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Go Get 'Em Tiger?

This was a fun experiment, but I can't say it yielded any results other than what I would have normally experienced. A slick product that just falls short of the expectations that I had.
Very cool container.
Doesn't seem to work. Quite expensive.
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extremely useful review


Now, I have to say that I misread that it was a Spray for men to attract other men. It was my first product request, so I was a bit excited and just didn't take the time to read everything as thoroughly as I should have. With this being said, I wore this to try to attract my female mate. This is a pheromone spray that is supposed to help men attract sexual mates. You apply it to the parts of your body that emit natural pheromones. The instructions tell you to spray under your neck after taking a warm bath or shower. There are no ingredients listed, so beware, this could cause reactions and you should not ingest it.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

It's an alcohol based spay which emits a very fine mist, much like cologne or perfume. Once applied there is no dripping and it stays where you sprayed it. It takes a minuet or two to dry, and once it does there really isn't any sensation that you have it on, except the mental feeling that you are wearing it.

Taste / Aroma

The packaging says there is supposed to be odor free, but there seemed to be a bit of an aroma that I could not put my fingers on when I first opened the package, and then used the spray. After using it the first time, there was no noticeable smell, besides a little bit of alcohol immediately after applying. There is a bitter alcohol/chemical taste. Once dry it has no taste or residue.


Now the directions state that for best results you should apply 1-2 sprays below the neckline after taking a hot bath or shower. Here is how I attempted to use the spray.

Attempt 1- Since I got this shipped to my work, I made sure to apply a little as I was getting out of the car to walk into the house. My fiancee hasn't been feeling well this last week, so I wasn't super optimistic that I would "get any", but we did have a really fun evening, flirting and playing. Can't say it was entirely because of the pheromones, but hey, I had a good time.

Attempt 2- (Date Night) Applied it after showering, got ready and hit the town. After dinner and a movie we got home and cuddled for a while a while and then to bed. It had seemingly no effect.

Attempt 3- Applied it after a shower and working out. Was cooking dinner and my fiancee and I had a fantastic evening of flirting, playing and lovemaking. Unfortunately I don't think that this had anything to do with the spray.

None of these times did my fiancee say anything about the way that I smelled, which is notable because she is constantly telling me she loves the way that my natural body odor smells. So maybe the spray has some sort of reaction?

Attempt 4- (After I discovered that the spray was meant to attract men to men) I work with a couple of gay men, and after applying it before work one day and having a number a long meeting in close quarters with them, I asked them if they noticed any difference. I explained the spray, and neither of them said that they had any reaction.


The spray comes in a plastic, see though tube with all the information written on the back side and the back of the tube. The packaging tube is 7.25" long with a 2.3" in diameter. The spray tube itself is 3.5" long and .75" in diameter. The actual applicator is super sleek, clad in aluminum. It's got JO embossed on it, but it's very discreet. No one would really know what is in it, or what it contains.

Front Packaging
In the container

Back Packaging
Back of the container

Internals separated

Ultra Chic
Out and about

Holding, a better idea of size.

Personal comments

Personally I was skeptical when I got my review sample. I've never thought about using anything like this. Though initially when I applied it I thought that there might be something there, after a couple of uses, I feel like that might have been all psychological. Especially considering the price, I can't say that I really recommend this to anyone. Though this product may not have worked for me, it actually may work for its intended audience of men trying to attract other men.
Follow-up commentary
I've tried this again, to no avail. Frankly, I just don't have a lot of faith that artificial pheromones work. Maybe I am wrong, but for the price, I'd rather go by some nice cologne.
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  • The Curious Couple
    Great review, thanks! Sorry this didn't work out better for you!
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    Excellent photography, and I like that you detailed each attempt with the spray. Speaking of, I think the wording on attempt 4 needs a little attention. You wrote "...before work one day and having a number a long meeting in close quarters..."

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    I love the photos you took!
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    It totally is classy!
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    It looks like a "fun/gag" type item for someone you wouldn't naturally throw a peni-straw at. It does serve as a good reminder to read all the info before you buy something though! I wouldn't have thought from what I glanced at that it was designed for man to man attractions!
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    Wow, for that much money you'd think it would have some sort of affect. Very useful review, thank you.
  • Lucky21
    Thanks for all the comments! I love awesome photos in reviews and I'm glad you all like them.
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    Thanks for the review!
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    love the packaging and style but lame that it doesn't seem to work!
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