long, with a loop at the end of the handle that measures over 7 inches long. All of these pieces come neatly placed in a small, black and gold cardboard box that measures 7 inches square. The box looks pretty classy, with the name of the game printed in bold across the top of the box.

The cards will probably last you until you are tired of reading them if you keep them lube/fluid free. The whip is also made well enough that you can keep it for light bondage use for quiet some time, but if you find you are really into heavy whip use you may want to invest in a more durable model. It will more than serve its purpose for an introductory piece. The dice are, of course, virtually indestructible, and as long as you can find them you should be able to use them. The blindfold is really going to depend on your preferences. Don't expect it to last forever, or completely keep your partner from peeking, but it will fulfill it's purpose as an introductory piece. The black, satin ties were the least useful item for us. If you use them looped through the button hole and pull on them a lot, they will get tighter, which is bad for blood circulation and they begin to fray with very little/light use. They aren't strong, so if you really want to fight with your restraints, then you are going to need something more substantial.

    • Attractive design
    • Flimsy
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

Honestly, I was a little disappointed in this game after I read through the cards. I knew when I chose this game that it was for beginning bondage explorers, but some of the cards were just a little too...dumb for me. I am not really into having to fake something to make it work, and some of these cards were just a little too forced for me to enjoy. That doesn't mean that we didn't like the game, we just found there were less usable cards than we would have liked. Since playing this game is easy to customize to your preferences, we just skipped what didn't appeal to us and used the ones we liked.

We were both kind of disappointed with the silk ties. They weren't really usable for us at all. Aside from the fact that they cut into your wrists if you pull against them, they are flimsy and begin to unravel with very little light use. They are also not very long, and it was difficult to get them both around a wrist or ankle and around a stationary object. Maybe we just have ridiculously large furniture. You can loop them around your wrist or ankle and tie a pretty bow, which is cute, but not very practical.
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    The kit is cute though
  • Wide Awake Daydream
    @lele- In my opinion, this would be better suited for milder couples, although hard core players might benefit a little from the kit. Hard core players would probably need to invest in some sturdier equipment.
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